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November 8, 2014 Updates
November 7, 2014 Updates
November 6, 2014 Updates

Do you have any thoughts on Ray Allen being spotted in Chicago? Where would he even fit in the rotation? Who would lose minutes? I just don't see it happening. -- Scott, Naperville The Bulls have stayed in contact with Allen’s representatives to see if he will play this season. If he chooses to, they’d certainly add another shooter. Chicago Tribune

But it’s really as simple as this: Rose is making the decision with the consultation of the training and medical staffs. And, really, that’s how all injury situations are handled. Management isn’t sitting on high making some grand pronouncement about saving Rose for the long haul. (Though management is trying to set a big picture mentality with soft minutes restrictions for certain players.) Thibodeau isn’t involved in the process. Rose is warming up, seeing if he can go and then making the call with training and medical personnel he trusts. I do think there’s a benefit to him playing if he is able, given how much time he has missed. Playing if he doesn’t feel comfortable doing so doesn’t make sense this early in the season, or, really, at any time other than the playoffs. Chicago Tribune

What I will say is “flu-like symptoms” has covered everything in the NBA from a hangover to an irregular heartbeat. (Hello, Eddy Curry.) That’s not to say this is what happened here. It is to say flu-like symptoms doesn’t necessarily mean the flu. In this case, I’m told Noah just got very, very sick, with a fever and bad cold. He appeared in the postgame locker room in Milwaukee and I assume he’ll try to play Friday in Philadelphia. Chicago Tribune

November 5, 2014 Updates

“John has received interest from different teams, but to say he has declined any formal offers would be inaccurate,” Lucas’ agent, Bernie Lee, said when reached on Wednesday. “John is in a situation, after a crazy summer, of trying to make the right decision versus any decision, but he is willing to prove himself as requested. John owes a tremendous amount of his value in the NBA to the opportunity Chicago's front office gave him there initially. Over time, it's become clear that Gar Forman has a unique ability to find value in obscure places: He signed John out of China, and he might be the best in the NBA at this. In some ways John was at the beginning of this. I have not had a single conversation with Gar about John since John left. The different situations just haven't lined up. Gar has found various ways to replace the role John left, including this year, and John has been under contract since leaving. I do have every belief that John will resume his NBA career soon, but to date the only opportunities John has declined have been lucrative money offers with Jilin in China earlier in the year and Fujian on Wednesday.” RealGM


Very few doubts with the Top 2, but who comes after Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen?


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