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February 11, 2014 Updates

Danny Schayes: I will not be the next Executive Director of the players union. I got word of my rejection via e-mail, with no further explanation, so I decided to use my column this week to describe what is going on during the selection process, and what a shame it is. SheridanHoops

Danny Schayes: I recently became part of the process as a candidate for the job. I found the process to be secretive, manipulative, and full of conflicting agendas fighting for control. Not surprising given the history of the NBPA and players in general. Pro athletes are among the most manipulated of all employees. SheridanHoops

Danny Schayes: • Athletes, like entertainers, have the biggest disconnect between how much they earn and what they know about money and finance. They are paid like CEOs of billion dollar companies without having a clue about money. • They are trained from childhood to be coached and managed. They grow up being surrounded by folks telling them what to do and where to go. Their world is sports, and it is consuming mentally and physically, leaving room for little else. • Once in the pros they are represented by agents who tell them “just play, I’ll take care of everything else”! They have financial dealings with dozens of people who’s job it is to separate them from their money. Like Elvis, they become surrounded by “friends” and advisors who have no incentive to help them become educated. SheridanHoops

Danny Schayes: • The less athletes know, the easier it is to “manage” them. That’s code for CONTROL, the key to player representation. Player “management” is the golden ticket to the money train. Billions of dollars are at stake. • They are forced to rely on professional advisors in areas that they know nothing about. Many players are totally dependent on their advisors with no real way to understand them. • Varied agendas are held by the agents, the teams, the league, the posses, the families, and numerous other entities. The turf wars are a thing of beauty. • Players are forced to operate in areas that are totally foreign to them. They might as well be reading Chinese. SheridanHoops

Danny Schayes: When I met later with Steve Blake, I was a little dismayed that he had not read any of the material that I submitted. It showed that either he was not fully prepared or I was not being taken seriously. Still we did the interview and again, I thought that it went as well as it could. In both of their defense, they were dealing with injuries while trying to manage these interviews that were being done on the fly. Again, this is what you get when the process is done during the season — distracted players. SheridanHoops

March 12, 2013 Updates

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