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January 20, 2015 Updates

Ellis has also been able to use the ball screen to become a high level playmaker, thanks to his ability to score off the ball screen and his teammate around him. 56 percent of Ellis’s passes off the ball screen are going to spot-up shooters, with an adjusted field goal percentage of 51.2 percent, putting him in the top 9 percent of the NBA creating off the ball screen, ranking him ahead of the likes of Russell Westbrook, Ty Lawson and Kyle Lowry. This is leaps and bounds from where he came from as a high-volume shooting, only looking to get his, offensive player. Doesn’t hurt, of course, to have players like Dirk Nowitzki and Chandler Parsons spotted up on the receiving end of the pass. HoopsHype

January 19, 2015 Updates
January 18, 2015 Updates

Whenever there was playful banter between teammates, Tarpley was always a part of it. He took more than he dished out, but that was fine with him. As refined and skilled as he was on the court, he was like a big happy, goofy teenager off it and that made him tremendously likable. Tarpley would tell funny stories about himself. One night after a game, I ran into him in a convenience store and he had a six-pack of beer, a huge bag of chips and a bottle of Tabasco sauce. The next day at practice, I was telling some of the other players about his health food habits and Tarpley, laughing at himself, said: “I love Tabasco sauce. When I was a kid, I used to drink it right out of a bottle. I’m serious. But when I went to the bathroom, I’d be hurtin’.” SheridanHoops

January 17, 2015 Updates

The three years Tarpley was banned by the NBA, the Mavs averaged 15 wins. When he returned before the ’94-’95 season on a six-year, $25.8 million deal, Carter, who called Tarpley his “prodigal son,” grew misty-eyed at the news conference. Dick Motta, back after coaching Tarpley his rookie season, labeled it a “monumental moment.” On Nov. 17, 1994, his first game back after a four-year layoff from the NBA, Tarpley collected 16 points and nine rebounds in 25 minutes. “But when he came back the last time,” Sonju said, “he was not the same guy. He wasn’t fun. His personality had changed. All because of the problems he had.” Thirteen months after the prodigal son’s third return, the NBA banned him for life. Dallas Morning News

Sonju, who runs a Christian camp in New York but still lives in Dallas, thinks if not for Tarpley’s demons, his Mavs would have won a title. Maybe even two. And how much different would the Mavs’ history look then? “If Roy stays and you’re playing for championships,” Sund said, “who knows?” Dallas Morning News

January 13, 2015 Updates
January 12, 2015 Updates

Charlie Villanueva: Over the last two weeks, I have been involved with my “Charlie’s Angels” community program. If you’re not familiar with the ‘Charlie’s Angels” program, basically...it’s a meet & greet program that I’ve been hosting since I was a rookie typically taking place on the road. I get the blessed opportunity to hang out with a group of children and their parents affected by the skin condition: Alopecia Areata, which I’ve had since I was 10. Alopecia is an autoimmune skin disease, which results in hair loss on the scalp and/or elsewhere on the body. In my case, I have the alopecia universalis type, which results to complete hair loss, head-to-toe. Charlie Villanueva

Charlie Villanueva: It’s crazy to me, but there are a lot of people out there that still think I shave my eyebrows...SMH! It’s crazy when I think about it...10 years in the league and I must have met thousands of kids and folks from all over dealing with alopecia, and yet still people wonder. As the spokesperson for the National Alopecia Areata Foundation, it’s my job to encourage these kids and even adults, give them the confidence and hope they can overcome alopecia. The biggest ordeal that I constantly come across with, whether it’s from the kids themselves or from the parents...for the most part they all same the thing...one of their biggest struggles is being ‘accepted’. Being accepted in today’s ruthless society. This had me thinking.... Charlie Villanueva

Charlie Villanueva: PS—Wanna say RIP Stuart Scott. I got a few chances to meet the man and he was full of life and passion. My brother, Rob C., actually worked with him at ESPN and he told me that the night I scored 48 points my rookie year Stu said, “Your brother can’t get 2 more? FIFTY sounds better on TV”. LOL. One of my close friends is also close with Stu and all he says is how genuine and golden the man was. RIP my man. Your legacy in sports and your fight will live forever, Boo-yah! Charlie Villanueva

January 10, 2015 Updates
January 9, 2015 Updates

Dwain Price: Former #Mavs C/PF Roy Tarpley has died at the age of 50. The 7th pick of the 1986 draft, Tarpley played for the Mavs from '86-'90. Twitter @DwainPrice


Five players from the championship team join No. 1 Dirk Nowitzki in the illustrious list.


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