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AJ: "I remember with the Nets, Billy King and I, we were trying convince Pop to cut Danny Green so we could bring him at the time to New Jersey." SAS: "You were trying to hoodwink Pop? AJ: "YES!" (all laugh) SAS: "Oh my goodness! You were trying to hoodwink Pop." AJ: "And Pop said if he has one more bad game we're going to cut him and he made a bunch of threes in this one particular game and he kept him." If so, sounds like January 7, 2012, when Green hit 3 of 4 three pointers on the way to 24 points in 33 minutes. NetsDaily

Ferry saw a lot more than a specialist when he would watch Green as a rookie in Cleveland in 2009-10. He saw athleticism, length and intelligence. "There were many practices that he was second-best player on court (after LeBron James)," Ferry wrote in a text message. ESPN.com

Green hit six three-pointers in San Antonio’s 114-104 victory over Miami on Sunday, helping to deliver a 3-2 series lead as the teams head back to South Florida for Game 6 on Tuesday. His remarkable three-point run now includes 25 makes through the first five games, already an NBA record. He’s currently shooting an unconscious 25-for-38 (65.8) percent from deep in the Finals, yet somehow still manages to find sufficient daylight to launch. “I can’t believe he’s still open at this moment in the series,” Spurs guard Tony Parker declared after Game 5. “They are still trapping me and doubling [Tim Duncan], and Danny is wide open. He’s shooting the ball well. If you are going to leave Danny wide open, he’s going to make threes.” SI.com

Green didn’t even know the record was within reach. “I had no idea,” he said. “After the game today I found out. Lucky enough, blessed enough to have the opportunity to be on the stage. My teammates have done a great job of finding me and getting me open, and as I said, luckily it seems everything is going right for me.” NBCSports.com

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And then there is the story of the player who broke into the NBA as LeBron James’ teammate, only to be cut by the Cavaliers and then twice more by the Spurs before San Antonio took a third chance on him and found a shooter who was capable of delivering what Robert Horry, Brent Barry, Stephen Jackson and Steve Kerr did for past Spurs teams. His name is Danny Green, and his story is as interesting as any player in the 2013 NBA Finals. Green was actually playing in Slovenia a year and a half ago, when the NBA was shut down by the lockout. Neal made stops in Turkey, Italy and Spain before making it to the NBA. Yes, even the American players on the NBA’s most international roster have worldwide resumes that they bring to the mix. SheridanHoops

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When a new player comes to the Spurs, there are hundreds of little things he must learn in order to incorporate himself into The Spurs Way. Somewhere on the list: When you’re on the floor with Manu Ginobili, be sure to keep your head up. Danny Green learned as much when he joined the Spurs two seasons ago. “When he has the ball, you just know anything can happen — hopefully good, sometimes bad,” Green said Saturday. “You just know if he’s open, he’s going to find you. You have to be ready to shoot it or make a play.” San Antonio Express-News

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