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Trail Blazers All-Star Damian Lillard on Thursday expressed regret and remorse regarding inappropriate messages he sent out in 2011 on the social media site Twitter. On Wednesday night, Deadspin published a series of tweets from Lillard that were unearthed by a user on the website imgur. The fishing expedition to find salacious tweets from a host of NBA players "before they were stars" netted a host of messages containing unsavory language and inappropriate comments. Everyone from MVP Kevin Durant to Paul George was featured. Deadspin posted six tweets from Lillard, four of which were written in June 2011, the summer before Lillard's senior season at Weber State. They were directed at Cleveland Cavaliers All-Star LeBron James, who then was playing in the NBA Finals for the Miami Heat. The Dallas Mavericks defeated the Heat in six games in an upset and Lillard, then a young fan of the Heat, was displeased with the outcome and James' play. Oregonian

Imgur user Nbaplayertweets has dug up a treasure trove of long-forgotten tweets from NBA players. Some were from before Twitter was a "thing," others from tender-aged college students before they made it big. Our favorite is the rampage then-Weber State student Damian Lillard went on against LeBron James: Deadspin.com

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Every Portlander knows The Shot, the impossible less-than-a-second-left Damian Lillard buzzer beater last spring that sent the Blazers to the second round of the playoffs for the first time in 14 years. TV cameras captured a God's-eye-view of The Shot. But the best video -- The Shot of The Shot -- came from a cell phone situated court side. The six-second video crops out the crowd and every other distraction. A life-sized Lillard cuts through the center of the frame. The ball disappears, then reappears with a swoosh. Thousands of Trail Blazers fans captured their own cell phone images and videos of the moment, but this particular clip has been viewed online 9 million times. Oregonian

Laz pushed record. He trained his phone mid-court -- not where Lillard was standing, but where he was heading. Lillard curled by, cutting through the frame. The point guard clapped his hands as he dashed across the court. Parsons lagged behind him. Batum tossed the ball. Lillard caught it, turned and shot all in one motion. Swish. "I went so crazy," Laz said. "I was trying to run on the court. The usher had to stop me." The whole town watched endless loops of instant replays that night. The shot became The Shot. No matter that the Blazers had only made it to the second round, along with seven other teams. This was one of the greatest moments in franchise history. Oregonian

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It looks like Damian Lillard, he of the $10 million-a-year Adidas sneaker contract, has that signature shoe he's always wanted. On Friday morning, the Portland Trail Blazers All-Star point guard took to Instagram to post a video clip announcing what appears to be – based on his rhyme, his shoutout to people who helped him along the way and the sneaker he hoists at the end of the video – a Lillard signature shoe. "When I was younger, I would dream about having my own shoe. Maniac with my work, so it came when I was due," Lillard says in the video, concluding, "My dreams came true." Oregonian

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Lillard and the Blazers don't regard the injury -- which they are calling a "left foot sprain" after originally listing it as an ankle injury – as serious or a long-term issue. "I would be able to play if it was a regular season game, but it's preseason," Lillard said. "You don't want it to be nagging, ongoing throughout the season. It was more precautionary than anything else. I'm just trying to take care of it right now and get it over with. That's the smartest thing to do." Oregonian

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