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March 9, 2015 Updates

Chicagoans are sticking behind Derrick Rose as he recovers from his third serious knee injury in three years and the outdoor Rose shrine discovered over the weekend is proof of that. The shrine is located under a viaduct on West Fullerton Avenue by the Kennedy Expressway and features a drawing of Rose wearing a crown of thorns and a banner with the words “PRAY-4-ROSE” on it. Because Rose recently had surgery on a torn medial meniscus in his right knee, there is a pair of crutches leaning up against the concerte wall as well. Flowers and candles normally reserved for a tribute to the deceased decorate the sidewalk. The candles all appear to be of the religious kind until you take a closer look and realize some feature Phil Jackson, Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen. There’s also a basketball that has “Get Better D-Rose” written on it in black marker and a framed photo of Rose clutching his knee. Chicago Tribune

Mike McGraw: #Bulls are wearing the green uniforms tonight for St. Patrick's Day. Next home game isn't until Mar. 18 because of Big Ten tourney. Twitter @McGrawDHBulls

You knew the Bulls were onto something last summer when they were pursuing Pau Gasol. It’s one thing the Knicks and Rockets wanted Carmelo Anthony. The Spurs and Thunder wanted Gasol, and those are two organizations that understand basketball talent. “It was a close call, tough call for me, a tough decision to make,” said Gasol about last summer as the Bulls Sunday come into San Antonio for the noon (feels like 6 a.m. given it’s Daylight Savings) Sunday national ABC game. “I had great options as you guys know. But I made up my mind. I felt this (Bulls) was going to be the best scenario, the best situation for me for the next couple of years. That’s what I chose. It was Oklahoma City, San Antonio and Chicago the front runners.” NBA.com

March 8, 2015 Updates

“It (the Bulls injuries) puts guys in position where they have to step up,” Gasol added. “Sometimes it goes well and sometimes it doesn’t, right? So I guess those guys who usually don’t get those minutes and opportunities, so far I think it’s been going well. We have a tough schedule, four games in five nights against pretty good teams. So the schedule is not going to make things easier, but as long as we fight and compete the way we have we have a chance to win.” So as Gasol was wrapping up with reporters, he was reminded that fourth game Monday is against the Grizzlies and “that extraordinary center.” “You mean Koufus,” Gasol said with a laugh. NBA.com

March 7, 2015 Updates
March 6, 2015 Updates
March 5, 2015 Updates

Speaking of people who have been there since Day 1, what kind of impact has Derrick Rose made on you? Jimmy Butler: Derrick is one of the better people that I've come to know because, if you look at what he does in this community — and I'm not even talking about the basketball aspect of it, we all know how great of a basketball player he is, but what he does for the city of Chicago, the passion that he has for kids — I think that is what really shows you who he is. You see him on the billboards and on the commercials, but you take that away from him, he's still a person like everybody else on our roster. And that's what I get from him the most, how much he cares about people other than himself, man. What else can you want in a point guard? I call him my brother. What else can you want in a brother? CBSSports.com

Scottie Pippen said he sees your career as being very similar to his because you were both doubted and had to work for everything. What's it like to hear that, and have you had the chance to pick his brain in Chicago? Jimmy Butler: It means a lot coming from a guy like Scottie because you see what he's done for this league, this city, this community. A Hall of Famer, all of that. As far as picking his brain, I ask Scottie a lot of questions and he's always honest. Brutally honest, however you want to put it. He's never lied to me a day and he's always told me how good I can be and how much potential that he sees. I have a lot of respect for him and I thank him all the time for that. CBSSports.com

Randy Wittman dissected the tape of his Washington Wizards’ disappointing loss Tuesday night to an undermanned version of the Chicago Bulls and came away with one prevailing assessment: his team didn’t sustain the necessary intensity for 48 minutes and it cost them. “We’ve got to go out and play. Play hard every play. Play with more effort. More plays with effort than non-effort,” Wittman said. “That’s kind of basically what it is. Until we do that we’re going to struggle and it’s all of us together in that. And that’s kind of basically what it boils down to. I wish it was a strategy thing. We just take too many plays off. In a three-point game, as last night was coming down the stretch, it’s magnified.” Washington Post

March 4, 2015 Updates


Very few doubts with the Top 2, but who comes after Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen?


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