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But Pierce still has at least one eye out on his old squad and believes the Celtics have a bright future. "They’ve got a lot of good, young talent," Pierce said. "I’ve had a chance to watch them a couple times on TV. Obviously you see their big rookie [Kelly Olynyk]; you see [Jared] Sullinger, he’s taken the next step [and] I think he’s finally healthy; and then when they get Rondo back, this team has a bright future. Jeff Green, I expect him to emerge and really have a good season; Courtney Lee is comfortable out there; Avery [Bradley], it’s time for him to really step up. So they have some nice pieces to build with." They also have three of Brooklyn's future first-round draft picks from the nine-player, three-draft-pick swap that forced Pierce to bid farewell to Boston. ESPN.com

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Asking a player about his struggles right after he just shook your hand and told you how happy he was to see you again after a long offseason gives you pause in an effort to word that question as delicately as possible. Such was the case when a smiling, friendly and enthusiastic Courtney Lee stepped in front of a handful of microphones at Tuesday’s Shamrock Foundation golf tournament and was – as politely as could be – asked to relive last year’s nightmarish first season in Boston. “First of all you don’t have to be scared to ask that question,” Lee responded. “Last year was probably one of my worst years I’ve had being in the NBA. I spoke about it all the time. I said I’ve got to find consistency. I got back in the gym (this summer), worked on a lot of ball-handling, a lot of shooting, getting my shot back.” MetroWest Daily News

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The Clippers, sources say, are prepared to trade Jordan and Caron Butler's $8 million expiring contract in exchange for Garnett and either Lee or Terry, with Garnett waiving his no-trade clause to seal the deal. In a technically separate transaction, L.A. would also send at least one first-round pick to the Celtics to convince them to let Rivers out of the three years and $21 million left on his contract. ESPN.com

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Alagappan likes to open with a parable about medicine, noting that almost two thousand years ago the Roman physician Galen theorized that all illnesses could be classified under one of four bodily fluids. As science evolved, doctors grew to understand that diseases and their cures were much more complex. And so it is now with basketball, Alagappan says, arguing that the oversimplified constructs of point guard, shooting guard, small forward, power forward and center should be replaced by a more sophisticated list of positions as varied as "low-usage ball-handlers," like Trevor Ariza and Courtney Lee, to "mid-range big men" like Brandon Bass and Glenn Davis. San Jose Mercury-News

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