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Cavs owner Dan Gilbert loves Billups, and with Jason Kidd having success in his first season as a coach after retiring as a point guard, there could be some consideration for Billups, who hasn't yet retired. But sources in Detroit say Billups always has wanted to become a general manager, not a coach. Cleveland Plain Dealer

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Chauncey Billups -- Cavs owner Dan Gilbert loves Billups, and with Jason Kidd having success in his first season as a coach after retiring as a point guard, there could be some consideration for Billups, who hasn't yet retired. But sources in Detroit say Billups always has wanted to become a general manager, not a coach. Cleveland Plain Dealer

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There are a number of individuals keenly interested in becoming the new Detroit Pistons general manager, although I keep hearing former Toronto GM Bryan Colangelo and Boston assistant general manager Mike Zarren are at the front of the pack. There has also been some chatter about the Pistons possibly bringing in an experienced GM and having him groom Chauncey Billups, the former Pistons star guard. Racine Journal-Times

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Detroit Piston Chauncey Billups played for the Los Angeles Clippers for two years under the ownership of Donald Sterling, who has come under heavy fire nationally for racially charged comments he allegedly made to a mistress in a phone conversation that was recorded. More than half a dozen sponsors have severed ties with the Clippers or suspended their relationships with the team. Players for Los Angeles turned their warm-up jerseys inside out Sunday so the Clippers logo would be hidden before their recent playoff game, and they wore armbands as a show of solidarity. Billups said he would have boycotted the game entirely. “If that were me, and my teammates could do whatever they wanted to do … I would not have played that game,” Billups said Monday on the Doug Gottlieb Show on CBS Sports Radio. “That would have been my personal option. There’s no way I would have played in that game. “That’s how they wanted to protest, and that’s fine,” Billups added. “I’m happy that they took a stand … I’m proud of them for doing that.” CBS New York

Billups said his relationship with Sterling while in Los Angeles was one of pleasant small talk and that he did not realize Sterling held the kind of feelings he expressed in the phone conversation now on TMZ and Deadspin. “My reaction is the same as everybody else’s … just embarrassed … just hurt by his comments,” Billups said. “It’s very, very unfortunate … It just had my stomach in knots. “Who knows what’s all happened and what’s all gone down,” Billups continued. “Obviously he’s done a fair job of covering up, maybe, what his feelings are.” CBS New York

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Yet with the Eastern Conference’s longest active string of missing the playoffs, it was time for a change. “You’re talking about an icon,” said Chauncey Billups, whom Dumars brought back to Detroit this past off-season. “An icon in this city and being with this organization for 30 years, being really the center of all that was good here and all the championships that were here — he was kind of the center of all of that and as much to do with that as far as anybody. Obviously he’s an icon here and done a great job. He built this franchise up and kept it going. “That’s the NBA, sometimes it’s just time for a change, and obviously that time’s now, but what he did here was remarkable.” Detroit Free Press

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Against that backdrop, a return next season seems unlikely, though Billups said he hasn't made that decision and that "several things go into it." "The knee will be one of the things that, of course, will let me know if I can come back and play, if that's an option," Billups said. "And then there will be maybe some external opportunities that will be worth taking a look at -- maybe. Maybe there won't be. So it's kind of touch and go." Booth Newspapers

Billups' first order of postseason business is to return to Denver, wife Piper, and their three daughters. Cydney, the oldest, is a heavily recruited 16-year-old high school soccer standout who is completing her sophomore year and intends to attend the University of Texas, her father said. Ciara and Cenaiya are aspiring dancers. "I'll just go catch up with them while I kind of reflect and see what direction I want to go," Billups said. Booth Newspapers

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Pistons guard Chauncey Billups might want to transition into a different role as a front-office executive this summer. He could draw some interest in Detroit, which is expected to allow GM Joe Dumars to walk at the end of the season. Fox Sports Ohio reports that the Cavs and Denver Nuggets could also be interested. There are also rumors of the Cavs’ interest in former New York Knicks GM Isiah Thomas. I just can’t buy into them as legitimate. News-Herald

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Q: Pause for us all to light ourselves on fire. Brian Windhorst: I don’t think Dan’s going to go that route. Dan is interested in Chauncey Billups, but I don’t think you can turn the team over to a guy [with no experience]. GM is job that you have to be groomed for. But I think he’d like a guy who could bring a fresh perspective and has some clout like that. David Griffin doesn’t. ESPN.com

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He feels the years most in his knees. The left knee, this season. First it was sore. Then it had tendinitis. Then it required surgery. Rehabilitation is where he is at now. He was in Denver on Wednesday night with the Detroit Pistons and still hopes to get back on the court this season. And he's trying to stave off retirement. "You never do know when it's going to be up," Billups said. "And obviously the older you get, the closer it gets." Denver Post

But he's also weighing the past three seasons and injuries that have kept him from playing more than 22 games in any of them because of a variety of injuries (foot, Achilles, groin and back). "Injuries have been a problem for me the last few years," Billups said. Denver Post

He was asked how it has been being back in Detroit. "It's been great, actually," Billups said. "Obviously the team is not playing great — I feel like we've underachieved a little bit. But me being back with the people that love me so much and the fan base there has been great. "Obviously I would look at that (going into the front office) if that opportunity came about. That's like my home away from home. They really adopted me there. Of course, (Denver) is always going to be my home. But Detroit is like my second home. So any opportunity that arose, I would obviously look at." Denver Post

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Imagine pulling up to a Wendy’s drive-thru and giving your order to “Mr. Big Shot.” That’s possible if you go to one of 30 St. Louis area Wendy’s owned by Pistons guard Chauncey Billups and former NBA player Junior Bridgeman. Bridgeman, whose net worth of $240 million exceeds that of Kobe Bryant and Shaquille O’Neal, has had a profound influence on Billups. Not so much on the court as off it. “I was in my prime, but I started thinking about what am I going to do (after basketball),” said Billups, who entered this season with hopes of being an everyday starter before “Father Time” started catching up. (He has played in 18 of 41 games, averaging 3.9 points and 2.2 assists.) Detroit News

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