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November 15, 2011 Updates
November 9, 2011 Updates

Indiana Pacers swingmen Danny Granger and Dahntay Jones reached out to many of their teammates to get their thoughts on the NBA's collective bargaining agreement offer before heading to New York for their meeting Tuesday. The consensus, according to Jones, was that they considered the league's offer unacceptable. "Most people were abreast of the situation and knew what was at stake," Jones said in a telephone interview after the players' association meeting. "We were all on the same page according to how we felt about the deal." Indianapolis Star

"We knew the deal wasn't what we wanted, but I wanted to know how bad the deal was," Jones said. "We can get past the 50-50 (revenue split), but the (luxury tax and salary cap) system is so bad in the proposal that they left us no choice but to turn it down. "Hopefully, the system issues can be tweaked and it'll be something we can work with and get a deal done." Indianapolis Star

November 8, 2011 Updates
October 18, 2011 Updates

Granger is the process of trying to arrange a dinner with the fieldhouse employees who are impacted financially because of the lockout. He also wants to put together a charity game where the proceeds can go to the workers. Paul George and Dahntay Jones want to help their teammate with the event, too. Some of the Pacer players may end up getting involved also. Indianapolis Star

September 16, 2011 Updates

Daye found himself arguing a call while waiting to rebound a free throw attempt. Jones, who was in the backcourt, piped up to let Daye know that he was "soft" and that he should end his argument. Daye, an exceptionally skinny man for an NBA player, took real exception to Jones' label, raising his arms up to gesture towards the media section located behind the basket. "You've got the worst game in here, ask any of them," Daye told Jones twice. Jones responded by mocking Daye's arm motions and sarcastically mimicking his aggravated tone. Play eventually resumed. 'When you work out with guys for three or four months," Dudley explained, "they get under your skin. You're tired, you want to go home." CBSSports.com

August 30, 2011 Updates
July 25, 2011 Updates

Celebrity wedding season continues! Indiana Pacers baller Dahntay Jones wed his fiancee, WEEN co-founder & Chair Valeisha Butterfield, tonight in North Carolina. Valeisha's parents are both government honchos--her father is U.S. Congressman Butterfield of North Carolina. And her mother is a part of the state Congress. Peace FM Online

July 21, 2011 Updates

"None of them are dying to go over there. They prefer for there to be an NBA season," Bartelstein said. "My message to the players (is) that we need to be aggressive in looking for things. We're not just going to be reckless and take a job we don't think is a good fit, but if there's a job we think is good, we have to think about doing it. We deal with this situation on a day-to-day basis and we'll see what happens." Bartelstein's agency represents Pacers Danny Granger, Paul George, Brandon Rush, Dahntay Jones and James Posey. Indianapolis Star

Granger and Jones are open to playing overseas because of the uncertainty of when the lockout will end. Rush said via text message that he's not interested in the opportunity. "If it's a good country and a good organization, I'll definitely try it," Jones said. "It's about the experience and being able to play basketball. Playing basketball is the sole reason for it." Indianapolis Star

May 4, 2011 Updates

The Indiana Pacers know their Game 5 playoff loss to the Chicago Bulls last week could be the last game they play for quite some time. The NBA's collective bargaining agreement expires June 30, and there's a strong possibility the league is headed for its first lockout in 13 years. "The climate surrounding the situation hasn't changed in the past two years, so a lot of players have been preparing for a lockout since then," Pacers swingman Dahntay Jones said. "You hope there's not going to be one, but you prepare for the worst and hope for the best. That's all you can do right now." Indianapolis Star

April 24, 2011 Updates

George is 6-8 and has the arm span of a 6-10 power forward. Dahntay Jones is 6-6 and looks like a linebacker. Hits like one, too. “I love it,’’ Vogel said of what the Jones/George combination has done the last few games. “They’re both doing an equally good job on him. I had a hard time deciding who to go with down the stretch. They’re both very, very different kinds of defenders. “Paul is all over the place with his hands. He’s great with spacing and understanding angles of containment and challenging shots late. Dahntay is just under the kid’s chin the whole time, backcourt, frontcourt, everywhere.’’ Chicago Sun-Times

April 22, 2011 Updates

Here was a scene from the postgame locker room that captured the essence of a team still fighting through an ungainly adolescence. Roy Hibbert, who just hasn't taken advantage of a good matchup with Joakim Noah in this series, stood in the corner and groused about how he wasn't getting the ball often enough in the low post. Next to him, veteran Dahntay Jones sat in his chair and, overhearing Hibbert, shook his head. "He's young,'' he said. "He'll learn. They'll all learn. It's a progression. But we've grown a lot these last few weeks.'' Indianapolis Star

April 14, 2011 Updates

If you’re thinking this video is anything else besides a very detailed 2-minute rap by some guy who met Indiana Pacers guard Dahntay Jones at a pizza place to get 17 pairs of free shoes, then you are very wrong. That’s exactly what it is and it’s great. As far as raps that sound like Chali 2na and are about an NBA player giving you his shoes after a brief Twitter interaction, this is the best. Nothing else even comes close. The Score

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