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An urgency to win: Morey has long been known as one of the most active executives in the league, and he has no plans to change now. This is music to the ears of players who want to know their general manager is always working to improve the roster. "We're always aggressive," Morey said. "That's just in our owner's makeup, whether it's adding Clyde (Drexler in 1995) to an already-championship team to adding (Charles) Barkley on a team (in 1996) that might have been just as good as their championship teams but came up short, to obviously doing moves for Tracy McGrady and then James Harden. Our owner has got aggressiveness in his DNA, and obviously I'm at the tip of his spear." USA Today Sports

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Stability: Since Les Alexander bought the team in 1993, the Rockets have had just four coaches during that time and just two general managers since 1996. By comparison on the coaching front, only the Utah Jazz have had fewer coaches (three) and the San Antonio Spurs have also had four. "The reason the West is so strong is because the owners are better," Morey told USA TODAY Sports. "I think the free agents are getting smarter and they're picking owners." USA Today Sports

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But Scola is a true basketball character, a superstar on the international stage for the legendary Argentina team that dethroned Team USA early in the 2000s. Teammates and coaches revere him. Battier cited him this weekend as one of his favorite teammates, and Daryl Morey said Kevin McHale is still asking if the Rockets could reacquire Scola. Grantland

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Daryl Morey: Will be back RT @suhlnichi: what are your plans regarding #CP25? Twitter @dmorey

Daryl Morey: @Troy Daniels will stick & defensive wing MT @aggiebrett: Good chance Daniels sticks with club next year? Do you value defensive 3 or 4 more? Twitter @dmorey

Daryl Morey: need a top 10 Defense to go along with our dynamic offense MT @VandyRiz: what's the greatest weakness U think this team needs to address? Twitter @dmorey

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