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The relentless Spurs are still coming, alright, and it's not just the Heat that they have in their sights. Their 7-1 record thus far has come in buzzsaw fashion, with San Antonio slicing through the likes of Memphis, the Lakers, Denver, Phoenix, Golden State, New York and Philadelphia while losing only a road game at Portland. And as Green made clear, their strong start has come amid this cloud of disappointment that never truly went away. "It's not easy, man," he told USA TODAY Sports. "I feel like every day, every game that we have now, you'd think (those Finals memories) would go away. But it's always lingering there. Even with the little mistakes, the subtle mistakes here and there, you (think) back to the mistakes that we made in June…We feel like we're preparing for that now, which is good, and I think it's going to help us." USA Today Sports

"You have everybody back, so I figured (that) not much would change (about his role)," Green said. "But some things have changed. Pop's Pop. He does things the way he does them, and you can't predict anything, so you have to roll with however it is he wants things done. You've got to adjust. "He's obviously trying to make me better than what I am. He's picking things here and there for me to work on, wanting me to work on them and get them done faster, better, to have better habits, which is why my leash is not as long as you'd expect it to be. But it's part of the game, part of the business. And if you want to be successful here, you've got to roll with it." USA Today Sports

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Having added a logo-only uniform last season, the Spurs are expanding their wardrobe even further this season with a special camouflage alternate to honor San Antonio’s strong military roots. Danny Green and Kawhi Leonard shot pictures behind closed doors following Monday’s practice. Green said he’d already seen the jerseys, giving them an endorsement. “It’s a fatigue-type style,” he said. “They’re pretty nice.” No immediate word on when or how often the Spurs will wear the jerseys, images of which were not yet publicly available. The logo jerseys had originally been intended for select dates last season before serving as the team’s de facto home uniforms for long stretches. Camo alternates aren’t uncommon in pro sports. Toronto became the first NBA to wear them, in 2011-12. Now, fittingly, the Spurs will join them. San Antonio Express-News

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“My life has changed a lot after the Finals,” Danny Green said. “I got national exposure. I’ve had a chance to travel the world and meet fans because I played in the finals.” The turnout was a success, according to Green, which gave him a chance to give back to the large Spurs fanbase in the Valley. “It’s a good turnout. I’m excited,” he said. “Seeing how the fans are here it’s crazy. I love the support and it’s a great opportunity to build a bigger fan base here and in Mexico.” TheMonitor.com

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During the wild night of partying that followed the Miami Heat’s victory in Game 7 of the NBA Finals, Danny Green of the San Antonio Spurs was spotted at the same nightclub as many of the Heat players, and embraced LeBron James. Green was lambasted on Twitter by fans for “partying with the Heat,” but Green tried to set the record straight, explaining that it was sheer coincidence that he was at the same club Thursday night. Danny Green: Got give credit to Miami...but don't think for one sec I was out celebrating with them...jus happened to be at the same place, wrong time. For The Win

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Danny Green, whose red-hot shooting has helped the Spurs battle defending champion Miami to a 3-3 deadlock in the Finals, is dealing with illness on the verge of tonight’s Game 7. “I’m not feeling the best I can,” he said. “A little under the weather.” San Antonio Express-News

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