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January 2, 2015 Updates

Chris Forsberg: Rondo connects on his career-high 5th 3-pointer of game. He had 8 3-pointers with Boston in 22 games this season. Season-high 29 points. Twitter @ESPNForsberg

Q: Tough to say goodbye to Celtics teammates? Rajon Rondo: “It happens so often in this league. It starts in training camp when you have to say goodbye to the guys that get cut. You are attached to them for a few weeks and they get cut. I’ve been here for a long time. I’ve been friends with Jeff, Brandon and Avery for five years now. We still keep in touch. No one has died. We still have the same phone numbers and we keep in touch.” Boston Globe

On researching Rajon Rondo's reputation before trading for him, Mark Cuban: "Give me examples? I love Rajon. I heard stories about how difficult and this he was and that way. I talk to him all the time now. I love talking to the dude. He's a great guy. Maybe we just are on the same wavelength, but the way he approaches things, the way he looks at things, how hard he works, his desire to win, his competitive spirit - he's not different at all. Then again, I've been around Dirk [Nowitzki] for 15 years." Dallas Morning News

Rajon Rondo: "Well I haven't played defense in a couple of years, you know I've been able to hide it a lot with Avery Bradley on the ball. He's helping me out, the young guy. But here, they expect me to play defense. In the West, if you don't play defense you'll get embarrassed every night at the point guard position. So I took it as a challenge to myself. You know, it's not just me, it's my teammates, communication is getting a lot better and our coverages are getting a lot better, so it's the whole team concept. It's not just me. Obviously people are gonna look at the stats and say 'since Rondo came there they've been down 7 - 8 points or whatever defensively, but we still have a lot of room to improve and I still believe we'll still get better defensively." Celtics Blog

"My focus has been basketball, basketball, basketball, not necessarily being a free agent," Rondo said. "I mean obviously I think (the Mavericks will) have the upside (in free agency). I wouldn't say it's wide open (in terms of considering other teams), but I wouldn't say it's closed (solely to the Mavericks) either because obviously they are the team that came and got me and from Day One they've been very loyal and very supportive in this transition for me." USA Today Sports

Be prepared to witness a rejuvenated Rondo who will assail his former team with increased intensity and energy. He's playing for a contender, a contract, and in some respects, his reputation. "This second half of the year is a very big one for Rajon,'' Ainge agreed. "Dallas is getting a player who is very motivated to prove he's a max guy.'' ESPN.com


Five players from the championship team join No. 1 Dirk Nowitzki in the illustrious list.


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