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November 13, 2014 Updates

LeBron James told ESPN.com on Friday that he does not let his sons, LeBron Jr. and Bryce Maximus, play football. When asked whether the reason for his decision was the health dangers related to football, James replied, "Yes." "Only basketball, baseball and soccer are allowed in my house," James said hours before leading the Cleveland Cavaliers to a victory over the Denver Nuggets. ESPN.com

One practice, Silas noticed James’s mood seemed down. It was routine for Silas’s Cavs to shoot 100 free throws before every practice, and James was refusing to shoot. Silas called the star rookie to his office. From his days with the Celtics and Sonics, Silas knew that respect among players had to be earned. If James was to become a leader on this team, he needed to prove it. The older players wouldn’t follow him just because of his talent. “You’ve got to change,” Silas told him. “What they’re saying means nothing to you. You’re going to be one of the best players ever.” “He changed,” Silas said, noting how James embraced his leadership role on the team. “He changed his attitude and then we got a chance to trade Ricky [Davis] and those guys.” Grantland

November 12, 2014 Updates
November 11, 2014 Updates

After further review, LeBron James did not get a triple-double Monday night after all. The league took away one of James’ rebounds and one of his assists after watching the tape of Monday’s 118-111 win over the New Orleans Pelicans, the Beacon Journal has learned. In order to maintain the integrity of the statistics, the league’s review process of stats is fairly standard. Last year the league made a couple hundred changes to statistics, but few drew the attention that removing a triple-double from the league’s best player will receive. “Through our normal review process, we noticed there were two errors in the statistical scoring last night and both have been adjusted,” NBA spokesman Tim Frank told the Beacon Journal. Akron Beacon Journal

“They got to find somebody to point the finger at,” Waiters said with a smile. “I’ve been getting fingers pointed at me all my life, but I find ways to rise up above it and just go out there and play my game. “I don’t really read the blogs and I don’t even have anything like that on my phone, so it’s not something I care about. It’s he said, she said. I don’t read that stuff because I know I’ll get mad and I’ll be wanting to say something. Before I do that, I’d rather not even look at it. If I find out, I find out. But I don’t even watch TV. I didn’t even watch ESPN the last five days.” Basketball Insiders

LeBron James recorded a triple-double and the Cleveland Cavaliers beat the New Orleans Pelicans, 118-111 on Monday night. The Pelicans had a lead at halftime, but near the end of the 3rd quarter the Cavs’ surged and played like the team everyone imagined when LeBron and Kevin Love were acquired. Towards the start of that run, Kyrie Irving made a fast break layup and LeBron was credited with the assist. As Reddit user Timi093 points out, LeBron’s 7th assist was about as far from an assist as you can imagine. That play is in the gif above. The Big Lead

James erupted for 17 points in the third quarter and finished off a 16-1 run with a monster slam dunk right down the middle of the Pelicans’ defense. He was 9 of 17 from the field, 1 of 3 from the 3-point line and 13 of 17 from the foul line. Slowly, he’s starting to get to where he thinks he should be. “I’m not there yet,” he said. “I’ve made some progress. I’m getting back into the flow. I’ve stepped into a new system. I’ve played a lot of games in the last year.” Morning Journal

"I wish people would make more of (his lack of turnovers) than the 34-point game with no assists game that everybody talks about all the time," Blatt said. "How many point guards in the world do you know that play four games and have one per game? That's an amazing stat. Kyrie is making good decisions, understanding how to feed off other players as well as feed others. He's a great basketball player." Cleveland Plain Dealer

November 10, 2014 Updates

It’s not going to get as much discussion during the season, but one of the biggest issues for the Cavs is that both LeBron James and Kevin Love own opt outs after this season. LeBron James basically cannot afford to go anywhere after his return to Cleveland. But watch out for Love. Indications are he will seriously consider the opt out and has his eyes on a return to Los Angeles, where he attended college and where the Lakers long have had him on their free agent wish list NBA.com


It will be very hard to surpass the No. 1 player on the list – especially now that he's back..


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