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November 17, 2011 Updates

The players fired right back in their own letter, arguing that the decision should not stop U.S. district judge Paul Gardephe from dismissing the league’s lawsuit, saying the decision to disclaim interest was “uncertain until it was made.” “The hope is that the magnitude of the uncertainty and complexity will cause both sides to come back and put aside the legal arguments and get back to talking about (basketball related income) and system issues,” said Gabe Feldman, director of the Sports Law program at Tulane. “The easiest way to get these lawsuits to go away is to agree on terms of a new collective bargaining agreement.” Boston Herald

Despite advising their rank-and-file to save their money for more than two years, union officials have always been nervous about what will happen with players who love to live large and/or have to support many people, whether they're family or friends or both. As one executive has put it, "When the pay stops, will the splintering start?'' That's what owners hope will happen, at least according some in the NBA Players Association, because there's nothing quite like having players who need money. They're liable to start pushing for a deal, even a bad one, just to get back to work. New York Daily News

Greg Anthony, the former Knick, thinks there is a critical difference between the 430-odd NBA players who are locked out now and his group that was barred from the arenas by the owners in 1998-99. "The players are far more sophisticated now than we were,'' he told the Daily News recently. "And they're far better prepared.'' New York Daily News

November 16, 2011 Updates

Jeff Zillgitt: Court date for C. Anthony vs. NBA set for Feb. 29. Players' attorney David Boies is hopeful the process moves much quicker than that. Twitter

Star lead attorney David Boies ripped Stern last night in the Harlem offices of the disbanded union for “overplaying his hand’’ and said he hopes the NBA will come to its senses and he won’t have to “litigate this out.’’ “There is one reason and one reason only the season is in jeopardy,’’ Boies said. “The owners locked out the players.’’ New York Post

Boies said it is possible a summary judgment can be rendered before killing the season, but hopes instead the NBA will attempt to settle the suits and return to bargaining. Indeed, Stern has called this act a “negotiating tactic’’ and won’t fall for it. “We hope it’s not necessary to go to trial,’’ Boies said. New York Post

The two Knicks, Anthony and Billups, are among five named plaintiffs, joining Kevin Durant of the Thunder, Kawhi Leonard of the Spurs and Leon Powe of the Grizzlies. Boies said Anthony and Billups were “interested in participating.’’ New York Post

November 15, 2011 Updates

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