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December 18, 2014 Updates

The crowd, which was amped early, left in the fourth quarter as the Cavs turned in their most disappointing performance of the year. Losing happens, especially against a talented team like the Hawks, but the fight wasn't there, something Blatt admitted after the game. It left him sitting at the podium after the game with very little to say. "I don't want to get up and walk out of here, that's not fair to you," Blatt said. "I really don't have too much to say. That was embarrassing how we played. I apologize to all the good fans that came out here as they always do. Really just a poor, poor performance and I don't really have a whole lot to say." Cleveland Plain Dealer

December 14, 2014 Updates

Head coach David Blatt met with Waiters a few times to address his guard's struggles. Blatt held firm, elucidated on what he expected from his best playmaker off the bench and Waiters explained how he felt he would be most effective. Common ground wasn't reached at the outset. "Yeah, we talked," Waiters said. "He said his side of the story and I said mine. It took a while. It took a while for us to actually start getting it." Cleveland Plain Dealer

December 13, 2014 Updates

The knockout punch was comedian Hannibal Buress (he of the Bill Cosby fame) who somehow got a press credential and concluded Blatt’s postgame session by asking, “Coach, even though you guys lost the game, is there still a part of you that thinks, ‘Hey man, it’s just a game. Life is pretty chill otherwise?’” While the rest of us looked at each other with that “who farted?” expression, Blatt actually gave him a good answer. “I’m a basketball coach and unfortunately I do not have that luxury,” he said. “We live hard, work harder and we die young. And games like this contribute heavily to our early demise.” Akron Beacon Journal

December 9, 2014 Updates

"His basketball IQ is probably off the charts," Karl said. "He's got to package it with his team, with his comfort zone, with his coaching staff, with his preparation, and it just doesn't happen in 10 games. I mean, for a rookie coach, it might take a season. He might not feel comfortable until the 75th game of the season." Before coaching his 17th, last Thursday at Madison Square Garden, Blatt acknowledged "there's a lot to learn" about the "particular characteristics and nuances," from the rules to the length of the game, as well as "the severity of the season." Bleacher Report

Fratello called NBA players an especially "funny breed" in that sense, craving routine. "So when you are coaching an NBA player, if he knows what to expect, he knows when he's going in, he gets himself mentally into it," Fratello said. "But when you're jerking him in, jerking him out, the majority of them don't take that as well." It's better, Fratello believes, to "eliminate an excuse" by offering a steady plan. "But it's tough to do that if you don't know what it is that you're trying to get to," he said. Bleacher Report

Blatt has trimmed James' by nearly two per game since James took the unusual step of publicly endorsing a reduction for the better of himself and the team. But entering Monday's romp, which allowed all three stars to sit early, James, Kyrie Irving and Kevin Love still ranked third, fourth and 11th in the league in minutes, respectively. Fratello thinks more players could earn trust over time, since it generally takes 20 regular-season games for some veterans to get into "NBA game-type shape." Monday, Blatt also spoke of now recognizing the need to distribute minutes more widely due to the compacted schedule. "You have to think going forward," Blatt said, "in terms of the load and the minutes that you can play guys, considering what's coming down the line." Bleacher Report

George Karl is not alone among those recognizing something else: that the European principles Blatt had been expected to bring to Cleveland are revolutionizing NBA offenses. "You know, the European style is draw-and-kick basketball, open space up, let the ball attack the defense and find the mistake," Karl said. "And [the Cavaliers] have a lot of that in their offense. But I'm not into this European thing. You know, I steal from everybody. And I guarantee the NBA has 90 percent of the best stuff, and Europe might have some. But I think they've stolen from us more than we've stolen from them." Bleacher Report

As long as you find some way to win, as Blatt has done lately, there's little cause for worry. "Because even if you are doing a s----y job, winning brings credibility and confidence to players, and that's the only thing that gets in the way of you not becoming good, is not having enough time," Van Gundy said. "No one's good right away. You either have enough good players to cover up for your mistakes, which I had in New York, or you don't. And as you're learning how to coach, and how you are going to schedule, and how you are going to practice, or just however you go about doing the job, if you get enough time, you'll be good. It's just, can you get enough time?" Bleacher Report

December 5, 2014 Updates

David Blatt, the 1st year head coach (in name only?) of the Cavs, called a timeout late in the 4th quarter Thursday night to set up a final play for Cleveland against the Knicks. Cleveland was up one and had the ball, and as point guard Kyrie Irving dribbled around near midcourt, wondering who he might take off the dribble, Blatt called timeout. Check out Irving’s reaction. He might as well have asked “WTF are you doing?” I wonder if that’s LeBron rubbing off on Irving. LeBron, frequently this season, has been seen taking command in the huddle, with the rookie coach silent, and the players listening. The Big Lead

December 1, 2014 Updates
November 30, 2014 Updates

“In general, I would like to say, I think Kevin Love is playing the best defense of his career so far,” Blatt said. “He can get better like all of us can, but he’s doing a good job. He’s buying into the system, into the principles, and he needs to continue to do that and we need to continue to involve him in the way that we are.” ESPN.com

November 23, 2014 Updates

The situation is getting worse as the Cavaliers extended their losing streak to four with a 110-93 loss to the Toronto Raptors on Saturday at The Q. "[We're] not taking good care of the ball," said Blatt before the game. "Missing easy opportunities on the break. Not screening the way that we should. Not playing with the level of physicality that we need to and other things." Cleveland Plain Dealer

Blatt has made one change already in his starting lineup. The coach seems ready to make another. "Yes," Blatt said when asked if he was contemplating a lineup change. He also mentioned it could potentially happen before Monday's game against the Orlando Magic. Cleveland Plain Dealer

Blatt talked about the biggest issue the Cavs have on defense at the moment, and he didn't hesitate in the pregame. "Point of entry defense," Blatt said. In part he was referring to his guards on the perimeter. Dribble penetration has been an issue. Opposing guards in particular. That problem showed against the Raptors, whose guards scored 86 of the 110 points. Cleveland Plain Dealer

November 22, 2014 Updates

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