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March 24, 2015 Updates

Q: Who do you like watching, Mike? D'Antoni: "Golden State jumps out at me. You've got to like Oklahoma City. I mean Holy mackerel, watching Westbrook is like sitting on a roller coaster and going a thousand miles an hour. You've never seen anything like that. What he's doing?" Q: You know what's funny? Everybody always brings up Oscar Robertson as the triple-double king – and that's true – but we forget how fast they used to play. This OKC team is not playing at anywhere near the pace of those old Oscar teams, which absolutely makes your head spin. A: "No, it does. And if you watch old films, that ball is flying around and they're going. They're going. I think that if you put today's bodies (of) people and played the way they did, now you're talking. It's interesting. You know what's fun about basketball? It keeps evolving, and it keeps changing a little bit. And the older guys want to try to hold it back to how they grew up, and it's not the same. You've got to change with the times, and some of the guys you've got to drag across the finish line." USA Today Sports

That leaves us with Musselman - whose name surfaced as early as last week and since then we have heard his name mentioned several times by people associated with the University. No one has gone on record saying he is the top target. But the talk is there. The son of former NBA coach Bill Musselman, Eric has paved his own path in the game of basketball coaching since 1988. His career has spanned all across the country and even to the international level. MyNews4.com

March 23, 2015 Updates

At the end of the 2013-14 season, Watson’s named was brought up as a candidate for Utah’s head coach. That job went to Quin Snyder, who coached the Austin Toros from 2007-10. Snyder’s lead assistant, Brad Jones, coached the Toros for two seasons and led the team to the 2011-12 NBA D-League Championship. So Watson took an offer to come to Austin and gain coaching experience. Working with head coach Ken McDonald, the Austin Spurs have sent three players – JaMychal Green, Bryce Cotton and Jarell Eddie – to the NBA this season while posting a 31-14 record to lead the Southwest Division. NBA.com

One, Ron Hunter is 50; if he’s going to make a big move, he needs to make it soon. Two, his son R.J. is apt to leave for the NBA. Three, he’s making $425,000 at Georgia State — his salary gets bumped to $500,000 next season because the Panthers made the NCAA tournament — which is less than half of what Brian Gregory is being paid to coach Georgia Tech. Four, Hunter can really, really coach. But hold your horses. Here’s what Hunter said Sunday: “I am 50, and quality of life means more to me. That’s not to say if there’s a job for me — a no-brainer — than I’d say no to looking at that, but there aren’t many of those. I don’t have to chase money. My happiness means a lot more to me.” Then this: “I love where I’m at. I love what I’m doing.” Then: “Me just taking a job for the money, I’m not going to do that.” Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Now, they have something else in common: They're both serving as interim coaches. Borrego was moved into his current role on Feb. 5, while Hunt was moved into his current role on March 3. "My kindred brother," Hunt said when asked about Borrego. "We may just break down and cry and just hug and [sing] kumbaya at halfcourt before the game," Hunt added. "It's a tough situation to be in, but we're both big boys, and we're both embracing it. He's done an incredible job." Orlando Sentinel

Coach Byron Scott will miss the first two games of the Los Angeles Lakers' road trip to remain in Southern California for the funeral of his mother, Dorothy. She died March 15 at age 72. Scott's plans are to rejoin the club in Toronto on Thursday, the day before the Lakers play the Raptors. Assistant coach Paul Pressey will call the shots Tuesday night at Oklahoma City and Wednesday night at Minnesota. The Lakers are the seventh team Pressey has served in this capacity, starting with the Golden State Warriors in 1992-93. USA Today Sports

March 22, 2015 Updates
March 21, 2015 Updates

There is a growing sense in NBA coaching circles that Florida's Billy Donovan will give renewed consideration to making a move to the pros after a rough (by his standards) season in Gainesville. Although there is no firm indication yet that the Orlando Magic will pursue Donovan again when they ramp up their coaching search in late April, it's a scenario that's bound to be talked about. ESPN.com

It is widely -- and I mean widely -- believed throughout the league that Fred Hoiberg, whose Iowa State Cyclones were bounced in the first round of the tournament Thursday by UAB, is the top choice of the Chicago Bulls to replace Tom Thibodeau in the event that the Bulls and Thibs indeed part company at season's end. ESPN.com

Boston Celtics assistant coach Jay Larranaga has declined to be a part of George Mason University's search for a head coach, league sources told Yahoo Sports. George Mason had targeted Larranaga as one of its top candidates to replace the deposed Paul Hewitt, but Larranaga will pass on the chance to meet with university officials, sources told Yahoo Sports. Yahoo! Sports

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