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May 20, 2015 Updates

The opportunity arrived when Pat Potopsky, owner of the Brew Garden, watched a Cavaliers game with a few of his employees. He thought it would be great to feature Mozgov as the enforcer from Russia in commercials, and he wrote the scripts envisioning that they would be quirky enough to gain a little attention. The results were better than he could have ever imagined: Potopsky’s Mozgov spots have arguably gained more attention than if he had landed LeBron. “I never thought that it would go that viral — it was on just about every major sports station across the country,” Potopsky said. “We were in GQ, [the] Washington Post. Jim Rome. Every ESPN channel had it on. That was obviously an added bonus and a lot of fun.” In one spot, Mozgov slaps a plate of food off the table while wearing his jersey backward. “Get this weak stuff out of here!” he exclaims. The ad took several takes to get right. By the end of it, the floor looked as though a junior high cafeteria food fight had just taken place. “It did not make sense to clean it one time [when] I gotta do it another time,” Mozgov said. “There was food all over the place.” Grantland

May 19, 2015 Updates

Today’s adventure in hilarious interview exchanges comes via whoever asked Kyrie Irving what sort of “parental role” LeBron James plays with him (starting at the 1:04 mark). Reporter: Kyrie, Tristan [Thompson] called LeBron a great father after the Chicago win... Irving: What? Reporter: He did. Irving: A great fath ... oh a great father? Oh? I interpreted that completely wrong. I thought you said he was a great father to him. I was like “what?” Reporter. Called him a great father. So what type of parental role has he played for you and your teammates? Deadspin.com

Irving: Oh ok, so you... Different Reporter: You were right the first time. Irving: Yeah yeah. Parental role? Honestly ... [laughs] ... I don’t know how to really answer that question. He has been a great leader for us. I have one father. That’s my dad Drederick Irving. But for us, in terms of learning the nuances of the game, and also how to win, and how to carry ourselves off the court, I feel he has been a great influence in that role. Deadspin.com

May 18, 2015 Updates

LeBron James, No. 1 pick in 2003: For myself, KG and Kobe, they set the tone on guys coming straight to the league at that era, in the '90s where it was not the thing to do. In KG's fashion, for him being an 18-year-old kid…to do the things that he did, it was a positive reinforcement when I got to my decision time, that I could do it. Bleacher Report

May 17, 2015 Updates

Perkins is one of the few players who has talked with RajonRondo since his incident in Game 2 of the Western Conference quarterfinals and abrupt ending with the Mavericks. He said Rondo, one his best friends from their Celtics days, was in good spirits. Rondo clashed with Dallas coach Rick Carlisle over play-calling and Rondo’s on-court decisions. “He’s doing good, his mind is right,” Perkins said. “One thing about Rajon, he still can play. It just takes one team out there that has interest in him. What you’ve got to know about Rajon is that he’s a guy who is smart. You’ve got to let him go out there and control the game. He wants to call the plays.” Boston Globe

Rondo is a free agent this summer, and there are growing questions whether he will get a lucrative contract after his issues with Carlisle. “He may have pushed away some teams but some teams know what he’s capable of doing,” Perkins said. Boston Globe

When Perkins was waived by the Jazz, a handful of teams made offers, including the Clippers. But Perkins cited a long relationship with LeBron James dating to their AAU days as his reason for choosing Cleveland. “It’s great to be around winners, you get a chance to showcase what you need to do,” Perkins said. “They go out there and win and we keep getting a chance [to compete]. We’re eight wins away [from a title] and you have to make sure you stay hungry. Don’t get satisfied. Don’t get happy and keep building.” Boston Globe

May 16, 2015 Updates

When it comes to the Eastern Conference finals, the Cavaliers are anything but the favorites. Or maybe they are. "Underdog? Me?" asked Cavs star LeBron James. "I will never be an underdog. I think we have a great chance." FoxSports.com


It will be very hard to surpass the No. 1 player on the list – especially now that he's back..


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