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October 13, 2014 Updates
October 12, 2014 Updates

It took only two pre-season games for Byron Mullens and the Shanxi Brave Dragons to part ways. Reports coming out of China confirm team via an official statement from team officials states that Shanxi is looking for another foreign player to replace Mullens. “We really want to replace him. We are actively looking for another player,” says Shanxi head coach Yang Xuezeng. Basketball Buddha

October 11, 2014 Updates

There were only two Chinese teams with incomplete roster, but as we told "there were", because Jilin Northeast Tigers are signing former Dallas Mavericks guard Dominique Jones, who will return for his second consecutive Chinese campaign. Sportando

October 9, 2014 Updates

Michael Beasley may not have played his way out of the NBA, but, for now, that's where the former Miami Heat forward is headed. A source with the Memphis Grizzlies confirmed to the Sun Sentinel that Beasley has left the team to sign in China. South Florida Sun-Sentinel

October 8, 2014 Updates

Zhejiang Guangsha Lions have not waste their time and have completed the deal to sign former Memphis Grizzlies guard Jamaal Franklin. The player will be the substitute of Jonathan Gibson, who'll miss from 4 to 6 weeks of action due to an injury. Sportando

October 7, 2014 Updates
October 6, 2014 Updates

Depending on whom you ask, Stephon Marbury's Chinese nickname (dulang -- the lone wolf) either came from his departure from the Timberwolves, leaving him a lone wolf wandering the NBA, or from his image as a selfish ball hog. Each Chinese fan I talk to insists that this selfish image is simply a misunderstanding. The performance to follow will make this very argument. Suddenly, explosions erupt on the massive projector screens behind the stage. A three-minute countdown begins. The P.A. system makes its standard plea discouraging the use of cell phones. In China, this is a ritual announcement that is religiously ignored, providing a glimpse of what the audience thinks is actually interesting. I join in as the lights dim, making sure my phone is ready to record. SportsonEarth

The next two hours of theatrical production are unlike anything I have ever witnessed. The story, which follows a pair of aspiring musicians trying to make it in Beijing, is a bizarre, comedic tale which forces basketball metaphors and wisdom from Marbury's life at every chance it gets. The protagonist duo is inspired to enter a musical competition after playing a game of pickup basketball with a completely random assortment of friends. The production's star, Mike Sui, an American actor in China with impeccable Chinese, implores, "We all have to work together, just like a basketball team." Moved by basketball's life lessons, the group of friends choreographs a musical dance performance with cheerleaders, basketball players dressed in Hawaiian-style uniforms, and an odd assortment of traditional Chinese costumes. SportsonEarth

September 28, 2014 Updates

Liaoning Hunters reportedly completed the roster for next season with the big addition of reigning CBA MVP Lester Hudson. The player comes from Xinjiang Flying Tigers and inked a one-year $1.300.000 contract with his new team. Sportando

September 23, 2014 Updates
September 22, 2014 Updates

Metta World Peace has arrived in Sichuan to start the season as a Blue Whale. While most of us have been wondering about his new name change, we have some more news on how he will adding his love for pandas into his games. The “panda friendly” shoes are designed for Metta World Peace and they have one interesting element to them: the “panda” has been attached to the tongue of the shoe. Now you might be thinking how would anyone be able to play with a big panda attached to the front of their sneakers? Courtside Access

September 21, 2014 Updates
September 20, 2014 Updates

David 'Dubi' Pick: According to source, Nets power forward Andray Blatche signed with Chinese club Xinjiang. Official memo release to follow ASAP. Twitter @IAmDPick

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