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August 11, 2014 Updates

Williams gives the Raptors another weapon in their already-deep backcourt, which also features Kyle Lowry, DeMar DeRozan and Greivis Vazquez. When healthy, Williams has been one of the league’s best sixth men and he’s looking forward to bringing energy and instant offense off of the Toronto bench. He believes he fits in better with the Raptors than he did with the Hawks and head coach Mike Budenholzer. “I was actually in L.A. [when the trade happened] – I was in L.A. working out and at the same time having some quiet time with my family,” Williams told Basketball Insiders. “So I was out in L.A. and Danny Ferry gave me a call and said they were exploring some options. He didn’t want me to be blindsided. About three days later, I got traded to Toronto. Basketball Insiders

“I am excited to a part of a young core, I am excited be on a team that wants me, that has a high expectation level for me. My time here in Atlanta, I realized that they were going in a direction that probably didn’t fit my style of play and I probably didn’t fit Coach Bud’s style of play. I’m a guy that needs the ball to be effective and they really didn’t need that from me. They were building a different core of a basketball team. I felt like it worked out for both sides, they got some talented guys in making moves this offseason and I feel great about the fit that I’m in.” Basketball Insiders

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April 13, 2014 Updates

Steve Koonin, currently the president of Turner Entertainment Networks, will soon be named Chief Executive Officer of the Atlanta Hawks, according to several people familiar with the decision. An announcement could come as soon as this week. The Hawks had no comment on the Atlanta Journal-Constitution rerport Sunday. Bob Williams, who serves as President of the Hawks and Philips Arena, will remain with the organization operating the arena. Danny Ferry remains President of Basketball Operations and General Manager. Atlanta Journal-Constitution

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April 1, 2014 Updates

Even though he is frustrated by injuries, Ferry is pleased with the makeup of the roster and the overall direction of the Hawks under first-year coach Mike Budenholzer. "Throughout the year, I felt we've been on a good path," Ferry said. "When healthy, we've been a very good team. I like the way we play. It's system-based. I like our players. There's some substance to them. With the way we're set-up from a salary cap standpoint and a roster standpoint that good things can continue to unfold. "We're not focused on trying to be the eighth seed in the playoffs because that's not our goal. We're trying to build something that's good, sustainable and the components are in place for us to do so." USA Today Sports

March 31, 2014 Updates

“Losing Al Horford early was obviously tough and then on top of that, with four or five players at a time missing big blocks of games during the second half of the season, our group certainly is frustrated,” Ferry said Saturday. “We are on a good path right now. We are very well-coached; when healthy we were a very good team that played with a substance and a clear system-based identity that I really like. “Being the eighth seed in a playoffs is not ever going to be our goal. We want more than that as a team. Our group will keep focusing on finding ways to get better every day. Again, (coach Mike Budenholzer), our players, (co-owner) Bruce (Levenson), we are all going to do good things going forward.” Atlanta Journal-Constitution

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February 11, 2014 Updates

Danny Ferry, true to Spurs form, is radio silent, and Lou Williams’s decline has robbed him of a once intriguing piece. This is a solid roster filled with talented players on movable contracts, but that can cut both ways. The Hawks might be happy landing the no. 3 spot in a turd conference, staying lean, and keeping the war chest intact for whatever comes down the line. But they could also act if a talent they like becomes available, and sources around the NBA continue to insist Ferry is not in love with Jeff Teague’s four-year, $32 million deal. Don’t sleep on the Hawks. Grantland

November 18, 2013 Updates

"As it relates to his returning to the Hawks I spoke to Josh during the season, both before the trade deadline and after, about where his head was regarding his future here as well as our intentions," Ferry told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. "I also had steady and open communication with his agents Brian Dyke and Wallace Prather during the season as well as during the summer. Although we both decided it was best to move in different directions, I wish him well. Josh was obviously a very important part of several good seasons for the Hawks and he did wonderful things in the Atlanta community." Atlanta Journal-Constitution

November 6, 2013 Updates

Hawks general manager Danny Ferry was troubled after point guard Jeff Teague was injured tripping over a baseline attendant during the first quarter of Tuesday’s game. Teague suffered a left ankle sprain and briefly left for the locker room to be re-taped. He returned in the second quarter. Ferry was visibly upset after the incident and followed Teague into the locker room. “The courts can be obstacle courses because of the cameramen and team staff parked around its perimeter,” Ferry said. “It’s not safe. The league should address the issue more and I am hopeful they will in the near future. Until then teams need to do a better job enforcing the current standards. Player safety always has to be a huge priority.” Atlanta Journal-Constitution

October 28, 2013 Updates

Horford hasn't spent a lot of time taking to Ferry about his vision of building the team. "But I see his vision in a way," Horford said. "He wants us to be a team that plays with more pace, that plays faster, very similar to how San Antonio played. To me, as far as players' vision, I don't really, Danny and I don't really talk about that. To me, I'm just kind of focusing on what we have now. I'm sure when the time comes, he'll talk to me about certain issues, what we should do with the team." NBA.com

Adjustments -- that horror of a word -- are nonetheless the essence of the NBA. During seasons, during games, and especially during playoff series, players have to toss what isn't working and change on the fly. It's easier when a team hasn't won or had success, though. Horford and the Hawks have, albeit not at a championship level. So, how patient can he be while Ferry's and Budenholzer's regime takes hold? "That's a very fair question," Horford said by phone Friday afternoon. "I do realize that, and I do want to win. I do want to be in a really good position to compete. I wonder. I do wonder what's going to be our next move as a team. But for now, all I can focus on is this team, this year. But absolutely -- I want to compete. I want to be part of a winning, successful, championship team. I do trust that Danny's moving in the right direction, but like you said, I have been in seven years already. Some things are going to have to happen the next few years." NBA.com

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