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January 3, 2015 Updates

Then — no joke — after he played 1:47 of his second game of the season, no Andrea Bargnani (right calf). With six men infirm, it became, “Nine men, one catastrophe.” And two 10-game losing streaks. The woefully shorthanded Knicks lost for the 20th time in 21 games as the boos started early. “We’re as frustrated as they are,” Cole Aldrich (11 points, 14 rebounds) said of the fans. New York Post

December 31, 2014 Updates

As Jackson assesses what parts will be useful — or trade fodder — next year, Aldrich could be an intriguing figure. His jumper may look awkward and his movement ungainly, but his recent production — and his ability to pass the ball in the midpost area of the triangle offense — have been modest bright spots in a season with few of them. New York Times

December 28, 2014 Updates

Spike Lee missed out. Knicks center Cole Aldrich should have played a starring role in Lee’s triangle documentary. Whether the preacher is Tex Winter, Phil Jackson or Derek Fisher, the triangle needs a big-bodied center who can post up, hit an old-school hook shot and pass well out of the low block. Aldrich fits the bill, and the former Kansas center could have a future with President Jackson, according to a league source. Aldrich signed a one-year, $980,000 deal last July for the collective bargaining agreement’s minimum based on his five years of service. “I personally love the triangle, being able to have more opportunities to post up but also have the ball in your hands in the pinch post with the guard coming off,’’ Aldrich said after his 18-point, seven-rebound outing in Saturday night’s 135-129 overtime loss to the Kings in Sacramento. “There’s a lot of opportunities to get assists and easy buckets down.” New York Post

October 19, 2014 Updates

“Jason Smith originally was out for personal reasons, so once Jason was back, Cole had played some, it was important that we got Jason some minutes so we could see how he might be able to help us,” Fisher said. “[Cole’s absence] was just a byproduct of that, nothing else. Cole’s been solid and has done everything we’re asking him to do, so it wasn’t a demotion or any reason related to his performance, just continuing to try and find the best way to put our team together.” ESPN.com

October 11, 2014 Updates
August 21, 2014 Updates

Say, hypothetically, everyone in the NBA was capable of making an album. Whose album would you want to hear? Iman Shumpert: Cole Aldrich. I want Cole Aldrich to make an album. I would pay money to hear what he’s got to say. I think if Cole … because I know the type of thought process that Cole has on the NBA game, and how he goes through life. He likes to live life simple and he likes to shut things up, to work. I think that if he worked on music, he has a good and calm mind that he could really put some music together that he wants to hear. Grantland

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January 3, 2014 Updates

New York - Cole Aldrich and Toure Murry: Murry has shown flashes in limited minutes, particularly defensively, and merits a longer stay. Aldrich meanwhile has had scant little opportunity on the court, but at least theoretically provides the interior defense and rebounding the Knicks sorely lack outside of Tyson Chandler, which works in his favor. Note that recent signee Jeremy Tyler's contract status is hitherto unknown. The Score

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December 4, 2013 Updates

Tyler was cut in training camp because he was still rehabbing and owner James Dolan wanted to keep J.R. Smith’s brother, Chris Smith, as the 15th man in a highly controversial move that triggered the NBA to hold internal talks about the issue. The question will be whether the Knicks will cut Smith, who is also playing for Erie, guard Tour’e Murry, who is on the roster but almost never plays, or center Cole Aldrich, who has seen almost zero action despite Tyson Chandler’s injury. New York Post

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