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NBA All-Star weekend has come and gone. Everyone who ever released an album played the festivities, including Pharrell whose song “Happy” has kind of become the unofficial jam of people all around the world who consider bobbing their heads from side to side while walking to be dancing. The NBA took their phantom camera and shot players, fans, cheerleaders, mascots and everyone singing along to the infectious tune. The result included Craig Sager dancing. The Big Lead

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Watch vintage Craig ‘Skywalker’ Sager throw down a monstrous dunk. He may not resemble a world-class athlete now, but TNT’s vibrant sideline man used to cut quite a fearsome figure back in the day, and was the archenemy of backboards nationwide. For The Win

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That Craig Sager is mainly known for his on-air outfits really misses the big picture. Sure, Sager's sartorial idiosyncrasies go way back, to at least an interview in 1974 to become a weatherman in Tampa in what would be his first job in TV. "I wore a blue, white and yellow suit I got from Goodwill," Sager tells USA TODAY Sports. "I got the job but they said I couldn't wear that (on-air) because their cameras couldn't focus on it. Of course, camera technology is much better today." USA Today Sports

Sager has five children including two with wife Stacy, who was a Luvabulls Chicago Bulls dancer. Daughter Riley, 8, helps dad pick out his on-air ties — "and she likes purples and pinks." And no, he doesn't wear his TV clothes off-air. "Of course not. That's my game uniform." And those uniforms occasionally draw criticism. He says he had to take off his "double-silk silver and black" jacket mid-game at the 2001 NBA All-Star game because "it was too reflective" for TV. Plus, TNT's Charles Barkley had said it made him look like "a pimp." NBA star Kevin Garnett once told Sager he should simply "burn" everything he was wearing, including his shoes. (That'd be painful: Sager, not Turner, pays for his on-air threads.) But Sager, whose college education included serving as Northwestern's mascot and whose travels have taken him to more than 250 Hooter's bars as well as to Pamplona to run with the bulls, says he's not planning on toning down his outfits. "It'd be dull. I'd find that very boring. It wouldn't feel right." USA Today Sports

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Still, with a captive NBA TV audience watching on Saturday, Sager had to ask. "In the heat of the regular season, obviously, tempers fly and there's a lot of heated arguments," Sager said. "One time during the year, you and Kevin Garnett got into it. As his teammate right now, have you been sharing lockers, sharing stories, getting along with one another?" Melo immediately turned to call Garnett over. "I just want to make sure everything's cool with you guys," Sager told Garnett. "C'mon, man. C'mon, man. C'mon, man," Garnett replied, taking a long hard look at Sager's predictably garish and colorful outfit. "You gonna come in here with that outfit on and ask that type of question." Yahoo! Sports

As Anthony laughed and Garnett tried to walk away, Sager responded in kind. "Speaking of outfits, why are you tucking in your pants [into your socks]?" he asked. "Man, me tucking in socks is nothing compared to this right here," Garnett answered. "What is this, aqua?" Anthony asked, touching Sager's jacket. "Yeah, or turquoise," Sager responded. "What was the influence today? What was your motivation for wearing this today?" Garnett asked. "To wake up," Sager said, eliciting loud laughter from both Melo and KG. "What kind of answer is that?" Garnett asked. Yahoo! Sports

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Craig Sager reported this early in Thursday night’s TNT telecast, as seen in the video clip above. “Pau Gasol and I talked to before the game,” Sager said. “He is not at all happy with the decision. He says I have never been a role player in my life. I don’t like it right now. I said, what about the possibility that maybe your time with the Lakers could be coming to an end at the All-Star break or the trade deadline? He said it certainly looks like a possibility to me.” NBCSports.com

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In the first quarter, the TNT announcers appeared a bit nervous after Kendrick Perkins stared them down in reaction to their criticism from Game 2. Sideline reporter Craig Sager later noted that Perkins had watched the Game 2 tape, and he wasn't happy with their comments. Oklahoman

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