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Nobody questioned the validity of Westbrook's six offensive rebounds or four steals, the closest the statistics came to reflecting the effort he put forth. "I think Russ played harder than all of 'em combined," Chris Paul said. "He was all over the place." ESPN.com

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That Paul turned 29 Tuesday was another reminder of how precious these playoffs are. Only twice in the previous eight seasons had he advanced this far in the playoffs — in 2008, when his New Orleans Hornets lost at home in a seventh game to the San Antonio Spurs, and in 2012, when he played on one good leg and the Clippers were swept by them. “You feel like you’re always going to be back there, and that’s not the case,” Paul said. “The team here, I think, is a special team. Not only do we have a good team, but also it’s fun to be around each other.” New York Times

Rivers showed up in a white sleeve and white socks. He took his first shot midway through the first quarter. It was a three-point attempt. He swished. He missed his next shot moments later. He didn't miss again until there were barely five minutes left in the third quarter. During that time, he hit jumpers against seven different Thunder defenders, and ended any last Thunder gasp early in the third quarter with a tumbling three-pointer from the corner with Russell Westbrook in his face. "That's what I do. That's what I do. [Pause] That's a lie," said Paul with a laugh when asked about his treys. "This one will definitely go down in the history books for me. Don't count on it for Game 2, I'll tell you that." Los Angeles Times

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The incident came in two waves, with most of the Warriors in the hallway at one point along with several Clippers. The police were called to assist, though it's not believed any punches were thrown. While all the details of the situation were not immediately clear, it's believed that Warriors big man Marreese Speights was among the aggressors for the Warriors while point guard Chris Paul was allegedly the irritant for the Clippers — though maybe even in silence. As was described by the witnesses, Paul came along as the incident appeared to be dying down and his mere presence picked things up again. USA Today Sports

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"I think every player probably got at least one text or one call that said, 'You guys shouldn't play.' I got texts saying they shouldn't play," C.J. Paul said. "But my thing is, 'Unless you're in it, you don't know.' You don't know, because you haven't been in the fight with the Clippers all season. Their championship dreams are their own. The peace they'd all made with playing for and taking a check from Sterling was their own, too. "They didn't want to not play," one Clippers staffer said. "They worked their ass off to get there." This was Sterling's mess, not theirs. Why should they have to throw away their season? ESPN.com

"They're young men," Rivers said. "It shouldn't be African-American men. We have two white guys. It's about being human. No one was happy about it. J.J. Redick was just as pissed as Chris Paul, and that's the way it should be. "Having said that, our goal is to win the NBA title and we're not going to let anything stand in the way of that. That's adversity that we didn't want but we have it and we have to deal with it and we'll deal with it internally but we're not going to share it with anybody else." ESPN.com

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Major companies such as State Farm Insurance, Kia Motors America, Virgin America, Red Bull, CarMax, Amtrak, Yokohama Tires and Corona, have in rapid succession, either suspended or ended their sponsorship deals with the Clippers. Businesses do not want to continue their relationships with the team owned by Sterling, at least until Silver takes decisive action. Many of these companies also have sponsorship deals with individual Clippers players. Most notably is State Farm, which will continue to run advertisements with star point guard Chris Paul. The insurance company will still utilize the brands of Paul and the NBA, and only disassociate itself from the Clippers franchise. This strategy, which also could pertain to Red Bull and Kia, if either company continues to use Clippers forward Blake Griffin for its commercials, may place the league in a delicate position. The Fields of Green

The Clippers arrived at Oracle Arena on Sunday without any protest planned, a source said. But just before they ran onto the floor for Game 4, sources say forward Matt Barnes and guard Jamal Crawford convinced teammates to wear their shooting shirts that said "Clippers" on the front inside-out during warm-ups. The Clippers took off their warm-up jackets and tossed them on to the floor at midcourt. The Clippers players also wore black wristbands, tape and socks. Yahoo! Sports

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