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June 22, 2012 Updates
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NBA Commissioner David Stern, accompanied by Deputy Commissioner Adam Silver and four members of the relocation committee, emerged from behind closed doors at 4:46 local time. Stern and the four owners - Glen Taylor (Minnesota Timberwolves), Clay Bennett (Oklahoma City), Mickey Arison (Miami) and Greg Miller (Utah Jazz) - were off to a board of governors meeting at the Amway Center. Stern said he planned to attend tonight's All-Star Game and then return to the hotel and rejoin the meeting. He said the good news is "we're still talking." Sacramento Bee

January 23, 2012 Updates

Many have wondered over the past two seasons how the Thunder could possibly retain its core, which quickly became cluttered with talented parts. But the picture finally is beginning to crystallize. And in between pre-written paragraphs praising Westbrook, Presti on Sunday provided the most telling answer as to how it will be done. “Days like today are made possible because of our owner, Clay Bennett, who's shown unwavering support in our efforts to build and sustain an elite basketball organization,” Presti said. “We're fortunate to have an owner as committed as Mr. Bennett is.” Oklahoman

December 25, 2011 Updates

In observing Oklahomans in the community as well as from courtside, Davis said one aspect that defines the people of the state is their willingness to take a risk to try to make something happen. He points to agricultural and oil and gas. But he doesn't stop there. “Oklahoma City took a huge risk, defined the term ‘leap of faith,' when it built the arena hoping to land a professional sports team,” he said. “And it took a spectacular series of events, starting with Hurricane Katrina, for anyone outside to take the notion seriously. Folks like Ron Norick and Mick Cornett and Clay Bennett believed, and here we are.” Oklahoman

July 30, 2011 Updates

That has been the mission for Payton, perhaps the franchise's greatest player. He is trying to muster up support from local leaders to build a new arena. "We're not able to talk about a team coming back here yet because the five-year deal is not over yet. That was part of the deal when Clay Bennett took the team," Payton said. "When that happens then you can go to (commissioner) David Stern and say, 'Look, this is what we have.' We need to get an arena here first. "We all know that this is a great city, a beautiful city, but NBA is about show. You got to show them. The history is rich here. The team was here for a long time. Then we broke it. We just gave the team away. This city needs basketball." ESPN.com

May 26, 2011 Updates

The makers of the award-winning documentary "Sonicsgate: Requiem for a Team" unveiled their latest project Wednesday during halftime of the Western Conference Finals game between Dallas and Oklahoma City. Director Jason Reid and producer Adam Brown teamed with Seattle hip-hop duo Blue Scholars and filmed a short narrative film for the group's single "Slick Watts." Reid reached out to the former Sonics great, who stars in the seven-minute film with Blue Scholars' DJ Sabzi (Saba Mohajerjasbi) and MC Geologic (George Quibuyen). The short film is online at sonicsgate.org. Seattle Times

Reid had hoped to use the Sonics' 1979 NBA championship trophy in the video, but was denied access by Oklahoma City Thunder owner Clay Bennett. "The video isn't like a typical hip-hop music video," Reid said. "It's a day in the life of Seattle without the Sonics." Seattle Times

April 21, 2011 Updates

Sacramento Mayor Kevin Johnson, as well as members of the region's business community, revealed that $9.2 million in corporate money had been pledged toward keeping the Kings in Sacramento. That revelation came shortly after a meeting with the NBA's fact- finding team, headed up by Oklahoma City Thunder principle owner Clay Bennett and NBA attorney Harvey Benjamin. That's $2.2 million more than Johnson initially told the league could be pledged when he met with the NBA Board of Governors last week. "Probably two weeks ago most of us thought the Sacramento Kings were moving to Anaheim," Matt Mahood, President and CEO of the Sacramento Metro Chamber of Commerce said. "But I believe through our efforts and Mayor Johnson's leadership, Sacramento put a stake in the ground today saying the Sacramento Kings need to stay here." news10.net

April 15, 2011 Updates

Owners of the NHL’s San Jose Sharks and the HP Pavilion arena appear to be spearheading hopes of bringing an NBA team to San Jose. Mayor Chuck Reed of San Jose told Yahoo! Sports that Silicon Valley Sports & Entertainment Enterprises reached out to the Maloof brothers, owners of the Kings, about bringing the franchise to San Jose to no avail as the Maloofs are intent on moving to Anaheim. The HP Pavilion holds 18,500 seats for basketball with 66 suites. It hosted a regional in the NCAA men’s basketball tournament last year and hosted the Golden State Warriors during the 1995-96 season while their arena in nearby Oakland was renovated. “We have all the ingredients for [basketball],” Reed said. “We just need someone that wants to buy a team and put them in the arena. That’s all.” Yahoo! Sports

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