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May 31, 2011 Updates

We also discussed this comment from James after his Miami Heat defeated the Chicago Bulls this week: “I wanted to team up with some guys that would never die down in the moment. The opportunity presented itself with this great organization and we made it happen.” Daniel Gibson on LeBron’s comments: “The way it’s said, you can’t help but take it personal. I would prefer to talk to him personally and say, ”Exactly what did you mean when you said this comment? What point were you trying to make?”…I take comments like that and when you speak out and you feel the need for everybody to hear what you are saying, it’s kind of like admission. By you saying that, I don’t think great players should feel the need to say this about a team or say that about a team. I think what it all boils down to if you’re great, you go play great, be great and everybody will realize you’re great. And you wouldn’t have to let it be known that everybody else was less great. Great players shouldn’t have to do that. So I feel like it’s kind of an admission. He might have needed some help. He might have needed to go somewhere and find someone who is a little greater so maybe he wouldn’t die down in those moments.” The Dugout Sports Show

He also talked about what happened last year in the playoffs against the Boston Celtics and the rumors of LeBron’s mother, Gloria James and Delonte West. Daniel Gibson on his view on what happened last year in playoffs: “I didnt see anything different happen behind the scenes. There wasn’t an altercation in the locker room. And all the speculation about his mom (Gloria James) and my teammate (Delonte West), I think that is just bull. I don’t think anybody should ever say anything like that. Disrespectful to his mother. On the flip side of all that, once again, in the situation like that, we got beat. So, I feel like a great player would do or what a player whose deteremind to be that would just say okay we got beat, I gotta do better. Simple as that. Everybody on the team should take accountability for what happened and figure it out and move forward. It’s not about pointing a finger that way, pointing a finger that way, the finger should always be pointed at yourself, what could I have done better.” The Dugout Sports Show

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February 27, 2011 Updates

Once friends and teammates, the relationship between Heat forward LeBron James and Cleveland Cavaliers guard Daniel Gibson was strained again Saturday following a party proclamation and a brief Twitter battle. It began at a birthday party for Gibson and Cleveland-based DJ Steph Floss on Friday night. During the event, two witnesses told ESPN.com that Gibson made a reference to being the new king of Cleveland during a toast. According to a source close to Gibson, James became upset upon hearing about the boast. The source said James and Gibson later resolved the issue because Gibson didn't mean to insult James. ESPN.com

But not before the drama unfolded in front of their more-than-1.5 million combined Twitter followers. James tweeted Saturday afternoon: "I wake up this morning to hear somebody got real fly at the mouth at their party lastnight [sic]. I see where we stand now even though I sense it!" He followed with: "Get out your feelings." Meanwhile, Gibson posted several references to the incident on his Twitter feed, saying: "complaining about someones [sic] tweets is like complaining about the channel & you got the remote in your hands." ESPN.com

February 24, 2011 Updates

Daniel Gibson: Gone definitely miss the homies @Maurice Williams & JMoon. Always family. Cold Game! Looking forward to Rockin w/ my boy @Baron Davis Twitter

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February 8, 2011 Updates

The Cavaliers will be represented at NBA All-Star Weekend after all. Daniel Gibson will compete in the Three-Point Shootout on All-Star Saturday, February 19. This year's All-Star Game and festivities are taking place at the Staples Center in Los Angeles. Joining Gibson in the field will be a pair of Celtics -- Ray Allen, who's two 3-pointers away from breaking the NBA career mark, and defending champion Paul Pierce -- as well as the NBA's defending scoring champ and current scoring leader Kevin Durant, James Jones and Dorell Wright. FOXSportsOhio

February 5, 2011 Updates

“I don’t know when we stopped believing, when we stopped doing things the right way,” Gibson said. Only everyone else does, and it was that December night when James delivered the Cavaliers into an epic descent. Thirty-three games later, the Cavs have one victory and one weekend to spare themselves the longest losing streak in NBA history. Yahoo! Sports

“I’m still surprised by the reaction I get from the fans here, but I guess that’s because they know me and know I’ve been here through the battles when we were winning,” he said. “I try to give them some reassurance that, ‘Hey, Boobie is still here, Boobie is still fighting.’ ” Gibson will try to get on the floor on Saturday night in Cleveland to stop No. 24, try to make a difference in a season when no one and nothing has made a difference for these Cavs. He goes back to 2006 here, back to the ’07 Finals loss to the San Antonio Spurs and the feeling they would win titles together. Everything’s changed, the circus has left town and Daniel Gibson happens to be one of the few faces left that’s a reflection into the Cavaliers’ yesterday, a link to LeBron and everything lost. Yahoo! Sports

January 8, 2011 Updates

One source said center Anderson Varejao and possibly J.J. Hickson are the only players on the roster for whom the Cavs can get a first- round pick. Teams have reportedly been asking for Varejao and guard Daniel Gibson in trade talks. They are two players the Cavs might want to keep. Both are currently sidelined with injuries. News-Herald

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December 30, 2010 Updates

Besides, with Noah out until late February or March, trading Gibson or Asik would create another hole. Then, too, the Bulls (20-10) are winning at a higher rate than anyone expected. It looks as if coach Tom Thibodeau will have to make do with Bogans, Brewer and Korver at shooting guard. Thibodeau also has the option of using backup point guard C.J. Watson there for a few minutes when the matchups allow. If the Bulls make a trade, a minor deal close to the February deadline for someone like Anthony Parker or Daniel Gibson of the Cleveland Cavaliers seems more realistic. Chicago Sun-Times

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