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July 16, 2014 Updates

You won’t play the full Princeton offense in Cleveland, right? In the full Princeton, there are no plays. Well, there are plays, but there are not called plays. According to the movement of the ball, and the movement of the center, you’re gonna get into certain sets that you read according to how the defense plays you. That’s the part of the Princeton offense you can see in my teams — the reading and the multi-option possibilities off of any play. The Princeton offense is something that takes a long time to develop. It requires a particular kind of player, and more than anything else, it requires the giving up on the part of all the players of almost everything they know. But elements of the Princeton offense, in my mind — they are the right way to play. Grantland

LeBron never really played the 4 [power forward] in Cleveland, but he played it a ton in Miami. Will you use him in that role, with just one traditional big man on the floor? I just came from the land of the stretch 4s. Stretch 4s became popular in the United States because of Europe. If anyone knows that style of play, it’s probably me. Yeah, you’ll see LeBron there. You’ll see LeBron all over the floor, just like he’s used to playing. I don’t have to change him. Grantland

The one guy people say is not a Blatt player — that he’s going to struggle with you — is Dion Waiters. He sometimes doesn’t get back on defense, his shot selection can get iffy. People are already worried you can’t coexist. Is that fair? That’s grossly unfair. Grossly. I’m really excited about working with Dion. I hope I can help make him a better player, and reach the level I know he wants to be at. He’s got great talent. I’ve spoken to him, and I think he’s a really good guy. I’m excited as hell about working with him. By the way, part of any player’s performance is how the coach works with him, and helps him find his way. Dion Waiters and any other player on the Cavs — it’s my responsibility. It’s my job to get the best out of him. It’s not his job solely to be this, or to be that. That’s my job. Grantland

I watched the press conference you held after you guys won the Euroleague this year. You said something that surprised me: that the team you beat in the final game, Real Madrid, would have beaten you in a longer series. Do you think NBA playoff series should be shorter, so that there would be more upsets? No. I think the seven-game series is great. I love the history of it. I love the tradition of it. [John] Havlicek stole the ball in the seventh game, man! He didn’t even steal it, either. He deflected it. And Johnny Most goes crazy: “Havlicek stole the ball! Havlicek stole the ball!” But that’s the beauty of it. It’s a moment that’s frozen in time, and it can’t be in the fifth game. It has to be in the seventh game. Now, in Europe, the final four is how you determine the Euroleague champion. And that’s fine. And what I said was true. The teams we beat in the final four were much stronger than us on paper. If we had to play them in a seven-game series, I don’t believe we would have won. Grantland

July 14, 2014 Updates

NBA coaching sources tell ESPN.com that Blatt, like the majority of his peers, has a number of incentives in his new contract with the Cleveland Cavaliers contingent on regular-season and playoff success. Yet sources say that the incentives, over the life of the contract, could be worth up to $10 million, which is suddenly significant because Blatt figures to do a lot more winning than we might have projected a week ago after LeBron’s blockbuster announcement that he’s coming back to play for his home-state Cavs. ESPN.com

Three days ago, he was on top of the world when NBA superstar LeBron James announced he would return to Cleveland and play for the Cavaliers. "I've been parachuting from mountain top to mountain top in the last two months," Blatt told USA TODAY Sports. So, who is David Blatt? Who is the man who is going to coach the LeBron James? Born in Framingham, Mass. In 1959, Blatt is regarded as one the best basketball minds in the world. His journey from Framingham to Cleveland is remarkable and compelling, knocking down barriers along the way. USA Today Sports

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The Cavaliers are expected to have one of the better teams entered in the Las Vegas Summer League, which starts on July 11. As expected, David Blatt will coach the team. The roster includes current Cavs players Anthony Bennett, Matthew Dellavedova, Carrick Felix, Sergey Karasev and Scotty Hopson. Also on the team are the Cavs’ two draft picks, Kansas swingman Andrew Wiggins (No. 1 overall) and Virginia swingman Joe Harris (33rd overall). The Cavs will play three preliminary round games, all broadcast live on NBA TV, before being seeded in the summer league tournament. Morning Journal

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