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September 17, 2011 Updates

Former Duke University basketball stars and downtown developers Christian Laettner and Brian Davis avoided an outcome that could have resulted in possible jail time when a judge found Friday that they were not in contempt of court. U.S. District Court Judge Beryl A. Howell for the District of Columbia gave Laettner and Davis two weeks to disclose their assets and liabilities to a creditor that filed suit against them in 2009. Laettner and Davis are two of three original developers who started the rehabilitation of West Village from a group of tobacco factories and warehouses. The Herald Sun

Friday’s hearing was not held in response to a civil action stemming from debts owed from the West Village project. It was held in connection to a civil suit brought by J.D. Holdings LLC against Laettner and Davis claiming that the two, as owners of the Washington, D.C., company BD Ventures, defaulted on a $500,000 loan made in 2006 for development of a Baltimore property. In February, the court granted J.D. Holdings LLC’s request for a default judgment in the amount of $671,309.74, according to court documents. Following the judgment, the creditor made requests for the disclosure of the debtor’s assets and liabilities, but they “wholly disregarded the requests and failed to appear at their properly noticed depositions,” the creditor said in a court filing. The Herald Sun

Former Timberwolves Christian Laettner and Brian Davis have been ordered to a Washington courtroom today to explain to a judge why they shouldn't be held in contempt. If their answers don't satisfy the judge, the former Duke University stars could be sent to jail - an outcome few could have predicted four years ago when they were basking in the success of their West Village development in downtown Durham, N.C. Even now, as Laettner and Davis try to fend off angry creditors, West Village remains the jewel in their crumbling real estate empire. Its mixture of apartments, restaurants and offices continues to thrive, making it attractive to investors and to those angry creditors determined to pursue Laettner and Davis' assets. Today's court hearing relates to a $671,309 judgment awarded to California investors J.D. Holdings in June. J.D. Holdings loaned Laettner and Davis' company, Blue Devil Ventures, $500,000 in November 2006 to develop property in Baltimore. St. Paul Pioneer Press

Even now, as Laettner and Davis try to fend off angry creditors, West Village remains the jewel in their crumbling real estate empire. Its mixture of apartments, restaurants and offices continues to thrive, making it attractive to investors and to those angry creditors determined to pursue Laettner and Davis' assets. Laettner and Davis have made it clear they are open to selling some, or all, of the remaining properties they own in West Village. But it remains to be seen whether the proceeds from those sales will be enough to cover the debt on the properties and repay the millions they owe creditors. Laettner and Davis didn't return calls seeking comment this week. Raleigh News & Observer

Laettner and Davis still have considerable debt on their other West Village properties, including the Powerhouse Building and the residential portion. They are in default on a $26 million loan that their company, National Champion Real Estate, took out in December 2006, according to property records. The lender was originally IXIS Real Estate Capital, but the note has since been bought by Federal Capital Partners, a Washington real estate investment firm. Last month, FCP loaned National Champion an additional $3.2 million. It's unclear what FCP's plans for West Village are. The company declined to comment through a spokesman. It's possible the firm bought the $26 million note at a discount and has decided to give Laettner and Davis more time to turn things around. Raleigh News & Observer

June 30, 2011 Updates

Seth Davis, who admitted Laettner was an egotistical prick around campus (they were in the same dorm freshman year, and here’s a Davis quote from the podcast: “in a lot of ways, he was not a likable guy … the guys who liked him least were the ones who played with him”), still seems a bit jammed up about the way Kirkpatrick (a UNC grad) handled it, and doesn’t recall the rumors around campus: "Curry Kirkpatrick wrote that there were rumors around campus that Christaen Laettner was gay … all that year, he was the subject of homophobic taunts and signs … there’s some ugly stuff that happened as a result of that … there was never a single rumor that Christean Laettner was gay … [you never heard a single person say] ‘oh, i saw him at a gay bar,’ literally nothing … the whole thing was completely manufactured …" The Big Lead

June 15, 2011 Updates

If you could go back to that time now, and a 41-year-old Christian Laettner could give rookie Christian Laettner some advice, what would it be? Would you have done anything differently? Christian Laettner: Yeah ... (laughs) ... I would have demanded more things. I realize everyone has the image and perception that I was the worst person. Minneapolis Star-Tribune

Well, that did kind of stick here. What was it really like? Christian Laettner: It was great, except I did a few dumb things and they killed me in the press over it. Once that happens -- and you're seeing it happen to LeBron James right now -- it's tough to turn that around. I used to tell my mother, 'Mom, when they write really flattering things about your son, don't believe it all. And when they write really negative things about your son, don't believe it all.' I was never as bad as they made me out to be, and I was never as good as they made me out to be. But I made some mistakes. I swore at one of our assistant coaches right in front of the media, and they slaughtered me over that. I missed a practice and they suspended me a game, and (the media) slaughtered me over that. There were some other things. It was tough, but it was just media, perception and image. Minneapolis Star-Tribune

You talked about a few incidents. One that has become part of local lore but I've never read you talking about was something apparently in the locker room. You were talking about how everyone else on the team is a loser but you're a winner. You're pointing at dressing stalls saying, "Loser, loser, loser" ... until you get to yours and you say, "Winner." Did that actually happen? Christian Laettner: You know, I don't know if that actually happened. I can't recall it happening. There might be some context. If it's true, maybe some context needed to be added, I don't know. But as I said, I made some mistakes along the way. Does that mean you should be crucified for it? And have your image forever tarnished? I don't know. But that's the nature of the beast. Minneapolis Star-Tribune

April 1, 2011 Updates

He might even get an assist from his old college point guard, Bobby Hurley, who will also be in Houston this weekend after just finishing his first season as an assistant coach for his younger brother, Dan, at Wagner College on Staten Island, NY. One thing’s for sure: Laettner’s already dreaming big. “Well the ultimate goal is to get a big time head college coaching job,” Laettner said. “If nothing happens in the college ranks, I’ve got to go to the NBA pre-draft camp this year in Chicago and let the people in the NBA know that I’m ready to be an assistant coach.” Lost Lettermen

March 25, 2011 Updates

Should you guys have made it more clear that what you may have felt 20 years ago as teenagers at Michigan might be different than you feel now? Juwan Howard: You have to keep in mind that it was how people felt 20 years ago. And people are entitled to their opinion. I respect Grant, of course, taking the stand that he did. If it was me, would I have done it? No. But that's just me. I have a lot of respect for Grant as a person. And I have a lot of respect for Christian Laettner. If you really listen to the remarks, I think Jalen did an excellent job of not only telling how he felt at the time, but he also praised them. ESPN.com

January 9, 2011 Updates

Former Duke University basketball players Brian Davis and Christian Laettner were going to oversee a half-billion dollar real estate venture around FedExForum and turn the Grizzlies into NBA champions. That was their bravado in the fall of 2006. Today, Davis and Laettner can hardly pay their bills. And to think that there is a segment of local fans who fret over multibillionaire Michael Heisley's owning the Grizzlies. Things could have definitely been worse. Last month, a federal judge in Maryland ordered Davis and Laettner to pay NFL linebacker Shawne Merriman nearly $3.8 million and give him ownership stakes in their projects in downtown Durham, N.C., Baltimore and Atlanta. Memphis Commercial Appeal

October 2, 2010 Updates

Always wondered if it peeved O’Neal that Christian Laettner was the college player chosen for the Dream Team in 1992. This was a chance to play with Bird, Magic and Jordan, after all, and a case could have been made that Shaq was more “Day One” ready for that level of play. So, 18 years later, I have my answer: “Coming out of college Laettner was probably a better player than me. I was more dominant. A lot of guys are masters at certain things, Christian Laettner was a fundamental [expletive, something about a mother if memory serves]. But I was more dominant, I was more mean. I wanted to be picked, yeah. But no one told me, I don’t even know if I was next after Laettner. I was just at home one day and my dad came in pissed. He broke a lamp and said ‘How’d they pick that [same expletive] over you?’ I was like ‘What are you talking about?’ He said ‘They picked Laettner over you.’ He was pissed. But it was cool. I was happy to be picked for Dream Team 2 and keep it going.” WEEI.com

August 11, 2010 Updates

While his holdout from Chargers training camp continues, linebacker Shawne Merriman has had other matters to deal with. This week it was an ongoing dispute in federal court with former Duke basketball players Christian Laettner and Brian Davis. On Monday, Merriman filed an affidavit in Maryland that said Laettner and Davis’ company, BD Ventures, owes him $3.64 million, plus $998.76 per day in interest. The amount stems from a loan Merriman and his company, S.M. Real Estate, made to the former Blue Devils’ company in 2007. The loan was to be fully repaid in March 2009, but Merriman, who played at the University of Maryland, sued them in federal court in April 2009, saying he wasn’t repaid as promised. San Diego Union-Tribune

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