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We caught up with Mobley after the game to discuss his three-year quest to return to the NBA. Mobley discussed his frustration with the New York Knicks, whom he feels unfairly precipitated his retirement, NBA labor issues and his newest cause: trying to open a marijuana dispensary in Providence, RI and educating the public on the issue. Mobley says medical marijuana is about compassion and health. He feels passionately that the biggest hurdle in framing the conversation is the stigma carried by marijuana, one he feels historically has racial overtones and is widely misunderstood. ESPN.com

July 15, 2011 Updates

Former NBA guard Cuttino Mobley, who retired in 2008 because of a heart ailment, would like another shot at playing in the NBA. Mobley played for 11 years with four NBA teams, but was forced to leave the game after he was traded by the L.A. Clippers to the New York Knicks. After a routine physical following the trade, Mobley was diagnosed with hypertrophic cardiomyopathy. It is the same condition that led to the deaths of basketball players Hank Gathers and Reggie Lewis. FOX 26 Sports

"It's a lot of different variations of HCM," Mobley said in an interview with FOX 26 Sports. "Me playing 40 minutes a game for 11 years straight at a very high level. "Mine is not serious at all. As you can see 11 years of playing and still playing three years later after they said you shouldn't play. You shouldn't run. You shouldn't do this. You shouldn't play that. A lot of different things they said you shouldn't do." FOX 26 Sports

Mobley's agent, Andy Miller, was able to find two jobs for him last year. Mobley turned down an opportunity to play for a team in Poland. He also had a shot to play for a team in the NBA Development League, but the two sides were not able to make it happen. "They gave a laundry list of things that we needed to do, protocol, of things that needed to be done to put him in a position that they would be willing to offer him a contract and the list and the demand within the list, they were too cumbersome," Miller said in an interview with FOX 26 Sports. "It had to do more with I think the league trying to protect themselves with regard to exposure, if God forbid something should ever happen to Cat." FOX 26 Sports

Mobley said he is not happy with the way the Knicks handled his situation in 2008. "At first I was cool with it because I didn't do research on it, but then doing research and getting different opinions, then I became upset because the corporation, the big company trying to get as much money as they can and do different things like that, for me I don't think that was right," Mobley said. "You either waive me, you don't take me in, you let me go somewhere else, let me create my own destiny like I did in 1999 when I came to the Rockets. Let me create my own decisions. Don't make the decisions for me, clogging my heads with different things. "I'm not upset now because I know it's a business and that's how they treat it as a business, but it's two and a half, three years I haven't played. It's been a waste." FOX 26 Sports

June 7, 2011 Updates

Cuttino “Cat” Mobley, whose NBA career was cut short by a heart condition as he was heading into his 12th season, is back to playing the real estate game. For the past four years, Mobley has been trying to sell his home in the Beverly Hills real estate market without much luck. Now, it looks like Mobley’s home is back on the market for $3.1 million, a huge price drop from the $3,995,000 listing price back in September 2007 and less than his purchase price of $3,650,000 in 2005. Luxury homes are not immune to the drama of today’s real estate market—median Beverly Hills home values have dropped 4.7 percent. businessinsider.com

Since Mobley retired from the NBA, he has pursued altruistic opportunities (funded an AAU team in Philadelphia; built a basketball court in Africa, established a foundation in Philadelphia that helps single mothers and homeless kids) and has also explored wellness-type business ideas, such as opening a medical marijuana dispensary in Rhode Island. Why Rhode Island? That’s where he starred for the University of Rhode Island college basketball team in the 1990s and is a state “…that helped him at a vulnerable time in his life, this state that saw him go from a young, unstructured kid to someone who grabbed the basketball dream and has made the most of it.” Zillow

March 8, 2011 Updates

As Reynolds tells it, their sitdown had nothing to do with Mobley's on-court career — "It was about what he wants to do with the rest of his life." "I want to help people," [Mobley] said. He knows that innumerable people have helped him along the way, from Max Good at Maine Central, to Jim Harrick at URI, who gave him confidence, assistant coach Bill Coen, who made him start to believe in his talent. It’s also the way he was raised, his version of spirituality, the sense that you help others when you can. So he helps fund an AAU team in Philadelphia. He built a basketball court in Africa. He helps out his old high school. He has a foundation in Philadelphia that helps single mothers and homeless kids. "You get it after a while," Mobley said. "You know what you're supposed to do." One of the things he wants to do now is start a wellness center in Warwick, one that will be allowed to dispense medical marijuana. Yahoo! Sports

He says he got interested in the field of wellness both through his own medical condition and those of other people close to him, and adds that the health field is one of the fastest growing in the country. Mobley told Reynolds that the proposed dispensary is just one element of a larger plan to "get more involved in Rhode Island," where he starred for the University of Rhode Island in the mid-1990s — "this state that helped him at a vulnerable time in his life, this state that saw him go from a young, unstructured kid to someone who grabbed the basketball dream and has made the most of it." Before he can open up shop, Mobley will first have to secure a license, which could prove tricky — Rhode Island state law allows the state Department of Health to authorize between one and three dispensaries, and 18 license applications have already been filed, according to Reynolds' Journal colleague Tracy Breton. And even if he gets the license, there's still some question as to when exactly anybody will actually be allowed to operate a dispensary. Yahoo! Sports

January 25, 2011 Updates

Cuttino Mobley, a former star basketball player at the University of Rhode Island who played in the NBA for a decade, is moving into the next phase of his life: financier for a proposed medical-marijuana compassion center in Warwick. Mobley, 35, is listed in documents filed with the state Health Department as the sole financier for the Summit Medical Compassion Center. According to Summit's proposal, Mobley has made a binding commitment of $4 million toward the compassion center. The lump sum includes a $3.5-million line of credit and a $500,000 equity contribution that does not have to be repaid. Providence Journal

November 6, 2010 Updates

Former NBA guard Cuttino Mobley told Yahoo! Sports that he’s hoping to return after sitting out the past two seasons. Mobley announced on Dec. 10, 2008, that he “couldn’t continue to play professional basketball without putting my health and life in serious danger” after doctors told him he was at risk because of his heart condition, hypertrophic cardiomyopathy. The condition, which was linked to the deaths of former Boston Celtics forward Reggie Lewis and Loyola Marymount star Hank Gathers, causes the heart muscle to thicken, making it more difficult to pump blood. Mobley, 35, says he’s confident his heart is fine, and is willing to undergo a series of physicals for interested teams. Yahoo! Sports

“I just want to come in and kind of help out for 10, 15 minutes [per game] if I could,” Mobley said. “And if they wanted to give me a test with three to four different doctors and have me go through some type of process, I’m all for it. I just want to let people know they shouldn’t be afraid of me and what could happen to me. “A lot of people are saying, ‘Why do you want to play? We are afraid for you.’ No, you’re afraid for yourselves. You’re not afraid for me. Believe me, I’m fine.” Yahoo! Sports

The Knicks declined to comment publicly about Mobley’s efforts to return to the NBA, but a team source said the franchise believes its medical staff made the safest recommendation for Mobley. “They tried to do the best that they thought they could do for me,” Mobley said. “It kind of shocked me. Instead of months to really think about it, I had a day or two. [The Knicks] said, ‘No you can’t play,’ and they literally took me up to Boston and the Boston doctor said, ‘No, he can’t play.’ I’m like, ‘Wait, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. Listen man, it’s OK.’ He said, ‘No, I’ve seen this.’ He was so adamant about this. “It was a quick decision to say, ‘Oh damn, I guess I got to stop playing.’ When I got home I said, ‘You’ve been doing this for 11 years. You could do this. It’s just a bump.’ It’s no disrespect to anyone else, but it was a quick decision and the decision wasn’t a good one because I’ve been playing since.” Yahoo! Sports

The Celtics worked out Mobley prior to training camp, and the Chicago Bulls and Dallas Mavericks made some inquiries, a league source said, but nothing has resulted in a contract offer. Mobley has also received some interest from teams in China and Poland, but he’d prefer to stay in the States. He said he still plays four or five days a week and is in “very good shape.” “I’m not going to go across the seas and play for a little bit of money just to go play,” he said. “I’d rather just stay here and at least help some of these young guys that are here on a team where I really don’t have to play every single game or as much, but just help with practice, camaraderie.” Yahoo! Sports

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September 17, 2010 Updates

Cuttino Mobley, retired a couple of years ago due to a potential fatal heart condition, wants to go back to the courts. The 36-year-old American guard has been working out with the Boston Celtics, but he could also have chances to play in Europe. Maccabi Tel Aviv could have Mobley in the list of candidates for the shooting guard positions, along with Aleksandar Rasic, Kirk Penney and Matt Walsh. thehoopsmarket.com

September 16, 2010 Updates

With training camp less than two weeks away, a handful of players were at the Celtics practice facility yesterday working out for team president Danny Ainge. Adam Morrison, Rashad McCants, Trenton Hassell, and Cuttino Mobley were a few of the names that rung out. “Just taking a look before training camp,’’ Ainge said. “Those guys are all good NBA players. I thought all four guys looked very good, actually.’’ Boston Globe

September 15, 2010 Updates

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