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Inside the NBA’s talent has plenty of fun and everyone is careful to not tamper with the chemistry. None of the panelists outside of Johnson attend production meetings, a decision everyone acknowledges is vital to the organic dialogue of the show. “We don’t want them at the production meetings,” Johnson says. “We don’t want them there because as long as the producer and I know what we’ve got, that’s all we need.” “Philosophically, the best TV comes from great chemistry,” says Barry. “It doesn’t happen for every show. Sometimes you have to search for it, and even then you don’t always find it. But when you do find it, you can’t deny it. For these guys specifically, they feel like guys that you would want to sit down and have a conversation with, and feel like you can. They’re approachable.” For The Win

And then there’s Barkley, the show’s lightning rod. The Hall of Famer and former league MVP is famous (and infamous) for speaking his mind, no matter the subject or the consequences. “When Charles got here, he changed our show dramatically,” Johnson says. “Kenny and I were having a good time and it was a little off the wall, but he changed the show dramatically and he changed the landscape for every show.” “Everybody felt like, ‘We have to bring someone in to be our Charles Barkley.’ But it doesn’t work that way. Charles had that equity built in, of all those years as a player being the most quotable guy in the league. He almost had that diplomatic immunity. He’ll say something outrageous and people will just say, ‘Oh, that’s Chuck being Chuck.’ Other guys try to say it, and suddenly find themselves looking for other work.” For The Win

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Cuban was in rare form before the game in New Orleans, taking pot shots at several people, including Charles Barkley. The Hall of Famer and NBA analyst for TNT recently said that he thinks the level of talent on some NBA teams is embarrassing, to which Cuban said: "Charles is a great talent evaluator. I think he should be a GM, preferably for one of the teams in our division. But on the one hand, he's right, if teams are positioning for the draft." Dallas Morning News

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When the games were over, Truman says, the players drank a lot of beer. And not only in the locker room: The ball boys were often instructed to wheel out a cooler to the visiting team’s bus. Incidentally, Charles Barkley gave Truman the nickname "Zero" when he, not being a drinker himself, didn’t know to tilt the glass while pouring the Chuckster’s beer. Barkley was left, perhaps appropriately, with a big head. Salt Lake Tribune

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So, Charles Barkley, what do you think about the Clippers now after watching them lose to the Miami Heat on Thursday night? "The Clippers are softer than tissue paper," Barkley, TNT's NBA analyst, said. Granted, the Clippers did lose to the two-time NBA champion Heat. But Barkley is convinced the Clippers aren't tough enough. "They've got the toughness of a flea and the toughest guy on their team is 5-7," said Barkley, referring to Chris Paul, who is actually listed at 6 feet. "They are soft and they're only going to go as far as Blake [Griffin] and DeAndre [Jordan] take them." Los Angeles Times

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Last week, the likes of Julius Erving, Moses Malone, Charles Barkley, Allen Iverson, Billy Cunningham, Doug Collins, Bobby Jones, Pat Croce, Wali Jones and others converged in a back room of the Wells Fargo Center to pay tribute to Jeff Millman, a 50-year employee of the organization whose jobs varied from ballboy to equipment manager, but whose undeniable fingerprints on the club couldn't be given a title. The locker room was dedicated to him before the season opener against the Miami Heat, and he was introduced to the near sellout crowd in the first quarter, surrounded by the basketball royalty mentioned above. Millman was battling cancer, and all of those famous athletes whose lives he touched wanted to honor him. And, really, say goodbye. Philadelphia Inquirer

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Smith said Monday there aren't "a lot of guys saying they want to come to New York and play here with [Anthony]." Barkley said Anthony shouldn't be talking about opting out, and should worry about trying to get players to join him. "I don't listen to that guy," Anthony said. Newsday

Jeff Millman touched many people's lives during a half-century of service to the 76ers. Many of the greatest names in franchise history returned to honor him Wednesday at the Wells Fargo Center against the Miami Heat. Among the former Sixers on hand were Julius Erving, Charles Barkley, Allen Iverson, Moses Malone, Billy Cunningham, Bobby Jones, Darryl Dawkins, and Doug Collins. In a pregame ceremony, the Sixers dedicated their locker room to Millman, a longtime equipment manager who had several jobs with the team over the years. They also honored him with a video tribute. Philadelphia Inquirer

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The Round Mound of Rebound is angry. And you know what that means: an epic Charles Barkley rant. This time, the target of his ire is Knicks star Carmelo Anthony, who said he wanted to be a free agent this summer. "When I heard that, I was very disappointed because he wanted to come here," Barkley said at a TNT event on Monday, via The Post's Tim Bontemps. "Now, all of a sudden, he wants to leave, he wants to test free agency. That really [ticked] me off, to be honest with you. He owns the city. He should be trying to get guys to come here and not [be] like, 'I'll stay here for a couple years.'" Newark Star-Ledger

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TNT is taking its NBA pregame studio show to New York for the opening night of the season, part of a three-day celebration. Charles Barkley, Shaquille O'Neal, Kenny Smith and Ernie Johnson will broadcast live Oct. 29 from Flatiron Plaza, where there will be a basketball court, NBA 2K14 video game kiosks, and a large videoboard perched 30 feet above Broadway and Fifth Avenue for fans to watch the show, which will include live coverage of the Miami Heat's championship ring ceremony. Oklahoman

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"I think that you saw the flaws in the Miami Heat last year, (specifically) their lack of size," Barkley said. "And I think the key to me is going to be (free agent center addition) Greg Oden. If he gives them physical size, it's going to be very difficult to beat the team. But that's their real weakness — size. Every big guy they play against just dominates them. I think it really, to me, it depends on what Oden has left in the tank. "You saw last year, where first of all they shouldn't have won the championship — San Antonio just flat out blew it, but you see how (Indiana Pacers center) Roy Hibbert, (San Antonio forward) Tim Duncan had flashbacks. When they play against big guys man, they just get dominated." USA Today Sports

October 17, 2013 Updates

Can the Heat repeat again? Charles Barkley, TNT: "I think that you saw the flaws in the Miami Heat last year, (specifically) their lack of size. And I think the key to me is going to be (free agent center addition) Greg Oden (who hasn't played in a game since December 2009 because of knee problems). If he gives them physical size, it's going to be very difficult to beat the team. But that's their real weakness — size. Every big guy they play against just dominates them. I think it really, to me, it depends on what Oden has left in the tank. USA Today Sports

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