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“Usually teams do one or the other. You try to compete, and that involves getting rid of young players, maybe bringing in some more veteran players, trading draft picks for vets. Or you rebuild, and that means trading away veteran players, really only focusing on picks and young players. The challenge is to do both. I think the really good organizations can do it, but it’s tricky. I think when you’re with an organization like the Celtics or the Suns that have great history and tradition, it’s not really acceptable or certainly not desirable to bottom out. You don’t want to bottom out and hope for luck in the lottery. “I admire the way the Celtics have done it,” he said. “They’ve done a tremendous job. They’ve got all the future picks in the queue that are coming down the line. They have some good young players. Obviously they have excellent management and coaching. The fans will see over time how things will work out.” Boston Herald

May 15, 2015 Updates

A Chicago-Boston deal involving Gibson and Avery Bradley would probably at least spark some initial talks. The Celtics need a little more force on defense from someone in their big-man rotation, and they’ll have a glut of perimeter players once James Young earns playing time. But Gibson’s age and Danny Ainge’s well-known love for Bradley — he turned down a first-round pick for Bradley at the trade deadline, per league sources — would likely scuttle any such deal. Grantland

May 14, 2015 Updates

Ainge also talked about how the Celtics had the assets to make trades for Kevin Garnett and Ray Allen in 2007, but were unable to do so in 2012 when James Harden became available. "We want to stay in the game until we can do something significant," said Ainge. RealGM

May 3, 2015 Updates

Danny Ainge on Jared Sullinger: "We’ve talked about this before,” Ainge said in his season-closing press conference. “I hate harping on it. Jared wants to be in great shape. Jared puts his work in. I think he’s in the process of trying to change his habits and get in the best shape of his career. “I’m hopeful that he’ll see the light. I know that’s what he wants, and I know that he does work at it. I’m a big fan of Jared’s, and I think he has a very, very bright future. But I think he’s hurting the longevity of his career and his play now by not being in as good of shape as he can be in. We do have a plan in place, I won’t share with you the specifics of that plan, but we provided Jared with a lot of tools and a lot of people around him. But ultimately it’s his choice of how compliant he is going to be. We can’t watch him every second of his life." Boston Herald

April 30, 2015 Updates

"I think that Isaiah, he's our best at that right now," Ainge said. "It would be nice to find one or two more of those before the season starts next year, and ideally at other positions." Pressed on whether that means he would like frontcourt scoring, Ainge replied, "I think both (frontcourt and backcourt). We'll look at both. We need them wherever they are." Booth Newspapers

"We often talk about transcendent players and stars, but I think the hardest skill to find in our league is guys that can score in the fourth quarter," he said. "The last six minutes of the game type scorers. Offensive creators. Usually the offensive patterns don't score baskets at that time. Usually it's individuals and talent. And I think that that's always a priority. Regardless of need by position, those kind of players are hard to find." Booth Newspapers

With the new, massive TV deal set to hit in time for the 2016 campaign, the salary cap will soar after next season. Ainge said he will keep the wild landscape in mind, but will not spend money this summer just to land a free agent before almost every team has room for at least one max contract. "It just depends on who's available, who you can get," he said. "We need to use it wisely. We haven't ever had cap space, I don't think, in the history of the Celtics, and for sure since I've been here. So we need to use that space wisely. We can't just spend it just because we have it." Booth Newspapers

Midseason additions such as Jae Crowder, Jonas Jerebko and Luigi Datome, along with veteran forward Brandon Bass, will be on the short list of Celtics hitting the free agent market. Ainge did not dismiss the possibility of bringing back any of them next season. "Rather than going individual by individual," Ainge said when asked about his interest in the free agents, "I would just say that we like all of them to some degree. Some of it's going to be dependent on numbers and roster spots and draft and trades and everything else. So you just can't emphatically say anything about anybody, other than I can emphatically say that we will definitely qualify Jae Crowder, which I think is pretty obvious. But other than that, the unrestricted free agents, it's uncertain. But we do like each one of them and would welcome any one of them back at the right price and in the right role." Boston Globe

Ainge was later asked about the #SignTheSwede hashtag circulating on social media in hopes that Boston will bring back Jerebko. "The Swedish Larry Bird, you mean?" cracked Ainge. "I’m ready to take Jonas out to play some golf here; he’s supposed to be a good golfer. We’ll have that talk. But I was impressed with Jonas, and I know that [coach] Brad [Stevens] liked Jonas, and his teammates respected him. He plays very hard, and he’s a versatile defender and a guy that can spread the floor. Yeah, we like what he brought to the table. I think I would sign off on the #SignTheSwede hashtag. Again, in free agency, and with our current roster, it all depends. So we have to just see how those negotiations are and how they go and what we end up with in the draft and what our needs are at the end of the day. But Jonas is someone that we’re very high on and that we like very much." ESPN.com

Jerebko and Bass will be unrestricted free agents, but the Celtics will maintain Bird rights on both players. The Celtics could also extend a qualifying offer to Datome, but Ainge declined to say whether he would do so. Boston Globe

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