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December 6, 2013 Updates

I ask Lillard if he is happy in Portland. He nods affirmatively, adding that his mother, Gina, brother Houston and sister Lanae have chosen to make the City of Roses their home, too. “It’s a great place for me. It reminds me of Berkeley, with the people you see downtown and how busy it gets down there. I like how the people are behind the Trail Blazers. I love it here. Hopefully this is where I’ll always be. I’m not saying that just to be politically correct. I really hope so. My family likes it here. Hopefully it will be a career-long thing for me.” Portland Tribune

December 2, 2013 Updates

Thoughts on Damian Lillard and Portland’s start to the season?: “That kid [Lillard] is sparking that city and that team like Brandon Roy did. He’s having that type of impact on that team. “Yeah, Portland is legit. I think they are. You know I’ve seen Lillard play a couple of times, but just watching him, he has the poise and the demeanor of a Brandon Roy. He seems to be really calm under pressure. The point guard play was something we were really searching for throughout my time there. Andre Miller came in and really helped us at that position, but he was really passed his prime. So that was really what we were searching for and they got it. They got that guy who looks like he can lead a team and I know LaMarcus, Wesley and Nicolas, those three fit each other. LaMarcus is a low-post guy who can do a number of things and Wesley and Nicolas both defend and can shoot the three ball. Now you got a point guard to go with them. You take LaMarcus and put him at his natural position by bringing in Lopez. You got experience coming off the bench. You got a Mo Williams coming off the bench. You got to be kidding me? Come on now.” CSNNW.com

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At that time, I had gotten word that the kid literally didn’t miss a single shot when the team put him through several shooting drills. Lillard says he probably missed two or three shots the entire time. When you examine Lillard’s shooting form, you’ll notice he doesn’t use his legs much at all. It’s all in his wrist. It’s an effortless motion. Perfect for the NBA three-point contest in New Orleans, something he wants to be a part of. “Oh yeah, for sure,” Lillard replied when asked if he’s interested in competing in the three-point contest in February. “I think I can shoot the ball very well. I think I’m one of the best shooters in the league. There are guys like Steph [Curry], Ray Allen who are better shooters than me, probably. But I can shoot the ball with anybody in the league. CSNNW.com

October 29, 2013 Updates

His eyes opened wide. His eyebrows shot up. Then an amused Nicolas Batum flashed an are-you-kidding-me gaze. Does Damian Lillard look better than he did last season? “Wheeeeeeeeeeooo,” Batum responded, allowing his whistle to drag on for a few seconds. “He’s way different than last year. Way better. He wants to be the best point guard in the league, and he’s doing what he needs to do to be the best point guard in the league.” Oregonian

“I want to be in movies, I want to rap, I want to do everything,” Lillard said. “And I know it’s all possible because I can do it off the brand Damian Lillard, you know what I’m saying? I think it’s important for me to take every idea that I come up with and everything I want to do and put it out there right now, while I’m relevant as an NBA player. I can do these other things off the fact that I’m an NBA player.” Oregonian

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The DVD of the just-completed game would be dropped off before he left the locker room. Sometimes Damian Lillard would watch later the same night, usually he wouldn’t. Sometimes he would watch on another day, usually he wouldn’t. That went on month after month last season. In the summer, he had a collection and he had time. Lillard would watch, mostly alone at his home in Portland. And he would cringe. “In my head, I was kind of embarrassed watching myself,” Lillard told NBA.com. His defense looked that bad. “Just to see some of the plays that I could have done a better job on or showed more effort that I gave,” he said. “I couldn’t believe I was doing that.” NBA.com

October 25, 2013 Updates

Lillard would watch, mostly alone at his home in Portland. And he would cringe. “In my head, I was kind of embarrassed watching myself,” Lillard told NBA.com. His defense looked that bad. “Just to see some of the plays that I could have done a better job on or showed more effort that I gave,” he said. “I couldn’t believe I was doing that.” NBA.com

October 17, 2013 Updates

Your favorite NBA player will be sporting some fresh gear as he goes through the lay-up lines this season, as Adidas unveiled Wednesday a brand-new roster of warm-up apparel for all 30 teams. Dubbed the “On-Court Collection,” Adidas has rolled out new warm-up jackets and pants, new shooting shirts (in long and short sleeve versions), and an eye-catching new varsity warm-up jacket. Bulls guard Derrick Rose, Rockets center Dwight Howard and Blazers guard Damian Lillard were enlisted to model the new looks, which can be previewed in the gallery below. Unlike the company’s sleeved jerseys, the On-Court Collection is fairly traditional and non-controversial. If there’s a nit to pick, it’s that Adidas’s three-stripe logo is very prominent on the standard warm-up jacket’ sleeves and pants, making for a bit of a candy cane phenomenon when taken together. Past that, the gear sticks tightly to each team’s color scheme, and the warm-ups strike the right balance between “bold” and “not going too far.” SI.com

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One of those players is Damian Lillard, whose play during one of the most successful rookie campaigns in Trail Blazers history has raised expectations for the upcoming season. Walton said that Lillard reminds him of two of his former teammates, both in the way he plays and how he carries himself. "Fun, a real fun player," said Walton of Lillard. "I remember running with Bobby (Gross) and Lionel (Hollins), how fun it was, what special players they were and really are. Damian is a lot like that because yes, he's got a dazzling game, but really it's his personality, the same thing that defines any great talent. He has a personality and a dynamism about him that inspires, rallies and ultimately builds communities. We're very hopefully and we're extremely confident about him and his chances to lead this team to the Promised Land." TrailBlazers.com

September 7, 2013 Updates

How did you get involved with the Special Olympics? Damian Lillard: I was asked to be an ambassador and I was all for it. I had experience with it in college. I really enjoyed myself being a part of it. I realized how much of an impact I had on them and just how much they have the same abilities that we have. When they told me I was excited about, I’m happy to be apart of it. TheSource

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