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May 27, 2014 Updates

But Scola is a true basketball character, a superstar on the international stage for the legendary Argentina team that dethroned Team USA early in the 2000s. Teammates and coaches revere him. Battier cited him this weekend as one of his favorite teammates, and Daryl Morey said Kevin McHale is still asking if the Rockets could reacquire Scola. Grantland

May 19, 2014 Updates
May 8, 2014 Updates

Daryl Morey: Will be back RT @suhlnichi: what are your plans regarding #CP25? Twitter @dmorey

Daryl Morey: @Troy Daniels will stick & defensive wing MT @aggiebrett: Good chance Daniels sticks with club next year? Do you value defensive 3 or 4 more? Twitter @dmorey

Daryl Morey: need a top 10 Defense to go along with our dynamic offense MT @VandyRiz: what's the greatest weakness U think this team needs to address? Twitter @dmorey

May 5, 2014 Updates
May 4, 2014 Updates

Q: To be a true championship contender do you have to get a third All-Star caliber guy or do you just need to add a group of strong rotation players? Daryl Morey: “I would always take a third All-Star guy either from one of our guys improving or addition. There’s no negative to adding an All-Star level player. That said, I don’t feel it’s necessary. I do feel it’s my job to explore those things. I think our group playing more together after only a season together plus a lot of young players that can take a step forward and improve, plus we’ve got financial flexibility this year. We’re not limited to minimum player additions. Houston Chronicle

Daryl Morey: “We have all our draft picks going forward to execute trades if necessary. We’ve got a lot of flexibility to improve. It’s my job to get that done and the players’ job to work on their games over the summer. The coaches are taking another look at our strategies and deciding what we’re going to do different next year to improve.” Houston Chronicle

Q: Because of their contract situations, the next largest after Dwight Howard and James Harden, do any moves need to involve Jeremy Lin and/or Omer Asik? Daryl Morey: “I don’t expect something bigger like that to happen. I could see where you would look to that if something bigger were to happen, but I don’t anticipate that.” Houston Chronicle

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