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February 29, 2012 Updates
December 23, 2011 Updates

The Bobcats chose not to match a Memphis Grizzlies offer sheet on restricted free-agent forward Dante Cunningham. Doing so would have obligated the Bobcats to about $4 million in total guarantees this season and next. With long-range shooter Reggie Williams recovering from surgery to repair knee cartilage, Higgins would like another scoring option. Charlotte Observer

December 21, 2011 Updates

The Charlotte Bobcats have until Friday to decide whether to match the offer sheet the Memphis Grizzlies signed with restricted free agent Dante Cunningham. Bobcats player- personnel chief Rod Higgins received the offer sheet late Tuesday afternoon. He said the team would wait at least until today to decide what to do. Charlotte Observer

December 20, 2011 Updates

Late Tuesday afternoon, the Charlotte Bobcats received the Memphis Grizzlies' offer sheet on forward Dante Cunningham. The Bobcats have 3 days to decide whether to match. Rod Higgins, the Bobcats' player-personnel chief, told the Observer the team will at least wait until Wednesday to make a decision. Charlotte Observer

The Grizzlies are preparing an offer sheet for Charlotte Bobcats restricted free agent Dante Cunningham, and team officials have held trade discussions with the Philadelphia 76ers as a response to forward Darrell Arthur’s season-ending Achilles injury. Memphis Commercial Appeal

September 14, 2011 Updates

Dante Cunningham, a former basketball player from Villanova University, pleaded guilty Tuesday in Radnor to equipment violations but had more serious charges dropped. Radnor police arrested Cunningham, 24, who now plays in the NBA, in April. When they arrested him, police said, there was a strong odor of marijuana coming from the open window of his car. A Tupperware container with a green vegetable matter was found under a fold-down center console next to the driver’s seat. There was also a silver grinder with the same green vegetable matter inside, police said. A purple ceramic smoking pipe, a partially smoked blunt and a loaded black BB gun were also found by police. Mainline Media News

September 13, 2011 Updates

Based on court documents available on the internet Tuesday, Charlotte Bobcats forward Dante Cunningham will not face charges involving possession of marijuana and a pellet gun in suburban Philadelphia. Cunningham had a court hearing in the town of Radnor Tuesday afternoon to address charges resulting from an April 29 traffic stop. At the time, he was charged with marijuana possession, possession of drug paraphernalia and possession of a pellet gun, along with unsafe equipment on his car and disorderly conduct, relating to unreasonable noise. Charlotte Observer

June 28, 2011 Updates
June 24, 2011 Updates

Rod Higgins continues to be non-commital about making a qualifying offer to Dante Cunningham. Small forward is the Bobcats' most shallow position, but maybe they just don't want to guarantee Cunningham a million dollars for the season. Charlotte Observer

June 15, 2011 Updates
May 5, 2011 Updates

He noted that Cunningham was pulled over for reckless driving and that police searched his car because of the scent of marijuana. As the ex-GM described, the real issue is Cunningham’s judgment when he’s in position to cash in as a successful second-round pick. This ex-GM said this could go two ways: Either this is a teachable moment about responsibility or a sign the Bobcats should walk away. He said Bobcats management should sit down with Cunningham, grasping maximum leverage, and ask him how serious he is about his career going forward. Charlotte Observer

May 4, 2011 Updates

Charlotte Bobcats forward Dante Cunningham was arrested Friday in suburban Philadelphia, after police found a small amount of marijuana in his car during a traffic stop. The Bobcats put out a brief statement saying they’re aware of the situation and will have no further comment until Cunningham’s legal process is resolved. Some additional background, on Cunningham’s contract status and the NBA’s policy concerning marijuana: Cunningham, who just completed his second NBA season, made about $762,000 last season. His contract expires July 1, so the Bobcats don’t currently have any financially obligation to him. The Bobcats can make Cunningham a restricted free agent by making him a qualifying offer in June. Under the current collective bargaining agreement, that qualifying offer would be 125 percent of his current salary, or about $952,000. Charlotte Observer

It’s unknown whether Cunningham might already be in the NBA’s anti-drug program, since the league generally keeps those measures confidential until a suspension is warranted. Original Bobcats owner Bob Johnson established a strict personal-conduct policy for team employees at the franchise’s outset. However, current owner Michael Jordan says he wasn’t aware of Johnson’s policy when he first joined the team as head of basketball operations. Jordan has been less stringent in his approach to player conduct. Charlotte Observer

May 3, 2011 Updates

Dante Cunningham, former Villanova basketball star and current NBA player for the Charlotte Bobcats, was arrested in Radnor Township Friday, sources tell NBC Philadelphia. Cunningham was pulled over by township police on the 100 block of East Lancaster Avenue for alleged speeding and reckless driving Friday, according to sources. NBC Philadelphia

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