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Jason Kidd: "I'm a big believer that Billy and I have to have our relationship where it's like a team, you can communicate. Yes, he gets the guys and I have to coach them but I'm a big fan of what he believes in. I would have to agree in the sense that we need shooting, if C.J. decides to leave, a back-up point guard and maybe a little bit more athletic, but I'm on board with Billy's game plan and I'm a big supporter." NetsDaily

June 17, 2013 Updates

Thibodeau likes bringing in players he has history with, but that won’t be the case with former backup guard C.J. Watson, who opted out of his deal with the Brooklyn Nets this week and will be a free agent. There’s too much stagnant water under that bridge. Chicago Sun-Times

June 15, 2013 Updates

On the need to replace C.J. Watson as back-up point guard, King told Joe Benigno and Evan Roberts that he and Kidd have already spoken about it, and didn't assume Watson was leaving. "I haven't got the official letter," replied King when asked if Watson has official opted out. "But I'm assuming he will because the salary he makes, he knows he can get that. If you want to make more, you can. So Jason and I have discussed if that happens, and we aren't able to retain him, we've got some guys in mind who we'd like to replace him with." NetsDaily

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Peter Vecsey: C.J. Watson plans 2 opt out of contract (1.1M) 2 become UFA. Meaning Nets in market 4 point able 2 get shots 4 Deron when they team up... Twitter @PeterVecsey1

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After Robinson took exception to Watson trying to clear space for himself by swinging his arm out in Robinson’s direction, Robinson grabbed Watson and drove him into the scorer’s table, where they had to be separated by the referees. Robinson picked up a personal foul on the play, and both were assessed technical fouls, as well. “He pushed me, and I was holding him so I wouldn’t fall into the table,” said Watson, who said he was confused about what he did to earn a technical foul. “It was nothing.” When Watson was asked if he thought it was a cheap shot by Robinson, he made it clear how he feels about his counterpart. “I mean, that’s in his character, so that doesn’t surprise me,” Watson said. New York Post

April 23, 2013 Updates

Chicago Bulls guard Nate Robinson doesn't hide his dislike for the Brooklyn Nets' C.J. Watson. In fact, Robinson views it as a positive. "We're just competitors," Robinson said Monday after helping the Bulls even their Eastern Conference quarterfinals at a game apiece. "I don't like him, he don't like me. That's how it's going to be. There's animosity between the two of us, and for us, that's good." ESPN.com

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Stefan Bondy: Spoke to Watson a week ago. He said he'd love to come back to the Nets. Don't see it happening. Nets can only pick up option 4 vets min. Twitter @NYDNInterNets

February 20, 2013 Updates

The Nets and Celtics discussed a deal for Pierce at the 2012 trade deadline, but the Celtics decided to keep him for another playoff run. Pierce, 35, is averaging 18 points for the Celtics this season, shooting his worst from the field – 41 percent – in the past eight seasons. Boston had interest in guard C.J. Watson in a separate deal, but Brooklyn doesn't want to part with him, sources said. Yahoo! Sports

January 26, 2013 Updates

Barea was not surprised Nets guard C.J. Watson was warned for violating the NBA's anti-flopping rules after Wednesday's game. It came in the fourth quarter, when Watson fell to the floor after a slight bump from Barea. "He's a flopping guy, so I tried to give him a taste of his own medicine," Watson told the Nets' postgame television broadcast. "I hope I don't get fined, though." Because it was a first offense, Watson was warned. "It was a great defensive play," Barea said. "And the refs, they called the charge. But I knew he was going to get a warning after that one.'' Minneapolis Star-Tribune

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Nets guard C.J. Watson was warned by the NBA for flopping Thursday for a play in the fourth quarter of Wednesday’s win at Minnesota. The warning comes as no surprise after Watson all but admitted to flopping to draw an offensive foul on serial offender J.J. Barea with nine minutes to go in the fourth of what became a 91-83 Nets win. ”J.J. Barea’s a flopping guy, so I tried to give him a taste of his own medicine,” Watson told the YES Network in a postgame interview. “I hope I don’t get fined, though.” New York Post

December 15, 2012 Updates

C.J. Watson returned to the United Center on Saturday night and attempted to clarify a comment he made during the offseason about how current teammate Deron Williams is a better point guard than former teammate Derrick Rose. Or did he? "Actually, I didn't say that," Watson said. "I said, 'To me, he was the best point guard.' The guy asked me who was better. He said compare the two and I said you can't compare the two." Chicago Sun-Times

Watson, who was an 81-percent free-throw shooter, passed to Omer Asik, a 45-percent free-throw shooter, with seven seconds left. Asik was fouled and missed both free throws and the Bulls were later eliminated 79-78. "The season ended how it ended," he said. "I wasn't sorry about that. I knew I could do better. It was a critical mistake maybe at the time but I didn't think it was. I just thought I got mistreated but it is what it is." Chicago Sun-Times

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