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Alagappan likes to open with a parable about medicine, noting that almost two thousand years ago the Roman physician Galen theorized that all illnesses could be classified under one of four bodily fluids. As science evolved, doctors grew to understand that diseases and their cures were much more complex. And so it is now with basketball, Alagappan says, arguing that the oversimplified constructs of point guard, shooting guard, small forward, power forward and center should be replaced by a more sophisticated list of positions as varied as "low-usage ball-handlers," like Trevor Ariza and Courtney Lee, to "mid-range big men" like Brandon Bass and Glenn Davis. San Jose Mercury-News

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Nothing went quite to plan for Lee during his first season in green. Despite starting nearly half the season, Lee never quite carved out a role for himself and shifted back to a bench role late in the year and struggled to get on the court. Lee logged two DNP -- Coach's Decisions over the final three playoff games of the season. "I expected [the first season] to go smooth, I expected to win and be playing late into June," admitted Lee. "Me, personally, my performance -- I was a little bit inconsistent all year; more than I would like to be. I don't want to be at all, but I was." ESPN.com

"I wasn't playing like my normal self," admitted Lee. "Roles changed a little bit, they wanted me to focus more on being a defensive player and spot-up shooter. I have a whole summer to get involved in doing a lot of spot-up shots, and working on my role, what it is going to be next year and whatnot. I'll be prepared for that, a lot better than I was this year." ESPN.com

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Kyle Draper: Courtney Lee reaction to Collins "Was kind of a surprise, but as far as respect and being professional he was all of them.." #CelticsTalk Twitter @kylerdraper

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Celtics guard Courtney Lee played just four minutes in an 87-71 loss to the Knicks in Game 2, and now we know why. Doc Rivers confirmed Thursday that Lee has fallen out of his rotation. "I'm not playing him right now," said Rivers. "Honestly, Jordan [Crawford] has moved in front of him on the depth chart. But Courtney will have a say in this series. I believe that." Boston Globe

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Howard angered several of his former teammates last week, saying Orlando had players that no other teams wanted, and suggesting the Magic were a bunch of underdogs when they defeated the Celtics and then the Cavaliers to reach the Finals, where they lost to the Lakers. Lee said he did not take the comments personally, and he credited Howard with doing most of the arduous work in that playoff run. “I don’t think he was necessarily trying to bash the players,” Lee said. “But it’s a true statement. He was the anchor. He took us there. He was our go-to guy. “But as far as nobody wanting us, what did [Hedo] Turkoglu get? $55 million? Rashard [Lewis] got $100-something million [$118 million]. Jameer [Nelson], he got $40 million. So people definitely wanted those guys. I don’t think he was meaning it in that sense.” Boston Globe

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Now with the Celtics, Lee could be heading to Minnesota, where he would be reunited with one of his former coaches, Rick Adelman, if the T-wolves and Celtics can agree on a deal by today's 3 o'clock NBA trading deadline. Sources say the Celtics could get Brandon Roy from the T-wolves, whose season has fallen apart after another injury to All-Star forward Kevin Love. New York Daily News

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The Grizzlies are not done dealing, according to multiple sources -- they're just not looking to do any more stripping. The Grizzlies are far enough under the luxury tax that they're willing to utilize at least part of their $7.5 million trade exception to add some perimeter help. Acquiring SG Courtney Lee, who Boston would consider flipping for some frontline help, was discussed but the Celtics aren't looking just to drop salary but add size. That, of course, is if they continue their current run since Rajon Rondo went down; the winning streak apparently has GM Danny Ainge feeling an obligation to KG and Paul Pierce to give them whatever he can to take one more shot rather than move one of his veterans and begin rebuilding. Sulia

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