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Could the Orlando Magic have been hurting from the night before during their 108-86 beating by the Knicks on Wednesday? The previous night, sources spotted the Magic’s Glen “Big Baby” Davis and Jason Richardson partying until the early hours. They started out dining in the private wine room of Philippe New York. Then the pair joined Dwight Howard — who got a shout-out from the DJ on the loudspeaker, spies said — Chris Duhon and Quentin Richardson at Greenhouse during R&B singer Dawn Richard’s EP release party. The players were seen ordering bottles of Champagne and raged in the club until around 3 a.m. New York Post

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Of course, once the Nets re-sign Kris Humphries for one year at roughly $7 million — decision time is down to the short strokes — the Magic can’t dump as much toxic waste in New Jersey; Turkoglu is owed $23 million, including $1 million in year three of the $12 million on the books. Meaning, the remainder of Chris Duhon’s three-year obligation ($10.75 million) probably would be substituted. New York Post

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Chris Duhon hadn't heard any feedback from his teammates about the NBA's tentative labor deal as of Sunday afternoon. But the Orlando Magic's representative to the National Basketball Players Association expects the league's players to ratify the agreement when it comes up for a vote. "It's a deal that satisfies both sides," Duhon said. "Obviously, the owners wanted more than they were able to negotiate, and obviously we wanted more. But this is something that we'll both be satisfied with and will get us to be able to go out and work and start a new season." Orlando Sentinel

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If the players reject the current offer, Stern said owners would take the offer off the table and replace it with a revised proposal that would drop the players’ share of basketball-related income to 47 percent. Chris Duhon, the Magic’s player representative, told the Sentinel early Friday morning that Stern’s warning could be counterproductive. “I think it [the current offer] is better than before, but more negotiations need to be done,” Duhon said. “This ultimatum is just going to make most players angry and go the distance.” Orlando Sentinel

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Anderson spent the next 45 minutes completing a grueling workout that included almost 600 stomach crunches, countless punches and some weightlifting. But he isn't the only Magic player throwing jabs, hooks and uppercuts this offseason. Encouraged by team officials, Gilbert Arenas, Brandon Bass, Earl Clark and Chris Duhon have incorporated boxing into their training regimens. "I thought it was kind of weird that they were sending me in here to box at first, but I love it," said Anderson, who has been boxing since he was traded to the Magic in June 2009. "It's just a great workout, and I see now why we keep coming back here and bringing guys here." Orlando Sentinel

The goal of these sessions isn't to become better fighters: No one is punching the Magic players, and they're not punching anyone unless they're aiming jabs, hooks and uppercuts into the pads Drespling often wears on his hands or over his ribs and stomach. Magic strength and conditioning coach Joe Rogowski endorses the boxing workouts because they improve the players' stamina, balance and mental toughness. The boxing also breaks up the monotony of players' usual training routines of shooting baskets and weightlifting at Amway Center and running on the Jones High School track. "It gets boring doing the conditioning on the court, so this provides more one arrow in the quiver," Rogowski said. "I just like to get them out of the gym once in a while. It's a great workout. It's different. The guys look at it as a challenge." Orlando Sentinel

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Duhon still has strong ties to the New Orleans area. His foundation has raised about $650,000 to help with Hurricane Katrina recovery efforts. Duhon has played in New Orleans before during his NBA career, of course, but Wednesday night's game still gave him a thrill. He was still trying to acquire some tickets about two hours before tipoff. Orlando Sentinel

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Smith said that he hasn't received any trade requests from Richardson, Duhon or Williams. "It's actually been the other way around," Smith said. "They've come to me and asked not to be traded." Orlando Sentinel

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