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"I could tell you stories and you would pass out, but the thing about basketball in China has less to do with what happened on the court, but the passion of the fans in China," Spencer, who's now an NBA agent, told Bleacher Report. "They appreciate what you bring to the table, and that's why the Americans like going there, because the Chinese fans are so appreciative of what you bring to the game—your passion, your skills, your desire, your hard work. That's what makes the country so special. It's an amazing place." Bleacher Report

Al Thornton is leaving Xinjiang after a few days, according to Evan Wang. The former NBA player will part ways with the Chinese team due to poor performances. Sportando

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While this three-year contract maybe the final playing contract Marbury will ever sign he will forever have a lasting impression on basketball in China. This will certainly carry over to when he decides to pursue a career in coaching and there will be no complaints from Ducks’ fans when he is finally handed the reins to coach the team in the future. The bigger moment will come when he is able to finally achieve his dream of coach the Chinese men’s national basketball team. NiuBBall.com

National Basketball Association Commissioner David Stern said Chinese investors inquiring about stakes in teams is a “very good thing” for the league as it seeks to boost sales in the world’s second-biggest economy. The NBA’s revenue in China is growing by “double-digits” annually, bolstered by partnerships with Sina Corp. (SINA) and Tencent Holdings Ltd. (700) to stream more live games online, Stern said in an Oct. 16 interview in Shanghai, where the Los Angeles Lakers and the Golden State Warriors are set to play the second of two exhibition games in China tonight. Bloomberg

“We have been approached by, I will say Chinese investors, as we don’t count their money to see whether they are billionaires or multi-billionaires,” said Stern, declining to identify the potential investors. “If these markets want to invest in the NBA by buying goods, if they would like to buy television rights and certainly if they would like to buy franchises or invest in franchises, I think it’s a very good thing. I have been in favor of that for years.” Bloomberg

Chinese internet platform Sina has extended and expanded its deal with the National Basketball Association (NBA). Sina, which signed a four-year, US$7.5 million deal with the NBA in 2010, already had online broadcasting, VOD and marketing rights for the league in China. Sportspromedia.com

October 17, 2013 Updates

Johnson-Odom agreed to terms with a Chinese pro basketball team, signing a contract worth $400,000, according to a person familiar with the situation. Johnson-Odom had been weighing the offer for about a week and made up his mind after the Lakers strongly suggested he wouldn't make their roster this season. They waived him Thursday so he could sign with the undisclosed Chinese team. Los Angeles Times

At 5-foot-3, Charlotte Hornets legend Muggsy Bogues is the shortest player in NBA history. At 7-foot-6, former Houston Rockets center Yao Ming is one of the tallest. NBA commissioner-to-be Adam Silver (he’s taking over for David Stern on February 1) posted this picture of them together, which shows just how stark that height difference is: The photo was taken during the NBA’s recent tour of China, which saw several exhibition games played in Shanghai and Bejing. Yao, of course, is largely responsible for the NBA’s explosion in popularity in China over the last decade. For The Win

Gilbert Arenas did not play in the NBA last season, yet reportedly took home more than $20 million thanks to a six-year, $111 million contract he signed with Washington in 2008. He was traded to Orlando in 2010 and was amnestied by the Magic in 2011. So he is being paid eight figures not to play. But enough of that nonsense. Gilbert, figuring you may forget about with him sittin' around at home when he's not playing in China, wanted to remind everybody he's still alive . . . and still gettin' paid. FOXSports.com

October 16, 2013 Updates

Kobe Bryant, hero to the Chinese. His popularity started with summer camps Bryant hosted here in the late 1990s, before NBA championships and Finals MVPs and "Ko-be, Ko-be" chants started collecting at his feet. No one has ever equated China with basketball titans (except for Yao Ming) but Bryant related to his campers' curiosity and called their basketball prowess "fun to be around. "It's like teaching the game to people who really want to learn. Because of it, I just started coming back," Bryant said this week. "There were no print ads, there were no billboards, there was nothing going on. It wasn't what it is now. I just came out because I enjoyed it." Los Angeles Times

The NBA, always willing to gather another country into its TV-watching empire, jumped into the pool by organizing annual exhibition games in China, fueled in part by Yao's rise. The Lakers and Golden State Warriors are the most recent edition, playing in Beijing and Shanghai this week. But Bryant has been the one adored year after year. There's even a joke in NBA circles that his jersey sales in China dipped to third last season behind Derrick Rose and LeBron James because everybody already had one of Bryant's. "He has come to this country quite often and understands what it is to cultivate a fan base which totally understands, shall I say, the heart of a champion," NBA Commissioner David Stern said. Los Angeles Times

It sounds crazy at first blush, but commissioner David Stern said Tuesday that his league might investigate the idea of altering the start times of some games in order to accommodate its worldwide fanbase. Stern, deputy commissioner Adam Silver and Rockets center Yao Ming were in Beijing, China, to announce the founding of the “NBA Yao School,” an after-school program that will teach basketball skills, when a reporter asked whether the NBA would schedule regular season games in China in the future. This year, the NBA is playing preseason games in Beijing and Shanghai, while the international regular season games are set for Mexico City and London. SI.com

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