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Chris Paul knows where Carmelo Anthony’s heart is, and it’s still in New York. Though Anthony has been linked to the Clippers to reunite with his buddy, Paul said he realizes Anthony still prefers the Big Apple. “I know he loves it there,’’ Paul said when asked by The Post if Anthony will stay or go during All-Star weekend festivities. “His family loves it there. Most of all, he loves to play basketball there. Whatever he does, I’ll support him 110 percent.’’ New York Post

The people were granted anonymity because the process isn’t public. Roberts, if chosen, would become the first woman to lead the players union in any of the four major North American sports leagues. Members of the union’s executive committee, including President Chris Paul of the Los Angeles Clippers and First Vice President Roger Mason Jr., in a press conference after their meeting declined to name the candidates or how many there are. “The NBPA will now implement a program that will allow players around the country to consider final candidates, discuss their merits internally, and convey their views to player representatives,” Paul said. Bloomberg

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Chris Paul stepped onto a private jet here around 5 a.m. on Dec. 15, 2011 for a flight to a new start in Los Angeles. As soon as the ex-New Orleans Hornets star sat down in his seat, the reality of the departure from a city that he loved and a franchise that frustrated him set in and he broke down into tears just before the wheels went up. "We got on the plane and I laid my head on the window after saying goodbye to the guys at the airport that I used to see all the time. I was emotional," Paul told Yahoo Sports. "You think you were going to have some time to let it set in. But as soon as it happened, all the memories, just leaving… The trade happened at night so it wasn't like you got to tell people bye. It happened and we were gone." Yahoo! Sports

The Hornets had a talented young trio with Paul, West and center Tyson Chandler. New Orleans, however, traded Chandler to the Charlotte Bobcats for center Emeka Okafor in July 2009. West said after the Chandler trade that he and Paul began privately discussing the possibility of leaving New Orleans. "[Paul] knew I was going to leave because I knew he was leaving. We had open conversations about that," West said. "The writing was on the wall probably the season, two seasons before that last year." Yahoo! Sports

C.J. Paul, Chris Paul's brother and personal manager, said the "final straw" for his brother was when West told him he wouldn't be re-signing with the Hornets. West ended up signing as a free agent with the Indiana Pacers on Dec. 14, 2011 after the NBA lockout ended. "We had talked about possibly sticking together. But once he realized that I was gone, I knew he was definitely going to check out," West said. "It was time for us to find new space." Said Chris Paul: "I missed David West. My partner. My right hand man." Yahoo! Sports

The Hornets struck a blockbuster sending Paul to the Los Angeles Lakers to join Kobe Bryant in the backcourt post-lockout on the afternoon of Dec. 8, 2011. An hour later, the NBA-owned Hornets were told that NBA Commissioner David Stern nullified the deal for "basketball reasons." Stern, who retired earlier this year, didn't respond to an email in regards to that nullified deal. But new NBA Commissioner Adam Silver said: "[Stern] was acting in the best interest of the franchise at the time when he made the decision and did what he felt was right for the team." Yahoo! Sports

Paul responded on Twitter simply with the word, "Wow," after the Lakers trade fell apart. C.J. Paul said his brother expected to play the 2011-12 season in New Orleans and become a free agent at season's end. "When his deal got rescinded to the Lakers, I knew he was very disappointed," West said. "He just wanted to find a new home and have a chance to start over." Yahoo! Sports

Had a 20-minute conversation on the Bald Faced Truth radio show (12-3p on 750-AM) with basketball Hall of Famer Rick Barry on Thursday. Listen to the full interview here. I asked Barry to pick his best five NBA players, by position. Basically his "Dream Team," of current active players. He gave me five, plus a sixth man. PG: Chris Paul --- "Best point guard right now. Period." SG: LeBron James --- "I'd put LeBron at the 2... now he can shoot the basketball. I'd love to see him be able to learn how to catch the ball and use his first dribble as a productive dribble to get by his man. Oh my God. If he ever learned that he'd be insane." SF: Kevin Durant --- "He has done what great players do... watch some of the great passes he's making to his teammates. Kevin's put that into his arsenal. That's made him that much better of a player, and he's doing so much more to help his teammates." PF: Tim Duncan --- "It's hard not to take Tim Duncan as long as he's playing because I'd take him on my All-time team C: Dwight Howard --- "Even though he has a weakness with free-throw shooting, there aren't a whole lot of good centers who are developing." Oregonian

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Prior to the Clippers practice Saturday, Rivers said there was a “50-50” chance Paul would suit up against Philadelphia, but following the workout he re-assessed the situtuion. "He looked great [in practice]," Rivers said. "We plan on playing him." NBA.com

The Clippers are exercising caution with Chris Paul’s separated right shoulder. After missing the past 18 games, Paul is expected to return to the lineup in the coming days. Prior to practice Saturday, Head Coach Doc Rivers said there is a “50-50” chance Paul will play Sunday evening against the Philadelphia 76ers. “I don’t know yet, honestly,” Rivers said when asked about Paul’s status. “We’re going to do some stuff today. I would say 50-50. I don’t really know. I’m just going to let it play out and see. I fully know that he wants to play, let’s put it that way. I just don’t know if we’re going to allow him to play yet. NBA.com

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Since announcing last week he would skip the US college system to go directly into the NBA, the guard from the Australian Institute of Sport has jumped to fourth on ESPN's influential mock draft board. While there's still months of hard training and workouts with prospective NBA teams ahead of the draft on June 26, Exum wants to be picked up by a club with big plans for him. "I don't want to go to a team, somewhere like the (Los Angeles) Clippers, that have Chris Paul and I'll be kind of stuck behind him," the 1.98m Exum said on Monday. West Australian

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