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December 29, 2012 Updates

For years I've said that's sports aren't just about winning and losing. There not just about a game or an athlete. Sports have the power to inspire; they have the power to motivate. And this afternoon sports helped one family desperately in need of an uplifting moment. That moment was when we surprised 16-year old Tuloso-Midway student Chris Gelinas with a personal message from NBA Star Kobe Bryant. Chris if you didn't know, is battling a very rare form of cancer called Epitheliod Sarcoma, but no longer has any chance of beating it. Doctors have already stopped treatments and now are just trying to help make him comfortable. He's already lost his vision. KRISTV.com

This is what Kobe's message said, "Hey Chris its Kobe I am chilling right now at the practice facility as you can this is where the history is made. We have a lot of championship banners hanging here, and I wanna thank you for your support and what you continue to embody and your spirit is an inspiration for me, I hope you had a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Thank you so much." KRISTV.com

Chris, who was having a rough day, cracked a small smile and said, "That's cool". He of course is heavily medicated; his family meanwhile spoke up saying that this simple gesture meant the world to them. "It's so amazing that Kobe reached out to Chris we threw it out there and the community and everyone ran with it its just amazing," said Chris's sister Marlena Lopez. "It's an overwhelming feeling but it's amazing to see everybody doing this for our brother. He was a great student and athlete and an inspiration to everyone like Kobe said," added his other sister Sierra Gelinas. KRISTV.com

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