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May 13, 2015 Updates

The MRI on Irving’s knee Monday eased his nerves, according to one person who would know. The growing discomfort in his knee left him concerned perhaps there was something significant, something structurally wrong. When the MRI came back clean, showing nothing more than tendinitis, Irving exhaled. And then he began to believe he could do this. Akron Beacon Journal

Guard Kyrie Irving has a sprained right foot and, from favoring it, a sore left knee as well. His teammates and coaches appreciate him gutting out what he can -- he's shooting 36.4 percent with 11 assists while still averaging more than 39 minutes in the series -- and the Bulls talk about attacking him more and forcing him to move. "Kyrie's situation, he's dealing with some tough injuries right now that's hampered him a lot," James said Tuesday. "My game is not as much ball-handling. His is a lot and that helps him get to his shot. When you're dealing with injuries, you just try to find other ways to help the team, and I think we will both do that tonight." NBA.com

No, Kyrie Irving isn’t physically healthy. But he’s healthier mentally than he was 48 hours ago. “This has been the biggest mental challenge of my career thus far, just because I want to do more,” Irving said. “I want to be that guy for my teammates as well as for Bron. We built a dynamic of me and him playing off one another extremely well, and other guys spacing the floor. And when we need a bucket, whether it is me or Bron, we take it upon ourselves to do that. When you can’t do that, and you are limited to certain things, you have to come to grips with it.” Akron Beacon Journal

The Cavs noticed Irving was hesitant to put any weight on his right foot even when shooting. When he pushed off he was only jumping off his left foot, which twisted his body and skewed his mechanics. The results were evident. Irving watched the film and noticed when he was attacking the rim the last couple days, he was only missing by a couple of inches. Shots that typically fluttered in were instead rolling out. Akron Beacon Journal

May 12, 2015 Updates

James did not participate in Tuesday’s practice and appeared for interviews in flip-flops with his left ankle taped. He injured it stepping on Derrick Rose’s foot in transition. “It’s been better,” James said of the ankle, “but it’s been worse.” He’ll test it tonight before Game 5 and play no matter what. Chicago Tribune

My experience has consistently been that anger subsides as dollars increase, and I'm told authoritatively that Love holds no long-lasting ill will toward either the Celtics or Olynyk. Boston can offer Love a max deal a second after midnight on July 1, an opportunity to again be the focal point of his team, lead an emerging surrounding cast and play for a terrific young coach. NBA.com

Anderson Varejao: Hoje o treino foi assim.Me senti bem e estou melhorando.Vamos @cavs jogo 5 amanhã. Great practice today.I'm feeling good and making progress.Go @cavs game 5 tomorrow. @believe_in_cle @officialclevelandsports @cle_cavs_nation @nbabrasil @nba @vinacastro #GaryCalabrese Instagram

May 11, 2015 Updates


It will be very hard to surpass the No. 1 player on the list – especially now that he's back..


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