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Me: "Lighter. Erik said you were lighter than you were." Birdman: "Well, that's because I ain't been tanning." Me: "I can see that. As far as your basketball play at a lighter weight, do you feel more spring in your step? Do you feel more active, able to play longer, harder?" Birdman: "It's 'cause of the aerodynamics, man. I cut my beard off." Me: "That's it? OK." Birdman: "I'm still 245, man." Me: "Erik said you were lighter, though." Birdman: "I just look that. I'm leaner." Me: "Is it a body fat thing?" Birdman: "What? You calling me fat?" South Florida Sun-Sentinel

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Jason Lieser: Chris Andersen (36) believes he has at least 3 seasons left. Chris Andersen: “I was told a long time ago that even though I’m called Birdman, I can’t jump forever." Twitter @PBPjasonlieser

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Q: You moved to Miami and plan to live here long term. Why is this home for him now? Chris Andersen: “Besides the organization and winning a championship here, it’s the fans and the way they embraced me when I got here from Denver and the way they continue to support me. It was a pretty simple decision. Basketball is a business. Our future after basketball is still business. What other place to create some business than a place where you’ve won a championship and with the organization and the Heat Nation and the way the city is? I’m not going anywhere.” Palm Beach Post

Q: You played for a bargain contract last year. Does your new contract compensate for that? Chris Andersen: “I was playing at a bargain last year? I thought I was getting two checks [one from Miami and another from the Denver Nuggets for amnestying him]. That’s actually what they called me in the locker room. They’d say, ‘What’s up 2 Checks?’ and I’d say, ‘What’s up man?’ You know what I mean? I feel what I’m worth is what you’re going to get. That’s why I dumped 5-10 pounds and want to be in a little better condition this year and be able to run and jump as high as I was two years ago.” Palm Beach Post

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While the Heat have moved on from James' departure with the additions of Luol Deng, Josh McRoberts, Danny Granger, Shawne Williams and others, Andersen said he did not begrudge James opting to play closer to his Akron, Ohio, roots. "He's a great guy, but we've got a bunch of great guys on the team, as well," he said. "He's going to be highly missed. We really loved him as a teammate. He's a good person. He got a big heart. But we've still got to play ball, regardless." South Florida Sun-Sentinel

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