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The Celtics are 37-79 over the last two seasons, with only a couple of prospects and the draft picks as hopes for improvement. “Listen, I think nobody wants to lose, not a player, not a coach, not a fan, not an owner. Not any of our sponsors. Not any of our season ticket-holders. I’m not any different than anybody else,” said Ainge. “Losing is tough on everybody, but I’ve been around the game enough that I can appreciate when we play to our potential and don’t get a win. I can appreciate a victory [Wednesday against Brooklyn] that wasn’t our prettiest victory but it was our hardest-fought game.” Boston Globe

The constant losing has driven Ainge to perhaps adjust his expectations and priorities. “I can appreciate the overall improvement of a team, but I feel like we’re always dealing with expectations and we always measure success against what expectations are,” he said. “I have enjoyed moments of this season. It’s not all bad. It’s not all painful. I see a lot of good and a lot of hope and I’m excited about our future. It’s difficult being patient sometimes. If it’s difficult for me to be patient at 55 years old and 35 years of experience in the NBA, imagine how difficult it is to be patient if you’re James Young and you just turned 19 or you’re Brad Stevens and you’re in your second year in the NBA as a young coach. So, I have to show patience throughout the entire organization.” Boston Globe

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