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May 24, 2014 Updates

Then there’s the way he throws himself at the boards and around the court, a bigger, paler and probably inkier version of Dennis Rodman doing the blue-collar stuff for a team built around future Hall of Famers. Frankly, the way the Heat embraced Andersen and his checkered reputation (drug ban in 2006-07, bogus allegations against him as victim in an extortion scheme in 2012), it is reminiscent of Michael Jordan, Scottie Pippen and the Chicago Bulls accepting – and reaping rewards from – Rodman during their 1996-98 three-peat. More tats or fewer, hairier or less so, Andersen has shown himself to be a solid playoff performer in his herky-jerky career, posting PER numbers better than his regular season performances in four of the past five seasons. A year ago, he was better even than now, with a 19.2 net rating and a 24.9 PER (17.4 in the regular season). But that was achieved on raw ferocity and activity, coming at the end of his first Miami season. NBA.com

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On the evening after, James didn't seem particularly troubled by the somewhat comical controversy he recreated. Calling himself "not easy to persuade these days," James laughed when asked why he was against it. "I'm not against it," he said. "I just don't want to do it. Do I have to be against something because I don't want to do it." So why not? "I don't know," James said. "I don't know." Chris Andersen chimed in: "'Cause he don't want to, man." "Tell 'em again, Bird," James said. Bleacher Report

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The Heat on Tuesday released the nicknames players will wear on the backs of their jerseys as part of the NBA "Name Collection" that will be unveiled during Friday's nationally televised game in Brooklyn and later worn at three Heat home games: on January 21 vs. the Boston Celtics and the March 12th and April 8th games against the Nets. The choices, as approved by the NBA when factoring trademark concerns: Ray Allen: "J. Shuttlesworth" Chris Andersen: "Birdman" South Florida Sun-Sentinel

December 31, 2013 Updates

The return of Birdman was special but subdued. Back at Pepsi Center for the first time since joining the Miami Heat last January, former Nuggets forward Chris Andersen didn’t play Monday night as Denver faced the two-time defending champs. Andersen missed his third straight game with a sore back. “I would love to play in this game,” Andersen said. “Coming back here is a special moment. It’s a team that made a big commitment to my career. I want nothing more than to beat my old team, but I’ve got bigger fish to fry, and that’s trying to win a championship.” NBA.com

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Ethan J. Skolnick: Chris Andersen told me tonight that he wants to play three or four years. Legs feel good. Even mentioned how 2-year suspension helped that. Twitter @EthanJSkolnick

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Andersen spoke with Heat sideline reporter Jason Jackson during a timeout and told fans he took less money to sign with the Heat this season. Andersen signed for the veteran’s league minimum. “I’m building something I can leave behind for my legacy.” Miami Herald

September 30, 2013 Updates

Ethan J. Skolnick: Chris Andersen says he dropped 10 pounds in offseason. And he's adding a championship tattoo in next month. "Damn right." Twitter @EthanJSkolnick

September 19, 2013 Updates

In a dramatic and definitive end to a two-year odyssey that began in 2012 with a search of his Larkspur, Colorado home by the Douglas County Sheriff's Internet Crimes Against Children unit, Andersen was found to have been a victim of an internet impersonator in Canada, with that announcement made Wednesday. "I would describe him today as solemn," agent Mark Bryant told the Sun Sentinel of Andersen's reaction. "If they would have just left this, then he would have been left with this. And not only would he have been left with this, a lot of victims would have gone undetected." South Florida Sun-Sentinel

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