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July 7, 2012 Updates

Boston has agreed to terms with forward Jeff Green on a multi year deal, according to his agent, David Falk. No word yet on the terms, though keep in mind that the Celtics issued a $9 million qualifying offer last off-season before he had heart surgery. They are confident he is fully healthy. Sulia

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June 18, 2012 Updates

In response to ESPN's story about Ohio State F Jared Sullinger being medically red-flagged for back issues & possibly plummeting in the draft, his agent, David Falk, tells SI.com, "Jared has consulted with one of the foremost specialists of backs and spines, who has vast experience treating professional athletes. He has explained to us that Jared had extremely tight hamstrings that became tight because he had suffered an injury - that I don't think he was aware of - to his hamstring. He needs to maintain a vigilance with his flexibility. And if he does that, and keeps his weight at an appropriate level, then he should have absolutely no problems over the next 15 years." Sulia

June 15, 2012 Updates

The most egregious is committee members with sway giving Jordan the right to banish Thomas from the team. The two had a long-standing beef that covered a multitude of real and imagined transgressions. So, when Jordan let it be known through agent David Falk he refused to be teammates with Thomas, the powers that be folded along the dotted lines. New York Post

April 16, 2012 Updates

Earlier today, I reported that the Ohio State University’s forward Jared Sullinger signed with veteran agent David Falk. His teammate William Buford has also selected his representation and decided to sign with Herb Rudoy and Ron Shade of Interperformances. Rudoy and Shade have already signed 1st Team Associated Press All-American Draymond Green of Michigan State University and will also be representing him leading up to the 2012 NBA Draft. Sports Agent Blog

April 14, 2012 Updates

SG Austin Rivers signed with agent David Falk, according to a statement released by Falk Saturday. Rivers left Duke after his freshman year and is preparing to enter the 2012 NBA Draft. CBSSports.com

October 5, 2011 Updates

Not that some us didn’t see it coming. Making its way around the Internet on Tuesday, this is from a 1998 Tom Boswell column in the Post about the league’s last lockout, in which Boz comes across as pretty prescient: “It takes a long time — many years of hatred and mistrust, bad faith and grudges — to do something as historically dumb and destructive as baseball pulled in 1994. You have to lay the groundwork. You have to poison the water. Powerful people, and their ardent disciples, must learn how to despise, demonize and distort their adversaries across the bargaining table. That takes time, pain, public embarrassment and enormous sums of squandered profits. “That’s what the NBA is doing now. Commissioner David Stern and agent David Falk, deputy commissioner Russ Granik and union head Billy Hunter, are doing a textbook job of setting the stage for years of anger, future strikes, erosion of public image and finally — who knows? — maybe 13 years from now, one final battle as idiotic as the one from which baseball is still trying to recover.” Crazy, no, the same entrenched places, if new faces, at the 2011 bargaining table. Washington Post

September 27, 2011 Updates

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