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May 20, 2014 Updates
May 18, 2014 Updates

Faverani may be a little under the radar, but he could well play a prominent role next season. “I think he proved he was good,” said Ainge. “When he was getting minutes for us and when he was playing in the D-League, I think he proved to everyone that he’s an NBA player. He was the only guy on our team this year that was actually any presence at the rim at all. Because Hump (Kris Humphries) was playing well, and Brandon and Kelly and Sully were all playing well, it was just tough for him to get in the rotation. There’s also the language barrier and a cultural thing, but as far as the talent, we think he is definitely an NBA player. I’d like to get an additional (rim protector), but I think Vitor has proven he can play a role for us.” Boston Herald

May 17, 2014 Updates

“Those are the hardest things to find in our business — you know, guys that can finish games, guys that can really score points,” Celtics president of basketball operations Danny Ainge said yesterday. “The Kevin Durants and LeBron Jameses that we’re watching now — Paul George — are the hardest things to find. I think that nobody in this draft can do that for us right away. Could some people in this draft develop into some of those players? I hope so, but those guys are hard to find.” Boston Herald

“There are a lot of good players in this draft, guys that can be starters and guys that can play major roles on really good teams,” Ainge said. “But I’m not sure that there are those 20-to-25-point-a-game guys. Jabari averaged 19 points a game in the ACC, so he seems to be the most prepared to do that. (Joel) Embiid’s a rim protector. Wiggins is one of the freakiest athletes that’s come along, and he scored 16 or 17 a game in a tough conference. That’s probably why everyone’s talking about them at the top of the list, because they bring that scoring ability and that scoring potential to the table.” Boston Herald

“Zach LaVine is very raw,” Ainge said. “He didn’t score much down the stretch (for UCLA). I think (Julius) Randle, although he hasn’t shown he can shoot the ball, is still very young and he has some great scoring potential. Marcus Smart scored 18 points a game in the Big 12. He hasn’t shot the ball well, but he has very good scoring potential. (Dante) Exum, I think, has real good potential to be a scorer and a playmaker. Aaron Gordon’s another guy. These guys are all so young.” Exum would appear to be the most intriguing of the “others.” He has the skills and size that is leading teams to believe he could become special, perhaps enough to challenge Parker, Embiid and Wiggins for a place among the top three. Boston Herald

If the Celtics land on such higher ground, they would have to think long and hard. It’s most important they correctly predict who might be magnetic. “Agreed,” Ainge said. “I mean, that’s a big part of development. It’s hard to predict. It’s really hard to predict who’s going to get better. That’s why there’s such an emphasis on size and body type and how smart they are, how hard they work. That’s why we do all this work in trying to predict who are going to be the guys who succeed.” Boston Herald

May 16, 2014 Updates

Ainge is intrigued by the large pool of the players the Celtics are studying for the 17th pick. “There’s some good talent in that pick,” he said. “Yeah, we’ve got to make the right ones, get the right guys. We don’t take needs. We take the best players available.” Boston Globe

May 13, 2014 Updates

Jackson waited a long time after he retired as a player before becoming a head coach. He had to wait, in part, because he was adamant that he wouldn't start his coaching career as an assistant, like almost all ex-players of all races have to do as they break into the ranks. When you asked him about it during his ABC/ESPN days, he would always have some variation on the sentence, "Danny Ainge didn't have to be an assistant." The inference was clear: Ainge got the Suns' head coaching job two years after he retired as a player, having never before been a coach at any level. If he was good enough to step right in as a head coach, Mark Jackson certainly felt he was good enough to do the same. NBA.com

May 11, 2014 Updates

The Celtics, who currently have the fifth-best odds of landing the top pick in the June 26 draft, will have their most exclusive dance card since 2007 in that regard. The material they can gather this week simply is limited compared to what was available 10 years ago. “It’s just not as informative as it used to be,” Ainge said. “You’re not going to see people playing 5-on-5 anymore. A lot of players aren’t going to work out at this, the way it goes right now.” Boston Herald

“Every year is a little different,” he said. “It almost seems like it’s become a status thing with the way it is right now. It’s like some players are saying, ‘I don’t have to work out there, so I won’t.’ So you’re probably not going to be able to tell much more about the top players in Chicago, unless they show up completely out of shape. But I like the kids who show up and do the work. I just like the kids who have a love for the game and show up with a desire to show that to people. We’re dealing with a lot of young kids here, so there’s the potential to learn something new every time. In Chicago you don’t learn all that much, other than what they’ve been doing in their conditioning programs since the season ended.” Boston Herald

Even here, though, the benefit is limited. A good agent has coached his client on this process, as well. Memorable interviews are limited. “To tell you the truth, I don’t remember all that much from our interviews with Jared (Sullinger) and Kelly (Olynyk),” Ainge said of his most significant rookies from the past two years. “The thing to remember is that all players are getting advice from their agents. A big thing this week will be us trying to schedule workouts.” Boston Herald

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April 20, 2014 Updates

At the February trade deadline, the Celtics stood pat and Ainge said that they felt no pressure to force anything partly because they can fall back on those assets. He said his thinking along those lines hasn’t changed much. “We’ve got to do good deals,” Ainge said. “We can’t force things to happen. Yeah, so I don’t know what’s going to happen. I’m just as intrigued as anybody else. I have some ideas as do all the guys on my staff. We’ll sit down and see what’s realistic and have conversations with other teams in preparation for the offseason, but none of us know what’s going to happen.” Boston Globe

Does Grousbeck’s “fireworks” comment make Ainge push harder to make something happen? “No, listen, I know Wyc and I love working with him,” Ainge said. “We all care about the Celtics fans and our fan base and our partners and our players and our coaches — everybody wants to win and be a championship contender every year. “Wyc knows that we’re sitting in a good situation. We just have to be working to explore every opportunity that we can. I think we’re all excited for the possibilities, and yet I think Wyc is rational and when it comes down to it, he’ll only do deals that he likes.” Boston Globe

April 17, 2014 Updates

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