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November 20, 2012 Updates

Video: Doc Rivers admits Darko is "most likely" done in Boston: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XUfaSsJd1ZU&feature=plcp … Twitter

Darko Milicic, signed in the offseason to provide depth in the frontcourt, reportedly has been considering returning to his native Serbia to be with his ailing mother. Milicic, a bust as the second overall pick in the 2003 draft, has appeared in just one game for the Celtics. "It's up to him right now," Rivers said. "He has some family issues, more his mom. Not playing, and being in another country, and the NBA hasn't gone exactly great for him over his career. So, it's a lot of reasons for him to want to leave. And I understand that, and I told him that. So, I pretty much left it up to him. He has my blessing either way." WEEI.com

Meanwhile, an NBA source acknowledged that Darko Milicic may miss an undetermined amount of time because his mother is ill, and he may not return to the team. The Celtics are being very sensitive with Milicic and there isn’t likely to be movement unless he makes a decision to remain in his native Serbia. Boston Globe

Boston is 30th in rebounding and could use a boost. Kenyon Martin, the much-traveled No. 1 overall pick in 2000, is a free agent and hasn’t bolted for China or other opportunities like some of his aging brethren. Ainge signed Milicic and Jason Collins to add depth at center but neither is playing and that means Rivers doesn’t think they will be productive. If a roster spot opens, the Celtics should take a serious look at Martin. Boston Globe

November 19, 2012 Updates
November 9, 2012 Updates

Darko Milicic: "(Last Friday) it took me two hours to get here from where I come from. There was traffic. I don't know where these people are going. New York is ten times bigger than Boston. It's worse here and this city is ten times smaller than New York. I don't understand where these people are coming from. It's wasted time. I hate traffic. I left an hour-and-a-half early and I thought I'd be here in a half (hour). It sure wasn't enough because it took me two hours." CSNNE.com

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October 11, 2012 Updates
October 7, 2012 Updates

Doc Rivers on working on Darko's confidence: "“He just needs a chance; he just needs a team that wants him to do his job without asking him to be the No. 2 pick in the draft. We’re just asking him to be part of a group and part of a team. We give him roles on the team. I think he likes the roles that we’ve given him and he didn’t feel any extra pressure. So far so good. We just have to keep him in that frame of mind that he’s in now. "You can see that he gets frustrated easy. So we’re trying to eliminate those episodes. Our thing right now with Darko is to play forward. From being around for a short time, as a coach I can probably feel he’s played his career backwards. He lives in the past a lot and we’re trying to get him to live in the future. I told him (Friday), the only time I’ll take you out is if you make a mistake and make another mistake because you’re thinking about the last mistake. I won’t take you out for making a mistake. So hopefully that works.” Sulia

October 6, 2012 Updates
October 2, 2012 Updates

Wolves coach Rick Adelman pretty much exiled Milicic after he was injured about one-third of the way through last season, and he rarely saw court time, even when center Nikola Pekovic had his assortment of ankle problems. Adelman thought Darko was out of shape, among other things. Milicic said he didn't know what was going on. "I was trying to find answers," Milicic told CSN New England. "[Nikola] Pekovic, he started playing well. I wasn't asking about starting. I wanted to ask about why I wasn't playing at all. I hear a lot of this and that . . . I was like, 'If you guys going to fool around and make excuses' . . . we kind of separated from each other." Minneapolis Star-Tribune

October 1, 2012 Updates

Milicic added: "I'll do whatever it takes, whatever I need to do to help this team. So now, if I have to go kill someone on the court, I'll kill someone on the court." CSNNE.com

September 30, 2012 Updates

Reliving the past doesn't do Milicic any good. Living in the past? That's even worse. "I'm done trying to prove I'm the No. 2 pick and that [expletive] stuff," Milicic told CSNNE.com. "This year, it's all about Celtics, to show that I am a team player. It's not about me. It's about us as a team. CSNNE.com

Milicic added: "I'll do whatever it takes, whatever I need to do to help this team. So now, if I have to go kill someone on the court, I'll kill someone on the court." Uh, just grab a few rebounds, maybe block a shot or two and defend. Basketball homicide not required. "Whatever needs to be done for the team to be better," Milicic added, "I'll do it." CSNNE.com

September 29, 2012 Updates

Darko Milicic on Kevin Garnett: “I’m excited to learn from him, but I’m excited to learn from everybody else, because that’s what Boston is all about. It’s about teamwork. It’s not about one guy; it’s about everybody. It’s a team. Whatever my job is going to be … we have a championship team, so all the pieces have to be together on the same page, because that’s how the championships are won — by the whole team playing well.” WEEI.com

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