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April 28, 2015 Updates

Kevin Love is not expected to play again during this postseason, Cavs General Manager David Griffin said Tuesday. Griffin called a return by Love for these playoffs “highly unlikely” and said surgery is being considered. ”The damage to his shoulder is extensive,” Griffin said. “This is not a situation where we are expecting he will be available for any of this.” Akron Beacon Journal

Griffin wouldn’t divulge how he felt about the one-game suspension the Celtics' Kelly Olynyk received for the play. Love was injured fighting for a rebound Sunday when Olynyk pinned Love’s left arm under his own arm and pulled it out of the socket. Love called it a “bush league” play and believes Olynyk did it intentionally. “It sickens me that a non-basketball play resulted in what it did,” Griffin said. “But beyond that, it’s very difficult to watch because it’s totally unnatural from a basketball perspective.” Akron Beacon Journal

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Griffin’s passionate speech was an enormous risk. The Cavs lost six straight after that, with mixed levels of motivation and effort, and I wondered if Griffin inadvertently put a grenade in his own hand. After all, Gilbert has made emotional, reactionary decisions in the past. How could Griffin salvage any credibility now if Gilbert changes his mind? “I never would’ve said what he said,” one rival front office executive said in the days after Griffin’s bold move. “They would’ve had to fire me first.” Akron Beacon Journal

January 17, 2015 Updates

In the end, that possibility starts with this, too: the support of owner Dan Gilbert and general manager David Griffin, which has been sweeping and unimpeachable so far. "There is not even a thought of replacing him," one high-ranking Cavaliers official told Yahoo Sports. Yahoo! Sports

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"We wish Dion the best as he continues his career with the Thunder and thank him for his effort and work here with the Cavaliers. Dion is a talented player with potential ahead of him. Trades like this are always difficult to make because there are relationships and bonds built and that was the case with Dion,” said Cavaliers general manager David Griffin. "At the same time, we’re very excited to welcome Iman and J.R. to Cleveland. With their size and versatility, we think both Iman and J.R. can help our team on both ends of the court and we look forward to them joining us.” NBA.com

January 4, 2015 Updates

Griffin rejected the notion that Blatt's job is in jeopardy, saying, "No change is being made, period." "It's such a ridiculous assertion. It seemed giving life to it is what would happen by talking about it so I didn't want to do that," Griffin said. "At the same time it's just time for everybody to get on with it. We have a chance to galvanize ourselves and grow and move in a positive direction so I want to make sure we're doing that in a fresh environment." ESPN.com

Carlisle said that concerns about the Cavs probably are premature. "The thing I love about LeBron James is he understands the responsibility that's on his shoulders," Carlisle said. "He doesn't dodge it one bit. And I can promise you a guy like (first-year coach) David Blatt doesn't dodge the expectations. People that speculate about David Blatt's job security, it's ridiculous. Dallas Morning News

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