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July 21, 2011 Updates

Granger and Jones are open to playing overseas because of the uncertainty of when the lockout will end. Rush said via text message that he's not interested in the opportunity. "If it's a good country and a good organization, I'll definitely try it," Jones said. "It's about the experience and being able to play basketball. Playing basketball is the sole reason for it." Indianapolis Star

May 4, 2011 Updates

The Indiana Pacers know their Game 5 playoff loss to the Chicago Bulls last week could be the last game they play for quite some time. The NBA's collective bargaining agreement expires June 30, and there's a strong possibility the league is headed for its first lockout in 13 years. "The climate surrounding the situation hasn't changed in the past two years, so a lot of players have been preparing for a lockout since then," Pacers swingman Dahntay Jones said. "You hope there's not going to be one, but you prepare for the worst and hope for the best. That's all you can do right now." Indianapolis Star

April 24, 2011 Updates

George is 6-8 and has the arm span of a 6-10 power forward. Dahntay Jones is 6-6 and looks like a linebacker. Hits like one, too. “I love it,’’ Vogel said of what the Jones/George combination has done the last few games. “They’re both doing an equally good job on him. I had a hard time deciding who to go with down the stretch. They’re both very, very different kinds of defenders. “Paul is all over the place with his hands. He’s great with spacing and understanding angles of containment and challenging shots late. Dahntay is just under the kid’s chin the whole time, backcourt, frontcourt, everywhere.’’ Chicago Sun-Times

April 22, 2011 Updates

Here was a scene from the postgame locker room that captured the essence of a team still fighting through an ungainly adolescence. Roy Hibbert, who just hasn't taken advantage of a good matchup with Joakim Noah in this series, stood in the corner and groused about how he wasn't getting the ball often enough in the low post. Next to him, veteran Dahntay Jones sat in his chair and, overhearing Hibbert, shook his head. "He's young,'' he said. "He'll learn. They'll all learn. It's a progression. But we've grown a lot these last few weeks.'' Indianapolis Star

April 14, 2011 Updates

If you’re thinking this video is anything else besides a very detailed 2-minute rap by some guy who met Indiana Pacers guard Dahntay Jones at a pizza place to get 17 pairs of free shoes, then you are very wrong. That’s exactly what it is and it’s great. As far as raps that sound like Chali 2na and are about an NBA player giving you his shoes after a brief Twitter interaction, this is the best. Nothing else even comes close. The Score

March 12, 2011 Updates
March 11, 2011 Updates

Veterans Danny Granger and Dahntay Jones took exception to comments made to them during the game by rookie Lance Stephenson. Jones had to be restrained from going after Stephenson in the huddle during a second-half timeout. Indianapolis Star

February 22, 2011 Updates
December 19, 2010 Updates
November 10, 2010 Updates

Poor Josh McRoberts. Great night, great game -- both for him and his team -- and he's the goat. I write that with love (and not in any creepy sense). "Way to (bleep) it up!'' Dahntay Jones yelled from in front of his locker stall after the Pacers' extraordinary 144-113 victory over the Denver Nuggets. "That was point shaving right there! Point shaving!'' On one of the most ridiculous nights in Pacers history -- and one of the most remarkable in NBA history -- the Pacers hit 20 straight field goals, eight of them 3-pointers, in a surreal, 54-point the third quarter. Indianapolis Star

November 4, 2010 Updates

The Pacers tried to trade Jones to clear a roster spot for Magnum Rolle last month, and they're expected to continue to try to get him moved. "I'm a basketball player and I'll always be a basketball player," Jones said. "You will never call me a shooter. I just play basketball. I don't take it as a negative that I'm not a shooter. "I just play hard and hope what I bring to the table will be useful to the team." Indianapolis Star

Jones' struggles from the perimeter have him on the outside looking in when it comes to playing time. It took Jones, the Pacers' main offseason acquisition in 2009, four games before he made his first appearance of the season. In 11 minutes Wednesday night against the Philadelphia 76ers, Jones had eight points and four rebounds. "Yeah, it's tough," he said. "I'm competitive and I work hard. You work hard for the opportunity to play. When you don't get in, it's frustrating. But it's part of the game and you work hard until your number is called." Indianapolis Star

October 26, 2010 Updates
October 25, 2010 Updates

The Pacers have had no success trying to package Dahntay Jones and Solomon Jones in a two-for-one trade. "It's out of my control," Solomon Jones said. "The only thing I can control is how I play when I get on the court. I need to help contribute to the team any way I can. All the other off-the-court issues and rumors are out of my control." Indianapolis Star

Dahntay Jones said he's preparing himself for a lockout. "It's really a possibility," he said. "You have to be aware of that. We're a team with a lot of young players, so you have to try to make them aware of things so they're not shocked by it if it happens." Indianapolis Star

October 20, 2010 Updates

The situation to keep an eye on is Brandon Rush... the Pacers have not yet exercised their option on him, but did on Hibbert and Collison... if they aren't keeping Rush he's a chip and I hear they'd be open to moving Dahntay Jones for the right front court player. HoopsWorld

October 14, 2010 Updates

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