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August 17, 2012 Updates

Oakley also addressed the most-recent “who’s better” debate that has emerged after LeBron James helped lead Miami to the NBA title and Team USA to the gold medal. Following the Olympics, Syracuse head coach and U.S. assistant coach Jim Boeheim said James is the best player he has ever seen play, including Michael Jordan. “I don’t know why they started this. Jordan had six rings, LeBron has one. Jordan has six Finals MVPs, LeBron has one,” Oakley said. “I think the better comparison is Kobe Bryant. “They weren’t even talking about this a year ago. LeBron wasn’t in the picture last year, but now that he’s won a title and a gold medal he is? It’s just more hardware, it doesn’t change the field.” New York Post

May 3, 2012 Updates
February 27, 2012 Updates

So 20 years later Charles Oakley still holds a grudge? Charles Barkley: “Yeah I think so. First of all I want to give Kenny [Smith]…Kenny is wrong. We won 5 Emmy’s. [Host: Charles Oakley said you guys are a bunch of clowns. He says you are a fraud. What does that even mean?] I don’t even know what that means either. First of all I don’t take it personally. My job is to give my opinion. I don’t think everybody is going to like us, but listen I am going to do my thing. I am going to be honest and straightforward, but I don’t go crazy if people don’t like me. I don’t like him [Charles Oakley] going after Kenny and Ernie [Johnson] because they are both great, but if he don’t like the show I am not going to sweat it.” Sports Radio Interviews

So is this beef with you on or off the court for Charles Oakley? Who holds a 20-year grudge for an on the court thing? “Thank you. Thank you very much. I am glad you mentioned that. Dude we got into an altercation in 1994. It’s over with. We don’t even play anymore. I have been retired for 12 years. I mean we’ve never had an issue off the court, but we did have a little altercation back in the mid 1990′s, but dude I have been retired for 12 years. It’s over with. Let it go.” Sports Radio Interviews

February 22, 2012 Updates

On Barkley: Barkley for his size was a good player but he's a coward though....he wasn't a leader and wasn't a role model. Now he talks so bad about younger guys, I don't respect that from him…He's wants to be funny, that whole TNT thing and all that, they're like some clowns on that show. On Perkins: He's just like Garnett. They holler and complain. If Kendrick Perkins would play basketball, Oklahoma City would win a championship the next three or four years…you're a power forward, you don't let guys dunk on you. I played 18, 19 years I got dunked on 3 times..." USA Today

December 2, 2011 Updates

The Bobcats made it official Thursday that Charles Oakley has left the coaching staff. The announcement didn't mention Oakley's health issues, but a bad back forced him to leave the team last season. Charlotte Observer

December 1, 2011 Updates
October 22, 2011 Updates
October 18, 2011 Updates

Bernard King once made the adjustment from West to East when he joined the Knicks in 1982. And he thrived. So the former Knicks super star forward was dumb founded when he read Charles Oakley's comments in The Post that Amar'e Stoudemire won't be able to hack it with the Knicks because he's "a West Coast player" and his body won't hold up in the physical East. "I would not ad dress what Oakley said, those are his comments," King told The Post last night during an appearance at Steiner Sports in a Long Island mall. "I joined New York after leaving the Golden State Warriors. I played out West for two years. I was one of the top 10 players in the league and the East was a more physical conference. My game did suffer for it from injuries, but I became a better player in the East -- first-team All-Pro, MVP voted by the players. New York Post

October 16, 2011 Updates

Charles Oakley hopes to see the Knicks return to the heights they reached in the 1990s, when he and Patrick Ewing patrolled the paint at Madison Square Garden. But Oakley isn’t convinced the team’s current power forward, Amar’e Stoudemire, is the man to get them there. “Amar’e’s good, he’s good in his way,” Oakley said yesterday at the launch of his clothing collection at K1X’s store in SoHo. “He’s a West Coast player trying to translate to the East Coast. And the longer he plays in the East, the more his body’s gonna get damaged, because he’s got to take a beating now.” New York Post

Not surprisingly, Oakley, who established his tough-guy reputation by playing defense and grabbing rebounds, is not a fan of Mike D’Antoni’s run-and-gun system. “I don’t think [it can be successful], but that’s his coaching style,” Oakley said. “They knew when they signed him. ... When you go buy a Bentley, you know it’s not a Volkswagen. When they signed him, they knew what they were getting. “That conversation should be dead, because it’s a West Coast offense playing in a hard-nosed city. “You always give somebody a chance to prove themselves. I mean, this is his fourth year. He’s had a lot of time. ... I think it’s just more half-court offense, and they need the big, tough guy. He don’t want to play that way, but finesse, it’s not gonna work.” New York Post

Oakley also didn’t mince his words about the organization in general. He has been at odds with the Knicks for some time, feeling he and close friend and former teammate Ewing have been disrespected. “[The Knicks] don’t want nothing to do with me,” said Oakley, who played for the Knicks from 1988-98. “I don’t know why. I tried to deal with them on several occasions. I’m not gonna keep trying. “They don’t like Patrick, either. They won’t give Patrick a job, so I know they won’t give me a job. Patrick should have a job before anyone. He’s probably the best guy since [Walt] Frazier, [Earl] Monroe ... he’s the main guy on the list.” New York Post

Yet Oakley said he still would welcome the opportunity to return to the organization if one presented itself. “My door is always open to the Knicks,” he said. “I tell them all the time. They said something about I told LeBron to go to Miami. I was like, ‘You all have to be one of the craziest organizations in the world.’ “Y’all should have tried to call me and talk to me, and maybe we could have gotten LeBron to New York. You went to Isiah [Thomas], and some of these other guys that don’t know the guy.” New York Post

October 15, 2011 Updates

Teams often have shootarounds one after the other on the same court. That’s not always a good idea. The day of the 1997-98 opener at the Forum, Lakers center Shaquille O’Neal greeted Utah center Greg Ostertag with a slap between shootarounds. Ostertag, who was knocked to the floor, had noted earlier he believed Shaq could be stopped. He wasn’t that time. Three years later, Toronto forward Charles Oakley punched Los Angeles Clippers guard Jeff McInnis between shootarounds. The dispute, which legend has it was over a woman, led to Oakley being suspended for three games without pay and fined $15,000. Later in the 2000-01 season, Oakley was suspended for one game and fined $10,000 for hitting Philadelphia forward Tyrone Hill in the head with a basketball between shootarounds. That apparently was for Hill failing to pay him for a gambling debt. FOXSports Florida

August 9, 2011 Updates

Former Knicks forward Charles Oakley claims his celebrity status has nothing to do with him not getting arrested after a poolside brawl at a Las Vegas Strip casino last year. Oakley is suing the Aria hotel-casino and its security guards because he claims the guards beat him last year after he tried to enter a VIP pool area. The MGM Resorts International casino and several of its employees countersued Oakley last month, saying he started the tussle but avoided criminal charges because he’s famous. Oakley’s lawyers countered in a court filing Friday that the retired basketball player didn’t commit a crime. New York Post

Oakley claims he was at the pool with a group of friends and business associates when he briefly left. As he tried to return to the party, he claims Aria’s security guards stopped him, prompting an argument between Oakley and the hotel staff. Oakley said he consequently left the pool and was returning to his room when he was attacked by at least five security guards in a “gang style beat down,” according to the lawsuit. The complaint contends the officers wrestled Oakley to the ground and punched and handcuffed him, and that he was taken to the hospital with injuries to his neck, back, head and wrist, “all or some of which may be permanent and disabling.” New York Post

July 15, 2011 Updates

A group of security officers countersued retired NBA "enforcer" Charles Oakley on Monday, charging he has assaulted Las Vegas casino workers at least three times since 2005 – but has repeatedly avoided arrest because of his celebrity VIP status. The officers and the Aria hotel-casino were sued by Oakley on May 12 in Clark County District Court over a 2010 altercation, and on Monday the officers and the casino filed their first response to Oakley's lawsuit. The officers' counterclaim is part of that response. Oakley's suit charged that while visiting Aria on the Las Vegas Strip in May 2010, the former power forward was injured by the officers after a verbal dispute with casino personnel escalated into the officers attacking him without cause. Vegas Inc

A group of Las Vegas security officers are countersuing Oakley, seeking damages of at least $20,000 for a May 2010 incident — during which Jermaine O’Neal was reportedly present — that they claim was the third of a series of assaults by Oakley on Vegas casino employees since 2005, according to business journal Vegas Inc. Oakley had sued them along with the Aria hotel and casino on May 12, claiming the officers physically attacked him following an argument at the hotel-casino’s Liquid pool. Oakley missed the final 13 games of the season with back problems he claimed stem from this incident, and the Bobcats have since hired assistant coach Rob Werdann as a potential replacement should Oakley not be able to return to the bench next season. Here’s the passage from the Vegas Inc. website that indicates the current starting Celtics center was present when the incident went down: WEEI.com

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