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Li-Ning Basketball has come to terms on endorsement deals with NBA rookies Cleanthony Early and Glenn Robinson III. After starring at Wichita State, Early was selected 34th overall in the 2014 NBA Draft by the New York Knicks. The 6-8 forward, who is also from New York, is known for his tenacity and all-around game. He is expected to play behind All-Star Carmelo Anthony. SLAM

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Following Sunday’s workout with the Utah Jazz, NBA hopeful Cleanthony Early admitted he’s been waiting to play at this level since he was shooting crumpled-up pieces of paper into a garbage can and cutting out the bottom of cardboard shoeboxes to make resourceful hoops as a kid. “It’s everyone’s dream,” the former Wichita State star said. For C.J. Wilcox, another participant, that dream began while he was growing up in Pleasant Grove. “It’s kind of cool to come back and be able to work with them, (the Jazz) growing up from here,” said Wilcox, who used to train with Jazz player development coach Johnnie Bryant. “You kind of imagine yourself being in this position.” Deseret News

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So what's an example of an interesting question you got somewhere along the way? Cleanthony Early: If I was a pencil, in a jar full of water, how would I get out? SN: What was the correct answer? Cleanthony Early: Let me see what you would say. What would you say? SN: I would say poke a hole. You come out through the hole, right? Cleanthony Early: No it's a jar, it's glass. SN: I'm going to try and knock the glass over and break it I guess? Cleanthony Early: How are you going to knock the glass over though? SN: [Laughs] I don't know, I don't have a good answer I guess. Cleanthony Early: That's a good answer actually, but you would have to start shaking inside the water. But some people — you see how you asked a couple of questions? — they want to see how you think. Sporting News

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