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But Noah gets a chance to be physical with the Cavs and had a tough foul on James early in the third quarter with the Cavs leading 65-60. The officials jumped in as James got up and seemed to walk toward Noah. But James was just walking to the free throw line to shoot. On the next possession, Noah would stop a Cavs fast break with a little hip check foul on James. Though they both were common fouls and not really out of the ordinary, Cavs coach David Blatt after the game offered his own dramatic soliloquy about the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune heaped on his star. "I thought some of the things that happened were a little overboard. I really do," Blatt said afterward. "But the league will take a look at it and they'll decide what's right." NBA.com

April 3, 2015 Updates

Kyrie Irving missed shootaround on Thursday morning, unable to participate because of an illness. When the media chatted with Cavs head coach David Blatt before the game he was hopeful, but still unsure about Irving's availability. "It wasn't close at all," Irving responded when asked about how close he was to not playing. "I just wasn't feeling well this morning. I was in a little bit of a daze when I woke up, my body was cramping up. I had my mind made up that I was going to play regardless, not too sick to play." Cleveland Plain Dealer

April 2, 2015 Updates

"I saw a pretty good player when we first came into camp," Cavs coach David Blatt said. "I'm not seeing him do different things. I just think his level of commitment to both ends of the court is extremely high. "His ability to incorporate his skillset with other great players like Kevin (Love), LeBron (James) and the other guys we brought to the team is a real step forward because he hasn't had to do that before or hasn't had the opportunity to do that before." USA Today Sports

"Why wouldn't you give me the freedom for playcalling? That's like telling Peyton Manning or Tom Brady, don't give them the freedom to change in the huddle," James said. "I'm a smart, cerebral basketball player, my basketball IQ is very high, and I take that very seriously, so I know what best suits our team and our coaching staff does as well. Cleveland Plain Dealer

There were numerous occasions this season when it was obvious James and Blatt were not on the same page, especially early. Blatt, who is in his first season coaching in the NBA after decades overseas, has had to fight to shed the "rookie coach" label that James placed upon him. But James calling out sets with the ball in his hands isn't one of those examples. He did the same thing playing for Miami's Erik Spoelstra, Cleveland's Mike Brown, and Paul Silas. And it's not just James. Cleveland Plain Dealer

April 1, 2015 Updates

The whole thing is worth a listen, but I'd like to draw your attention to one particularly illuminating anecdote regarding David Blatt's play-calling duties. Here's Windhorst: The Princeton offense that David Blatt installed in the preseason, they just threw that out. What typically happens—and this has been happening for like three months now—is LeBron will take the ball, and LeBron will call the play. David Blatt will see what play LeBron calls, and he will repeat it to the team. That happens on a regular basis. Deadspin.com

March 28, 2015 Updates

As he's gotten more involved over the years, though, he's cut back his visibility on social media and limited his interactions with the media. He was the driving force in the hiring of David Blatt as head coach last year but did not attend his news conference or the one held when the team announced the acquisition of Love. There was no news conference held when James signed. He did not attend the news conference when Griffin was named GM. Earlier in his tenure, Gilbert was always front and center in these types of moments. ESPN.com

March 24, 2015 Updates

To recap, on March 16th, Blatt said: "We've got to finish in second place" in the East. Told of Blatt's remark, James said: "That's for the coaching staff, that's what they want. For me, I never play for seeding, I just play." In conversations with league sources, the Northeast Ohio Media Group was told Blatt probably shouldn't have said it. The Cavs, though squarely in second place, will likely want to rest James and other key players at some point in April, which could spell a loss or two. Cleveland Plain Dealer

March 22, 2015 Updates

Why does David Blatt not expand his rotation a bit? I’ve been shocked Perkins doesn’t play more. 
@Solano_56 I wrote when they acquired him that Kendrick Perkins was simply an insurance policy. He’s that break-glass-in-case-of-emergency big at the end of the bench. He was never brought here with the intent of playing heavy minutes based at least in part on the fact the Thunder struggled this season when he was on the court. There are moments Perkins is valuable, but overall, he won’t be part of the rotation unless there is an injury or foul trouble. Akron Beacon Journal

March 18, 2015 Updates

Kevin Love will start for the Cleveland Cavaliers on Wednesday night against the Brooklyn Nets after skipping two games. He firmly denied he took the time off to deal with a back issue that has been bothering him off and on throughout the season. "Me resting had nothing to do with my back," Love said Wednesday morning. "Coach (David Blatt) had approached me. I was playing heavy minutes and he came to me and asked if I'd sit a game or two and that's all it was." ESPN.com

Blatt previously said Love came to him to ask for rest. Love said Wednesday it was Blatt who came to him with the idea. Either way, Love said he thinks his five days off will have a positive effect. "I feel good. Anytime you take a couple days and a couple games in this part of the season, you come back feeling a little bit better," Love said. "Everybody is focusing on their health; everyone wants to have a full roster come playoff time. This is my first experience going through it." ESPN.com

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