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As of late Tuesday night, after weeks of phone calls and text messages, Minnesota Timberwolves president of operations David Kahn seems unconvinced he can make a trade by the 2 p.m. Thursday deadline, a league source said. It won't be from a lack of effort, however. Guards Luke Ridnour, J.J. Barea and Brandon Roy and forward Derrick Williams are all available, according to league sources. So is Memphis' first-round draft pick, which the Wolves own. 1500 ESPN

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In a Thursday afternoon chat with the team's website, Minnesota Timberwolves president of basketball operations David Kahn volunteered yet again that point guard Ricky Rubio and forward Kevin Love are untouchable in trade talks. 1500 ESPN

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Kahn attended law school in New York City then, not with the intention of spending his forthcoming years racking up massive billable hours but rather as passageway into an NBA front office. Did Fratello know way back then that the guy prepping for that weekend's broadcast someday would lead an NBA team? "Well, he wanted to be in that front-office position," Fratello said. "That was one of his goals way back then. He was more Bob Costas' guy, doing the research and preparing Bob for what was coming up that week. He was kind of attached to Bob Costas' hip, but I knew that was something he had wanted. "He worked on what he had to work on and, to his credit, it happened for him. It was something he dreamed about, and it wound up happening for him." Minneapolis Star-Tribune

"He has certainly accumulated pieces," Fratello said. "For a while people were trying to figure out what David Kahn was doing. It looks to me like he started out with an idea, 'Let's accumulate as many talented pieces as we can and then we'll sort it out.' If he felt they were the best player, take them and then move them if they have value to other teams for other picks or in a package for something big and impressive." Most of those players Kahn has moved on have been released, traded for little or paid to go away. So far, there's been no "big and impressive" signature trade for a team that Fratello says could make the playoffs and win one playoff series perhaps if Kevin Love, Ricky Rubio and everybody else all were healthy. "They're good, if they're healthy," Fratello said. "They've got a great coach and some nice pieces." Minneapolis Star-Tribune

The Timberwolves will likely be without head coach Rick Adelman for an extended period. Club president of basketball operations David Kahn said Friday, Jan. 18, that he doesn't expect the veteran coach to rejoin the team "in the near term." "What Rick would like to do is make certain his family situation is stabilized, and when he returns, he feels it's with some permanence, as opposed to being in and out," Kahn said. St. Paul Pioneer Press

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I just know he's the highest pick not to play a minute this season and coach Kevin McHale said he doesn't know when he will. I also know that more than a few NBA executives have questioned the multitude of tweener Fs, even without White, on the Rockets' roster. And I can't help but think the mocking of TWolves GM David Kahn a few years ago because of an abundance of PGs on his roster. (Kahn, of course, is not nearly as media friendly or forthcoming with his thinking to outsiders. One media member, I'm told, sought favored-nation status and, after being rejected, has ripped him at every opportunity ever since.) Sulia

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Kahn would not offer specifics on any individual players the team might target, but he did mention that he is looking for a type of player that is similar to Howard or Malcolm Lee. “I think when you think of the team right now,” Kahn said. “We’ve lost Malcolm—in all likelihood for the season—and we’ve lost Josh, who isn’t here right now. So when you think of that profile, somebody who is 6-foot-5, 6-foot-6, 6-foot-7, long-armed in Josh’s case, defensive-minded in Malcolm’s case, capable of helping us a little bit offensively in both guys’ case... we’re missing two people, not one. So I think that’s the profile of who we’re looking for. We’ll obviously move reasonably quickly, but we want to be thorough.” NBA.com

Will Conroy is back in town, doing scouting work for David Kahn and the Minnesota front office. His first assignment is some D-League scouting, and he will work on several other projects before returning to Washington in April to finish his undergraduate degree. NBA.com

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The Cavaliers are gauging interest in center Anderson Varejao, whom I'm told the Timberwolves like a lot. He's signed through 2015 at less than $10 million per season. Before he suffered a one- to two-month elbow/wrist injury earlier in the week, the Raptors were putting out feelers about big man Andrea Bargnani. 1500ESPN.com

However, team sources maintain that Kahn is not making any calls for now until he sees how point guard Ricky Rubio looks, beginning with his expected season debut on Saturday against Dallas at Target Center. That hasn't stopped Kahn from answering the phone, though. League sources insist both Cleveland and Toronto have reached out in recent weeks. 1500ESPN.com

A league source was quick to remind me of a statement Kahn made at a breakfast with reporters in June 2009: "On a championship-contending team... Kevin (Love) might be the fourth-best player." The source's informed theory is that statement, combined with seeing good friends Russell Westbrook and Derrick Rose get five-year extensions, continues to have Love irked. It's definitely not the money. 1500ESPN.com

A front office executive spelled out how Love will benefit financially in the future: "The reality is that while the difference in guaranteed money between the four-year max deal that Love received and the five-year designated player max that Westbrook received is $17,769,374. (Rose was named MVP, so he was able to take advantage of the designated player max where his first year salary is 30% of the salary cap). "If Kevin does not exercise his option after the 2014-2015 season, he can become an unrestricted free agent and either re-sign with the Timberwolves for five years or another team for four and receive a salary which starts at 30% of the salary cap. Consequently, Kevin may end up getting more money that Russell over the same period." 1500ESPN.com

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