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April 24, 2014 Updates
April 17, 2014 Updates

But the Suns don't necessarily have all the control when it comes to a potential return. Frye signed a five-year, $30 million contract back in July 2010, however the 30-year-old holds a player option for the fifth year worth $6.8 million. So the question is, will he pick it up this summer? "I don't know, you'd have to ask Channing," Suns general manager Ryan McDonough told Arizona Sports 98.7 FM's Burns & Gambo Wednesday. "We'd like to have him back either way. If he picks up the option, that's great. It's remarkable. He's going to be the one guy who is going to start every game for us this year." Arizona's Sports Page

April 16, 2014 Updates

Frye would like to negotiate a contract extension after averaging 11.2 points and 5.1 rebounds this season on 43.3 percent shooting, including 37.1 percent on 3s. "I want to talk to the Suns and make sure we're both on the same page about what I want," Frye said. "I'd love to stay here. It's up to them and their future and what they want to do. I love wearing this uniform. I think I take a little more pride in it than everyone else because I'm from here. "It's looking for the future and if I could get something longer. I got kids and I want to be somewhere. I've been here for five years already so it wouldn't be bad to kind of not be worried about being traded or buying a house." Arizona Republic

Frye, 30, will be the first Suns player to start 82 games in a season since Amar'e Stoudemire in 2009-10. Frye has never played an entire season in his eight-year career but did play 81 in 2009-10, when he was suspended for a game for fighting Danny Granger. After the ultimate health scare, he proved to be the sturdiest starter. "Coming off the year I had of doing absolutely nothing, it just means even more," Frye said. "I have to say thank you to the trainers for always making sure I wasn't too paranoid about everything and keeping me healthy and I also have to thank my wife for cooking me a bunch of meals and making sure I'm getting rest and not overthinking things. "Embracing every day has helped me to set myself up for the future without even knowing it. If you try to do your best every day, in a week, you wind up being better than you were the week before. This year has been amazing. This has been a year of appreciation. Every day has been awesome, good or bad." Arizona Republic

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March 5, 2014 Updates

Len said he has modeled the work routine of teammate Channing Frye, who regularly arrives early for work. “This summer is going to be huge for me,” Len said. “It’ll be the biggest summer of my career. I’m probably going to stay here and work with the strength and conditioning coach (Mike Elliott) and do extra work. I’ve got to get better. I’ve got to get stronger.” Arizona Republic

January 10, 2014 Updates

It's right to be concerned, which is why fans immediately began asking if Phoenix might now try to re-tank. It's a valid question. Phoenix started the season with eyes on the top of the draft, and they were ready to use Channing Frye, a crucial floor-spacer, in various three-team trades centered around Omer Asik, per several league sources familiar with those talks. (Phoenix would not have received Asik in those deals.) Bledsoe's injury ensures that Phoenix would be very, very bad if they found a trade for Goran Dragic. Grantland

November 28, 2013 Updates

His wife, Lauren, worried more that he would not survive with an enlarged heart. Suns teammates could not envision a future without Frye. His daughter, Margaux, was born without any vision. Last Thanksgiving, the Fryes were at their Portland home dealing with the two largest scares of their lives regarding Channing and Margaux. Frye had just been diagnosed with a dilated cardiomyopathy two months earlier and ordered to stop playing basketball, a prescription that would last a year. Baby Margaux, 7 months old at the time, had just gone through the third of an eventual five eye surgeries but still had no assurances about her long-term vision after being born blind with cataracts. Arizona Republic

This Thanksgiving is in the Valley because Frye has a clean bill of health — and his old starting power forward job with the Suns. Margaux sees her dad in his uniform, lighting up when she takes a walk to the US Airways Center court. “I’m going to look back and say I can’t believe what we went through in 2013,” Lauren said. “All of a sudden, we’re back to two years ago. Channing is calling with things that seem minimal, like ‘My shot’s off today.’ I’m thinking, ‘I don’t care. You’re on the court.’Arizona Republic

November 24, 2013 Updates
October 12, 2013 Updates

Frye scored 14 points in 16 minutes of the Suns' 104-98 preseason victory Wednesday night at the Portland Trail Blazers, his former team — and his off-season home. Frye made three of his four three-point attempts but his shot was even better than the box score shows because his first two baskets were shots with his toes on the three-point line. "I talked to (Suns coach) Jeff (Hornacek) and the training staff and they were all like, 'Channing, you're a lot better than you think you are,' " Frye said Thursday. "I trust Jeff and our coaching staff a lot to keep my minutes to where I was comfortable. Go figure, I wanted to play some more. I felt great. I was pretty shocked at myself. Even though it's just preseason, it's growing and progressing for me." USA Today Sports

Frye's confidence in what he was capable of doing grew with each camp day, starting with his first day when he outshot nearly every teammate in an exhausting post-practice drill. Frye said he needs the preseason work to become cohesive with new teammates, learn how opponents will play him and get his game conditioning back. "We practice, but with 18 people, it's tough to get enough time to play," Frye said. "Practice is one pace, like a seven or eight. A game is like a 10 or 11. Playing against different people and how I don't know their scouting report or how teams will play me is really going to help speed up this process. I have to continue to get stronger but this will help." USA Today Sports

September 30, 2013 Updates

A new, yet familiar face rejoined the Phoenix Suns Monday. Channing Frye is back, cleared to resume all basketball activities. "After close consultation with our team cardiologist Tim Byrne, doctors at Johns Hopkins, doctors at Columbia; after getting all of that information, Channing was cleared and he's decided he wants to play, and at the end of the day that's the most important thing for him and his family," Suns President of Basketball Operations Lon Babby said. The news comes more than a year (376 days to be exact) after the team announced he would miss the 2012-13 season because of an enlarged heart that had been discovered during a routine physical. "It's been a long year," Frye said at Suns Media Day. "It's been one of the hardest years I've ever had to go through just because I couldn't do anything. I couldn't rehab it. It was something that I just had to sit and wait and heal." Arizona's Sports Page

September 29, 2013 Updates
September 5, 2013 Updates

After a year away from basketball due to an enlarged heart, the Suns’ deep-shooting big man said he is healthy and was cleared for all activity by doctors at The Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore. He began working out and returned with his family to Phoenix. All he awaits now is word from the Suns that their doctors concur. “They told me, ‘No human being is 100 percent healthy. The highest we give is a 98 percent. You are a 98 percent,’ ” Frye said. “They said, ‘We see this all the time.’ I don’t have any fear. I’m not scared to push myself and run and play and get my heart rate up. I’m just waiting on the paperwork. I’m healthy. It’s out of my hands. It’s up to the Suns and what they feel comfortable doing.” Arizona Republic

Frye already has worked off 18 pounds since he has been cleared for increased activity. He knows he is nowhere near the level he played for three seasons in Phoenix, particularly the 2009-10 and 2010-11 seasons in which he made a league-best 343 3-pointers combined. “Why not take the time to really get myself right?” Frye said. “I could do it (play at the start of the season), but I’d be exhausted from crushing myself to get ready. I need a lot of practice hours. There should be no rush because I don’t want to rush back and get injured. Once you step on that court, everyone expects you to be 100 percent.” Arizona Republic

September 4, 2013 Updates

Now, Channing Frye reveals to Bright Side of the Sun's Kris Habbas exactly what those cryptic messages meant, and how close he is to returning to the Suns. "I've been cleared by the numerous doctors I've seen," Frye said on on Tuesday for this week's podcast. "This whole process has been extremely detail-oriented on both sides - from my side and the Suns side. We both want to do what's best. I went across country to see the best doctors I could all to make sure they all agreed that I was healthy, that I could do this." Bright Side of the Sun

What was painted as a hopeful outcome last year may just be coming to fruition after all. "When it comes down to it, my health is #1," Frye says now. "I said [to the doctors last month] I'm just here to get a prognosis from you on my health, and they gave me the okay. "Right now I'm excited, but still patient in giving the Suns the information and letting their people go through it. As far as I'm concerned, I'm 100% healthy for any professional athlete. Right now I think it's just, let [the Suns] assess the information and go from there." Bright Side of the Sun

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