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April 14, 2013 Updates

Still, if Gibson is to return to Cleveland next season, it will be at a significant pay cut from the $4.8 million he's earning this season. And Gibson said he'd be willing to look at any offer from the team and the city where he grew up. He doesn't want it to end this way. "I would love to be here when we go into the playoffs," he said. "Because I think we are. I think we're like a year away from being a real playoff contender. And it would do so much for me to be a part of the team that after everybody broke up, to still be a part of the team that made the playoffs. That would mean a lot to me." Cleveland Plain Dealer

March 20, 2013 Updates

Since then, there was an ugly homecoming amid heightened security and relentless booing in December 2010, revenge of sorts in the form of a Cavaliers upset victory over the Heat in March 2011, and then last season's lone visit, when James spoke of one day possibly again playing for the Cavaliers, before the Heat went on to rout the Cavaliers. For now, though, there is little in the way of nostalgia. Asked what he expected this time in, James said, "I mean, I think seeing the people that I grew relationships with over the years. But it's a lot different now. I mean, there's only one guy that's actually active that I played with, that's Daniel Gibson, and he's out for the season. "But it's a different coaching staff. It's a different uniform and everything. So it's a totally different feel." South Florida Sun-Sentinel

March 17, 2013 Updates

The Cavs also need guards because Daniel Gibson will be a free agent and not likely brought back. Wayne Ellington is a restricted free agent, and the team probably will try to re-sign him. Livingston is a free agent, and the market may determine if he signs elsewhere or returns on a short-term deal. Cleveland Plain Dealer

March 15, 2013 Updates

Cavs guard Daniel Gibson fired away at the Atlanta Hawks’ Dahntay Jones this morning, calling the play in which he injured Kobe Bryant a “dirty play” and inferred that Jones is a dirty player. “I think that was a dirty play,” Gibson said. “He’s been known to be a guy to do that.” Akron Beacon Journal

“It’s a very dangerous play,” Gibson said. “You’re vulnerable. There’s nothing you can do besides land. When you start worrying about it, that’s when you start missing shots and that’s what the defender is trying to do – make you think about landing and where you’re coming down.” Akron Beacon Journal

February 23, 2013 Updates
February 21, 2013 Updates
January 27, 2013 Updates

The Cavs' trade with Memphis illustrated what a team armed with cap space can accomplish. Whenever a team can turn Jon Leuer into Marreese Speights and a first-round pick, it's a win. The deal was lopsided and a feather in Grant's cap. The Grizzlies needed to get under the luxury-tax threshold. His last two transactions have helped re-shape the team. His waiver claim of journeyman Shaun Livingston was also a shrewd move. Grant will be on the prowl for more young talent at the Feb. 21 deadline. Three players with expiring contracts, Luke Walton, Daniel Gibson and Omri Casspi, could be moved. ESPN's Marc Stein said not to be surprised if the Cavs flop Speights to another team at the deadline. News-Herald

January 26, 2013 Updates

Daniel Gibson and Omri Casspi, according to NBA front-office sources, are the most likely Cavs to be dealt along with Speights, who had to give his consent to be sent to Cleveland as one of the 13 players in the league this season (see Box No. 6 here for the detailed explanation) who had trade-blocking power related to his Bird rights. ESPN.com

January 21, 2013 Updates

Since Gibson has returned, his spot in coach Byron Scott’s rotation appears to have been filled by 6-7 waiver wire acquisition Shaun Livingston. That, coupled with an expiring contract, has led to speculation the Cavs could move Gibson to a more suitable situation for both parties come the Feb. 21 trading deadline. Gibson, 25, is averaging 7.2 points, but shooting just 37 percent -- the second-worst of his career. Last season, he missed 31 games and shot a career-low 35 percent. If the Cavs are unable to trade Gibson, sources have indicated they’re likely to let him walk via free agency this summer. FOXSports Ohio

December 29, 2012 Updates
December 15, 2012 Updates
December 1, 2012 Updates

Daniel Gibson is thrilled to be moving his way up the line in Cavaliers’ 3-point shooting history. But in order to reach the top, he’s going to need a lot more time. “That’s going to take another contract with more years,” Gibson said with a chuckle Friday. “But I’m game. I would love to be here for my entire time and then see where I finish up.” Akron Beacon Journal

October 24, 2012 Updates

Cavaliers guard Daniel Gibson is out for Cleveland's preseason game against Indiana on Tuesday night because of a concussion. The Cavaliers announced Gibson reported concussion symptoms on Monday. He will cleared to resume contact and game action once he is symptom-free and successfully completes the NBA concussion protocol process. NBA.com

October 17, 2012 Updates
October 10, 2012 Updates

R&B Singer Keyshia Cole and her NBA player husband Daniel Gibson are giving fans a look inside their life in the new reality show “Keyshia Cole: Family First” which premiered on Tuesday. The show, shot in Atlanta, coincides with production of Keyshia’s fifth album “Woman to Woman.” Fans will get to see the recording process, which will include cameos of other big names in the music industry, as well as the singer’s wedding to Gibson and his difficult rehabilitation process. The wedding featured on the show takes place in Hawaii and is the couple’s second trip to the alter. The seemingly down-to-earth duo had a small, private ceremony in Vegas several months prior. The show will air on Tuesdays at 10pm ET on BET. Atlanta Black Star

October 8, 2012 Updates

He will make a debut of a different sort Tuesday night, when "Keyshia & Daniel: Family First," his reality show with wife Keyshia Cole, airs at 10 p.m. on BET. He's not the least bit nervous about that. In fact, he can't wait for fans to see all eight episodes. "I'm extremely proud of it because I just think, for some reason, family is not big in America anymore," he said after practice Sunday as the Cavs prepared to host Italian power Montepaschi Siena tonight at The Q. "It seems like people have become real materialistic. When they see us, I'm hoping it gives hope to a family atmosphere," Gibson said. "No person is perfect, but you work together, you work it out, you stick it out . . . that's what makes a family work. The name says it all." Cleveland Plain Dealer

October 1, 2012 Updates

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