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April 30, 2015 Updates

Ainge was later asked about the #SignTheSwede hashtag circulating on social media in hopes that Boston will bring back Jerebko. "The Swedish Larry Bird, you mean?" cracked Ainge. "I’m ready to take Jonas out to play some golf here; he’s supposed to be a good golfer. We’ll have that talk. But I was impressed with Jonas, and I know that [coach] Brad [Stevens] liked Jonas, and his teammates respected him. He plays very hard, and he’s a versatile defender and a guy that can spread the floor. Yeah, we like what he brought to the table. I think I would sign off on the #SignTheSwede hashtag. Again, in free agency, and with our current roster, it all depends. So we have to just see how those negotiations are and how they go and what we end up with in the draft and what our needs are at the end of the day. But Jonas is someone that we’re very high on and that we like very much." ESPN.com

Jerebko and Bass will be unrestricted free agents, but the Celtics will maintain Bird rights on both players. The Celtics could also extend a qualifying offer to Datome, but Ainge declined to say whether he would do so. Boston Globe

"I certainly don't think that Kelly did it on purpose," Ainge said. "I don't even think that that play would have been reviewed more than a foul had Kevin not gotten hurt. But because Kevin did get hurt, the league does evaluate those situations. And I understand a little bit why they did it. "There was a lot of pressure in Cleveland. They were losing J.R. Smith in the first couple games of the next round, and they have Kevin out for the playoffs now. So I'm sure there was a lot of frustration in Cleveland and they wanted some justice. And they scrutinized it, and felt like Kelly gave a little too much at the very end of that arm tangling. "When someone gets hurt, you're just under a little bit more scrutiny. But I thought it was just a foul, two guys going for a loose ball." Booth Newspapers

After getting knocked out of Cleveland's Game 4 win with a shoulder injury -- which required season-ending surgery -- Love said he had "no doubt" Olynyk hurt him on purpose. "I think that that's a little bit over the top," Ainge said Thursday during an end-of-season press conference. "It's understandable in the heat of the battle. I feel bad for Kevin Love because he's waited a long time to get where their team is right now, and now he doesn't get a chance to play." Booth Newspapers

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March 24, 2015 Updates

The Celtics already picked up their team option on Sullinger for next season, but he will become a restricted free agent in 2016. Boston wants to see results before it commits to a long-term deal. Ainge said he has "great interest" in re-signing Sullinger, but he will likely be subjected to a weight clause in his contract, much like Glen Davis had during his tenure in Boston. "I'm perfectly fine with that,'' said Sullinger, in an interview with ESPNBoston.com on Sunday night. "It's not that I need it. It's the simple fact that I know what kind of person I am, and I would never get back to the weight I was [this season].'' Ainge said he wants to believe Sullinger has gotten the message and will lose the weight. "I think he understands,'' Ainge said. "The question is, Can he do it?'' ESPN.com

There are scores of NBA players whose careers were thwarted because of weight issues, among them former Phoenix Suns center Oliver Miller, who played with and was later coached by Ainge in Phoenix. Miller, known as "Big O" because of his size, was a gifted big man who had the skills to be an All-Star center but ballooned to more than 300 pounds and became a journeyman instead. "Danny told me about him,'' Sullinger said. "I don't want to be one of those guys. I know this could hurt my NBA career. If I [don't lose the weight], I'm playing eight to nine years instead of 10 to 15 years. I can't let that happen.'' ESPN.com

March 20, 2015 Updates
March 8, 2015 Updates

When Danny Ainge traded for Ray Allen on draft night in 2007, the legendary shooter was recovering from double ankle surgery. But Ainge believed that Allen still had plenty left. He parted with Wally Szcerbiak, Delonte West and Jeff Green due to that belief. When Allen announced last week that he had decided to not return this season, thus ending the courtship of at least five playoff teams, Ainge had a similar thought. “He has basketball left in him,” the Celtics’ president of basketball operations said. “I don’t know what Ray’s plans are, but he could play again if he wants to.” Boston Herald

It’s a given that he’s in shape. Allen’s training regimen is renowned. The question is whether he grew to enjoy time away from the game too much this season. Ainge is reminded of his 2007 attempt to talk Reggie Miller out of retirement. Ainge was typically thinking big. The idea was to pair probably the two greatest shooters in NBA history on the same team. “I tried to convince him,” Ainge said of Miller. “And he went about trying to see if that’s what he wanted to do. He went through a couple of weeks of really hard workouts. “He was very intrigued, very tempted,” Ainge said. “But he decided against it.” Boston Herald

March 5, 2015 Updates

Celtics president of basketball operations Danny Ainge appeared on 98.5 The Sports Hub's Toucher and Rich program shortly after the Goodman report surfaced and confirmed the two sides were close to a deal. "I probably shouldn’t touch on that yet since it’s still in the works, but that report is accurate," Ainge said. While Ainge wouldn't go into specifics on the signing, he did touch on McGee as a player and what he hopes to see from him in Boston. "Javale is a long, athletic guy," Ainge said when asked for a scouting report on McGee. "We don’t have that type of player. Above the rim, he’s an offensive and defensive player. He’s been paid a lot of money in our league. He’s had some injuries, but he hasn’t lived up to his potential yet. We’re hoping that he can under Brad’s tutelage. I think he’s in a good place emotionally and mentally. I think he really wants to get his career on the right path." Boston Globe

February 26, 2015 Updates
February 23, 2015 Updates

In an interview with CSNNE.com prior to last week’s trade deadline, Ainge alluded to Bass’ future being beyond this season in Boston. “Brandon may be with us next year and the year after that as well,” Ainge said. “What I like about Brandon, he just … he’s never satisfied with his role. He goes about his job the same, every day. He’s a rare guy in that he’s getting better. I think he’s better right now than he’s ever been in his career. And I think his upside is still ahead of him.” CSNNE.com

February 22, 2015 Updates

Before the Pistons signed Datome out of Italy, the Celtics showed some interest. Team president of basketball operations Danny Ainge took a trip overseas to catch a game in person. Still, Datome said Boston did not extend a contract offer. "When free agency started, they never made a real offer," he said, adding, "Nothing real. The only offers I received were from the Pistons and a couple, two, teams. Boston wasn't one of those. They had interest. They came to watch me. But nothing that real." Booth Newspapers

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