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April 5, 2013 Updates

Charles Barkley made an appearance on “Conan” on Thursday night and covered a wide range of topics. Conan O’Brien had Sir Charles talking about everything from his personal hygiene to the prospect of him working as a general manager in the NBA in the near future. Conan also brought up how Barkley has been critical of Michael Jordan’s looks in the past, and Charles was happy to elaborate. “People tell me he’s good looking,” Barkley said. “First of all, he’s not good looking. He’s not. Every man who’s got $500 million is good looking. But seriously, if he was a plumber people wouldn’t be saying he’s good looking.” Larry Brown Sports

April 4, 2013 Updates
June 15, 2012 Updates

During a taping of Conan at the Chicago Theater, talk show host Conan O’Brien donned a Celtics jacket much to the crowd’s dismay. Enter Bulls Hall of Famer Scottie Pippen, who did what practically everyone in attendance wanted to do. NBA.com

February 18, 2011 Updates

Ethan J. Skolnick: Chris Bosh thumb-wrestles Conan O'Brien... http://blogs.palmbeachpost.com/heatzo… Twitter

December 2, 2010 Updates

During a guest appearance Tuesday on Conan O'Brien's new TBS late-night talk show, the host asked Barkley for his take on Obama as a basketball player, then asked how Barkley felt he'd fare against the president in a one-on-one game. The answer will literally not surprise you in the slightest. "I'm an old, fat guy, but I'll kick his ass." It doesn't sing quite like Hemingway's clipped diction, but boy, it sure does zing like nobody's business. Sometimes, Chuck's brevity packs a punch all its own. Yahoo! Sports

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