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October 22, 2013 Updates

Heat coach Erik Spoelstra said Monday that “more experience” in the Heat’s system has allowed Bosh to play more instinctually. “I think that’s what everyone is seeing right now,” Spoelstra said. “He’s able to do what he’s done so well for us in the past, which is facilitate and allow things to work, but also be aggressive and make teams have to guard him.” Miami Herald

Spoelstra has always been quick to heap praise on Bosh, and this preseason has been no different. Since 2011, the Heat’s coach has called Bosh the team’s “most important player,” but now Spoelstra has elevated his praise of Bosh to a different level. Like James, Spoelstra has been referring to Bosh as a “one-through-five” type of player. “His game has evolved in so many different areas,” Spoelstra said. “Arguably, he has to evolve in more areas than any other player, and that’s on both sides of the floor. But we’ve put him on every spot on the court. For a center, that’s dynamic.” Miami Herald

October 18, 2013 Updates

So naturally, I wanted to put that theory to the test. Is that, in fact, the generally agreed upon totem pole these days? It doesn't appear to be the case. I asked six front-office executives, reached via text message and granted anonymity to inspire honesty and avoid tampering charges, to rank the best centers in the NBA. The results: Executive No. 1: Marc Gasol, Noah, Lopez, Hibbert, Howard, Omer Asik. Executive No. 2: Howard, Gasol, Noah, Hibbert, Cousins. Executive No. 3: Howard, Gasol, Hibbert, Noah, Andrew Bogut, Lopez, Tyson Chandler, Chris Bosh, Al Horford Executive No. 4: Noah, Gasol, Hibbert, Anderson Varejao, Howard Executive No. 5: Howard, Gasol, Nikola Pekovic, Noah, Lopez Executive No. 6: Howard, Lopez, Gasol, Tim Duncan, Noah, Cousins, Jonas Valanciunas. USA Today Sports

October 12, 2013 Updates

"We have a lot of great players here; we've got LeBron, Dwyane," Bosh said. "I'm not going to be crazy or be disrespectful to this team and take over their positions. I'm going to play my role to the best of my ability. "As far as visibility is concerned, we have a unique opportunity to just really get out there and do some unique things. And, really, I try to take the bull by the horns and just try to build relationships that I want to build. And if I have certain opportunities that come to me, I'm going to take them." South Florida Sun-Sentinel

October 4, 2013 Updates

Chris Bosh just might have a future in acting after his basketball career. The Heat’s big man has already made appearances on “Law & Order: SVU” and Disney Channel’s “Jessie.” On Thursday night, he played the role of a high school basketball player on NBC’s “Parks and Recreation,” slamming one down and then comically taunting an opponent and showing off some sweet celebratory moves. Palm Beach Post

Bahamas— "It was," Chris Bosh said, "the best training camp ever." And so came to an end of four days at the Atlantis Paradise Island Resort. "I thought we had a great work ethic, great mindset," Bosh said Friday, as the Miami Heat returned to South Florida for a Sunday intra-squad scrimmage and a Monday exhibition opener against the visiting Atlanta Hawks. "Not only did we work hard," the veteran center said, "but we played hard, too." "It was," guard Dwyane Wade said, "one of my favorite training camps in my 11 seasons. We've got a special team. We've got a special group. And at times like this, you get to see it." South Florida Sun-Sentinel

September 26, 2013 Updates

Joseph Goodman: Chris Bosh learned Spanish this summer. No, seriously. Check out this video from Univision this morning. bit.ly/1arUoCA Twitter @JoeGoodmanJr

September 25, 2013 Updates
September 16, 2013 Updates

As head manager for LMU men’s basketball, junior Quan Ngo is used to rebounding for and working out with basketball players. However, last Wednesday, the management major found himself in brand new territory as he helped Miami Heat basketball player Dwyane Wade train inside Gersten Pavilion. Wade’s teammate Chris Bosh, along with James Harden from the Houston Rockets, were also spotted working out at Gersten Pavilion and Burns Recreation Center last week. According to LMU Assistant Basketball Coach Senque Carey, LMU basketball players are prohibited from participating in workouts with NBA players due to NCAA rules. Los Angeles Loyolan

September 12, 2013 Updates
August 30, 2013 Updates

Summer vacation for NBA players isn’t always just about sun, fun and luxury accommodations. Sometimes there is a different element involved. Sometimes a trip can provide a deeper understanding of things, some enlightenment, if you are up for it. Miami Heat Chris Bosh and his family were game for just that when they traveled Mumbai, India, this summer. It was a journey captured on video by the two-time NBA champion, who mixed a little NBA business with pleasure on his trip (#NAMASTE Part I): NBA.com

July 30, 2013 Updates

Dallas city attorneys have filed an injunction against NBA player Chris Bosh’s younger brother to get him to stop hosting illegal parties at his mother’s vacant Cedars area warehouse like the one that police allege led to a chaotic outburst of fights and gunfire last weekend. The five-story structure at S. 1401 Ervay St. was to be the location of the so-called #NotANormalParty on Saturday night, which promoters promised would have a different party on each of the floors. There was the ‘fun and wild party’ on the first floor, complete with a bounce house, mud wrestling, mechanical bull ride and a wet T-shirt contest. The second floor would’ve been covered with foam. The third, coined the “Trippy/iHate Bein Sober floor” apparently said attendees “must take shot to enter.” Above that was the “Rave/Glow Party” and then the anticlimactically named “club” on the fifth floor. wfaa.com

July 28, 2013 Updates

If it weren’t for Chris Bosh doing Chris Bosh things, the NBA offseason would be a far less colorful place. With the chef’s hat, he’s a slightly more fashionable Shawn Bradley. The Big Lead

July 21, 2013 Updates

Bosh has been to China several times, as an Olympian and with the Heat, as well as on promotional tours. A renaissance man whose curiosity ranges far from the court, he was intrigued by the prospect of experiencing the other Asian giant. "I'm always interested in traveling the world, and any opportunity that comes up to spread the game of basketball and travel, I think that is the best of both," Bosh said in a phone interview with the Sun Sentinel during his four days in Mumbai as special emissary of the NBA. "People are aware [of basketball.] Not as aware as China, but I think the love of the game is growing here. A lot of people here are interested in basketball. There are a lot of Heat fans. They were watching the Finals. They asked me a lot of questions about LeBron [James]. You can just tell that the game has a chance to really grow here." South Florida Sun-Sentinel

July 18, 2013 Updates
July 17, 2013 Updates

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