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The Celtics considered him a pseudo-advance scout, listening and looking for cues from the opponent, then calling out exactly what they were about to do. Before Rondo's first playoff series against Atlanta in 2008, the Celtics distributed a 100-page book full of the Hawks' plays and statistics. Rondo took it home, then challenged assistant Darren Erman the next morning: "Quiz me on anything." Rondo nailed every question, until Erman tossed a curveball -- a question about something that wasn't in the book. "Fuck you," Rondo said. "That's not in there." Once, when Erman was with the Warriors, his team ran a side out-of-bounds play, called C, that he says they'd run maybe 15 times all season. They called the play. Rondo immediately shouted, "C! Rip screen, rip screen!" Erman and then-Warriors assistant Brian Scalabrine looked at each other, stunned: How in the hell did he know that? ESPN.com

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As Boston Celtics star Rajon Rondo sat next to assistant coach Darren Erman, a reporter decided to put Rondo on the spot: What’s the smartest thing Erman has ever told you? The question came in a half-joking tone, but Rondo, after finishing practice Thursday afternoon at FedExForum, responded with the utmost praise. “He’s the best guy in the league to me as far as scouting reports,” Rondo said. “I call him Baby Thibodeau. Thibs is the best at it, to me, defensively. He’s the best defensive coach I’ve ever played for. (Erman is) pretty much a miniature Thibodeau.” Booth Newspapers

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Darren Erman’s exit from the Warriors was controversial; he was fired by coach Mark Jackson for apparently recording private conversations after feeling betrayed by the rest of the coaching staff. But he has received nothing but positive reviews in his return to the Celtics as an assistant coach, replacing Ron Adams. “Darren’s really a great defensive coach,” Stevens said. “He’s more than that. He is as detail-oriented as detail-oriented gets. If your hands aren’t in the right place as you’re guarding the pick-and-roll or if your body positioning is not at the right angle, he’ll stop it and he’ll correct it. He’s really studied the game and I think that adds another good, young, ambitious guy that’s really excited to help these guys get better.” Boston Globe

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To help fill out the Celtics’ staff, Stevens will add Darren Erman as an assistant, the sources said. Erman recently was named the Celtics’ director of NBA scouting after being fired by the Warriors in April for taping conversations with fellow members of the coaching staff without their knowledge. Erman also worked for the Celtics as an assistant coach for four seasons under Doc Rivers, including the team’s 2007-08 championship season. Boston Globe

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Ultimate judgments should still be reserved because the second half of the story has yet to unfold. Jackson's personality rubbed ownership and management the wrong way, and they grew tired of the silliness that took place on his coaching staff. Two assistant coaches, Brian Scalabrine and Darren Erman, were removed during the season as distrust from all corners spread. No one seemed to care anymore that Jackson had his players behind him or that he led the way in a surprising second round playoff appearance in 2013 or that the Warriors posted their best regular season record since the 1993-94 campaign while executing on Lacob's top priority of improving the team defensively (third in points allowed per possession). USA Today Sports

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Multiple league sources confirmed the gist of Broussard’s report, and that Erman was concerned Mark Jackson and other coaches loyal to Jackson were insulting Erman to other players behind Erman’s back. The team had no choice but to fire Erman. However, the front office is fond of Erman and was upset at having to let him go, according to multiple sources familiar with the matter. The Erman firing and demotion of Brian Scalabrine have raised tensions throughout the Warriors’ organization. Grantland

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